Sun in Virgo, Moon in Cancer Compatibility

Sun-Moon CompatibilityVirgo will take care of the practical details, while Cancer provides the nurturing. This is a relationship between two signs who love to look after people, so there will be no shortage of fussing.

Sun in Virgo’s goal is to keep things running efficiently. When he focuses his zest for perfection on his lover, it’s his way of showing that he cares. He’s not big on hearts and flowers, but Sun in Virgo will go all out to help his partner with almost anything she asks. The downside to all this humble energy is his tendency to get wound up in a knot of self-criticism. His Shadow appears when he procrastinates, under the guise that he’s not “ready.” The truth is, as long as he’s paralyzed by his fears of getting it wrong, he’ll never be ready.

Moon in Cancer needs to look after someone. Here is the Mother Hen, ready to create a domestic oasis of comfort for her partner (once he earns her trust). Moon in Cancer is quite sensitive, so she needs a lover who treats her gently and recognizes that she requires just as much care as she gives out. Shadow Cancer emerges as the martyr who simmers with silent resentment (but eventually explodes with a moody outburst) if she feels taken advantage of.

There’s no danger of either of these two taking advantage of the other’s selfless giving. Sun in Virgo will hesitantly accept Cancer’s mothering, and although he may never totally relax, he’ll appreciate how she always prepares his favorite foods (when he remembers to eat). Moon in Cancer will feel validated by Virgo as he thanks her profusely for everything, while constantly aplogizing for all the nurturing she showers on him. Both of these signs get stressed very easily, so it’s important that they step back from each other on occasion, or risk eroding the relationship with toxic worries.

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