Sun in Leo, Moon in Aquarius Compatibility

Sun-Moon CompatibilityThese signs are opposites, but both are concerned with standing apart from everyone else. Sun in Leo is focused on being appreciated, and Moon in Aquarius needs to be independent. Together, they can balance each other out with the mutual understanding that there is no one else quite like them.

Sun in Leo knows that he’s special. He senses that he’s meant for bigger things than your average Joe, but he still strives for external validation. Although he courts attention from the general public, his biggest fan should be his partner. Sun in Leo loves generously, and he can be loyal, but it’s essential that his lover feed his ego with praise and focused attention on a regular basis.

Moon in Aquarius knows that she’s different. She doesn’t feel that this makes her better or worse than anyone else, it’s just a fact. She needs space (and alone time) to express her quirks and pursue her eclectic interests. A partner who attempts to box her into a traditional domestic situation will trigger her Shadow side: detachment and perverse behavior. Moon in Aquarius can be a loving, committed partner (even though she’ll never gush emotion) as long as her lover respects her individuality.

These two may be drawn to one another by their recognition that they are not one of the crowd. Each may secretly admire how the other expresses their individuality. But tensions can arise when Sun in Leo doesn’t get his quota of gushing admiration from his cool, Aquarius partner. And Moon in Aquarius may feel smothered by Leo’s demands and extravagant expressions of love. But the polarity in this relationship can be enough to hold it together (and both of these Fixed signs are too stubborn to quit). Over time, Aquarius can teach Leo to detach a bit from his “It’s all about me” worldview, while Leo can teach Aquarius that’s it’s ok to care what people think.

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