Sun in Leo, Moon in Leo Compatibility

Sun-Moon CompatibilityIs there room for two lions in this relationship? Yes, when the energy is expressed on different levels. This pair unites the upfront, solar expression of Leo exhibitionism with the background, lunar need to be appreciated. Each will feed the other’s pride, and both will shine brightly.

Sun in Leo loves an audience, and his number one fan should be his lover. Nothing keeps the lion coming back for more like a partner who expresses admiration for his talents. The more attention Sun in Leo receives, the more gifts and dramatic declarations of love he’ll give back. The secret to keeping him happy is that he lives for attention. He may pretend that he’s the best his lover will ever experience, but he desperately needs a partner who will value him just so he can feel whole.

Moon in Leo has a secret; no matter how cool she may act on the outside, inside beats the heart of a performer. The quickest way for a potential partner to win her over is by paying her compliment. And then keep the compliments coming. Moon in Leo feels secure when she is adored and pampered. Feed her inner fire, and she’ll return the favor with a steady glow of support. Ignore her, and her inner Drama Queen will emerge; no one throws a tantrum quite like this Moon sign.

This couple works so well together because they create an ego-boosting feedback loop. Moon in Leo will support her solar King, and Sun in Leo will be vital and focused because of this. Sun in Leo will lavish his lunar Queen with goodies and love, and she’ll bask securely in his glow. If the occasional shouting match flares up, it will only serve to keep things spicy for this drama-loving couple. They’ll be self-indulgent, loving life to the fullest in this grandiose relationship.

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