Uranus’ Transit of Aries: Good News for the Fire Signs’ Love Lives

Since Uranus first entered Aries (briefly in 2010, and then for the long haul in March, 2011) there’s been concern about the harshness of this transit. Uranus is the disruptor, and aggressive Aries has juiced it up. People cringe, wondering if their love lives will be blown to smithereens. It’s true that some relationships (especially the stale ones) will be shaken. But Uranus in Aries doesn’t have to be an unpleasant jolt for everyone. If you have planets or angles in one of the Fire signs, this transit could give your love life a tingly boost, rather than a heart-stopping shock.


You love a challenge, becoming impatient with placid, predictable lovers. Uranus in your sign will pass over (conjunct) your planets or angles, mainlining all the excitement you can handle. This could appear in the form of a partner who is different from your usual type, because Uranus works by shaking up preconceived notions and patterns. In your case, these may involve your independence, and who comes first in the relationship (you). So an extra-spicy lover who challenges your dominance (and re-defines your ideas of freedom) could make an appearance. Buckle up, because this will be one of the most exciting relationships of your life. If you’re already involved, your relationship will receive a shove forward; you and/or your partner will feel the urge to experiment (in all areas, not just the bedroom). Difficulties will only arise if one of you is afraid of moving forward. And “fear” is not a word in your vocabulary.

The Highest Potential of This Transit: you wake up to what you’re truly capable of as a partner, and a lover. You become aware of exactly who you want, and you go after them.

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This gold-dust transit is your invitation to the party. Uranus will be hitting your planets/angles with a flowing trine. The electricity of change is coming at you, but in manageable quantities. This is good news, because as a fixed sign, you’re not crazy about having your relationship habits disrupted. Uranus in Aries will give you opportunities to experiment, without looking foolish or sacrificing your pride. This will be due to the planet’s liberating mix of detachment and tolerance for risk. For you, this translates to pushing the boundaries (without getting too crazy) and not caring who’s watching. This could range from exploring the type of relationship you’ve always wanted, to seeing an existing partnership get a sizzling second wind. Despite your fixed nature, boredom sucks the life out of you; you want the romance and the fun, which is what you’ll get with this transit. If a relationship has recently ended, this influence will give you the confidence to blaze ahead to bigger and better things.

The Highest Potential of this Transit: it will be easier than ever for you to be you, in glorious color. Your superstar vibe will be appreciated by current or potential lovers, because you’ll be free to fully express it.


You’re all about trying new things and having freedom in your relationships, so this transit will be a gift. Uranus will be trining your planets/angles, opening up your already wide horizons. If (for some reason) you’ve been feeling a lack of hope in your love life, this influence should give you a jump start. It won’t be about new lovers falling into your lap (although anything can happen with Uranus). Rather, your natural ability to see the possibilities in anyone will be amplified. Uranus will give you an extra shot of inspiration, so you may travel to a brand new location and meet someone who sweeps you off your feet. Or, you may become aware of someone that you’ve overlooked (until now). Existing relationships will also be re-charged: you’ll be brimming with new ideas on how to change things up with your partner. But Uranus’ influence should make it easier for you to appreciate what your lover wants. Because you can get pushy (always with your partner’s best interests at heart) and forget that your way is not always the best way.

The Highest Potential of this Transit: you’ll be able to step back from your relationship ideals, and see the other person’s perspective. While this may not sound terribly sexy, it can be an invaluable tool for a happy love life.

The Fine Print

This transit is most likely to impact your love life if it hits your Venus, Mars, Sun, Moon or cusp of your 1st, 4th or 7th House. Any planets (in the Fire signs) that gets hit in your 4th, 5th, 7th or 8th Houses can also affect your relationships. Right now, Uranus is at 5 degrees Aries. You’ll feel it this year if you have planets/angles from 5 to 12 degrees of the Fire signs. If you have planets/angles that are less than 5 degrees, you’ve already felt Uranus’ energy; your love life has been opened up (hopefully) for the better. If you’re in the after-12-degrees category, your turn is coming up. Uranus will be in Aries until March, 2019.


About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. Hi Nadine: I’m in a stale relationship now. Interesting. Uranus in Aries exactly opposes my Pluto/Midheaven in Libra today on Valentines day. Thoughts? 06°Li12? Pl/Mc. Have a great day.

