Sun in Virgo, Moon in Aries Compatibility

Sun-Moon CompatibilityVirgo’s desire for continual improvement meets Aries’ need to be challenged. These two will bond over their forward momentum, but may drive each other crazy with their very different approaches.

Sun in Virgo’s goal is perfection. While this seems daunting, he expresses it by constantly improving himself (with humble efficiency). “Complacency” is not a word in his vocabulary; there is always something more that he could be striving for, or some part of himself that he could correct. He wants a lover who not only supports this, but has a similar desire for improvement. Laziness and carelessness are huge turn-offs for Sun in Virgo. He can be the most devoted of partners, as long as he sees evidence that his lover is making an effort. When he gets stressed or overwhelmed (which happens frequently to this highly-strung sign) Shadow Virgo emerges as a nagging nitpicker who zeros in on every microscopic flaw that his partner might have.

Moon in Aries needs something to charge at. She feels most alive when she has a challenge, so a mellow relationship would quickly dampen her fire. A little bit of emotional combat, some play fighting – these are ways in which she lets her lover know she trusts him. It’s also an essential part of how she expresses herself. When Moon in Aries is feeling bored or suffocated, her Shadow side emerges; irrational spurts of anger, moodiness and picking fights are some of the symptoms.

There’s no doubt that these two will push each other to their respective edges, and that should keep them together for a while. Sun in Virgo will admire Aries’ constant need for challenge. Moon in Aries will feel satisfied with Virgo’s constant desire to move forward. However, it won’t be long before Aries’ playful jabs wear on Virgo’s nerves, and Virgo’s endless stream of “helpful” observations (about Aries’ lack of housekeeping skills) cause her to lose her temper. If these two want to stay together without driving each other over the edge, they’ll need to respect each other’s boundaries and differences.

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