Love Horoscope for the Week of March 11

weeklyloveSun Sign cliches can be annoying to some … sometimes because they’re generally true. Monday’s New Moon in Pisces involves no less than six planets in the sign of The Fish — seven if you count Chiron as a planet. Since the New Moon tends to set the tone for the following lunar cycle, you can expect to make great leaps and bounds in your intuitive grasp of your life and on healing emotional troubles. If you’re a Gemini or a Sagittarius, you can probably also expect some annoyances and frustrations.

Other than the emotional tone, this New Moon also features Mercury trine Saturn and Venus trine Saturn. You should be able to find ways to practically manage your communications, finances, and relationships, assuming you’re willing to put the work in. Saturn stuff always takes a lot of work, and Pisces is sometimes a little too touchy to keep up the pace. Stay focused on practical, manageable goals and you should get great results.

Tuesday, Mars enters Aries and stays there until well into April, turning the volume up on the world’s drives and ambitions. With all those planets trailing behind in Pisces, you might be feeling the urge to bust loose, yet may be spinning your wheels. Nonetheless, focus on the practical and achievable in the short run, and you’ll gain ground.

Whatever those practical goals may be, get to work on them, but watch your timing as to when you start new projects: with so many planets piled up in water signs, the Void of Course Moon in Aries is a whopper. Once the Moon passes 9 degrees Aries (early AM in North America) it stays Void until Thursday AM. Basically: whatever is happening in your life Wednesday, get ready to float in it all day long, and get used to the idea you’ll just have to ride it out.

Finally, the weekend sees that party pack of Pisces being squared by Moon in Gemini. This could make for an excellent social mix, and I’m sure absolutely nothing can go wrong when a boisterous collection of planets like that spend the weekend together. Unless of course, one were to give those planets a socially-sanctioned excuse to get obnoxiously drunk and out of control. So there’s no need to worry about … oh, holy cow, it’s Saint Patrick’s Day! Designated Drivers for everyone!

About Matthew Currie

Matthew Currie is an astrologer with over 20 years of experience, and is the author of "Conquer The Universe With Astrology." Along with Hilary Young, he is the host of "Love And Sex In The Stars" (a show about the intersection of astrology and human hearts) on In his spare time, Matthew shouts at the neighbors a lot.

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