  2. Hi Nadia. I meant to type Nadia. Sorry.

  3. @OH,
    So Uranus is in your 4th House of home/family (or right on the cusp). The energy could manifest in a couple of different ways:
    1) An unexpected event that pushes one or both of you to make a change.
    2) Depending on how frustrated you or your partner are, this could flick an internal switch that pushes you to change.
    Opposing Pluto suggests freedom (Uranus) versus control (Pluto). Generally, if there is a need for change and it’s not acted on, Uranus’ energy manifests externally. It always seems like it comes out of nowhere but the reality is that something has been brewing for awhile.

  4. Very insightful Nadia. Thank you for the interpretation.

  5. This article was right on target for me, Nadia! I have the Moon at 0′ Aries in the seventh house, two degrees past the Descendant. When Uranus entered Aries a couple of years ago, it triggered a mini-revolution for me: my feelings became so immediate and so intense, that it was impossible to be dishonest with my Libra husband about anything in our relationship. But this has turned out to be very good in all areas of our relationship; we both get more of what we want and need with all the extra communication that is going on. It isn’t “brutal honesty” about each other as much as me having integrity about my needs, and again I think it really helps that my guy is a harmony-seeking Libra. I have several years left of Uranus’ transit through my seventh house, but so far, so good!

  6. Hi Nadia,
    Interesting article. RIght now Uranus is currently transiting my 5th house and is trine my natal Ascendant 2’48, Venus 21’50, Moon 1’40, Saturn 20’44 and Uranus 25’16 which are in Sagittarius. My natal Jupiter is also in Aries 20’45R and my love life is pretty unexciting right now.

  7. Halo Nadia,

    If it is not too much of a trouble, would you mind to give some insight on Transiting Uranus in 12th house opposing natal Pluto in Libra ( natal Pluto in Libra in 6th house of Virgo). My natal Pluto now is transiting 9th house.
    I can “get” the influence of the most planets in 12th house. But Uranus…? Can not get the grip on it. everything is so hidden out there. What Uranus in 12th house could possibly oppose to Pluto in 9th?
    And Uranus also squaring Venus in Cancer. And again, what he could probably square if he is hidden in 12th house?

  8. @Mary H
    Wonderful! Sounds like Uranus unlocked the highest potential of your Aries Moon. Thanks for sharing.

  9. @Samantha,
    You also need to look at the other transits/progressions hitting your chart, to see if there’s any contradictory energies that might be holding you back. But when an outer planet makes major contacts to a chart and nothing seems to be happening, I urge people to look a bit closer for missed opportunities/potential. Things to consider for the 5th House: it’s social and involves the expression of your ego and creativity.

  10. @Tatyana,
    Uranus in the 12th suggests revelations or clarity about hidden things. Because the 12th is a background house, you may not feel the impact right away, but something is definitely happening. Uranus opposing 6th House Pluto suggests new awareness about a work situation, or your attitudes towards doing things for other people (6th House covers work and service). In others areas besides romance, it could impact your health or energy levels. Square Venus can sometimes literally mean a hidden attraction that comes to light, or a wake up call about a relationship. In all areas, the trigger (Uranus) will occur from your subconscious/dreams/ or from something you’ve been ignoring.

  11. 7th house cusp in leo at 6? does it matter if one is or isn’t in a relationship?

  12. @Voda,
    Doesn’t matter. If you’re single, take it as an opportunity to strut your stuff (as a potential partner) while dating. Keep in mind the trine can be a passive aspect (even with Uranus) so you have to take the initiative. But it should be easier to use the energies (related to whatever house Uranus is transiting) through to boost your appeal to a prospective partner or to even meet prospective partners. If you’re in a relationship, your partnership should become a bit livelier.

  13. Thank you very much, Nadia!

  14. @nadia, thank you for information and answer. uranus at those degrees is in my 2nd house.

  15. I’m a Sagittarius sun with Venus in Sag and Mars in Leo. Transit Uranus in Aries in my 8th house has recently begun a beautiful trine to my natal Venus and Mars in the 4th and 12th house respectively. Plus Uranus is in my solar 5th. Over the past couple of months I realized and subsequently shed some inherited beliefs (8th house) that I had regarding ideal love–I’ve become more open to others much different than my usual “type” and recently met someone who has challenged me (in a positive way) to see where I have been intolerant (overload on fixed energy) to others based on my ideals (4th/12th house themes). I am beginning to feel liberated and inspired again in my love life. This spark that Uranus is bringing was something I sorely needed.

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