The Taurus Shutdown: It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

At least one Sasstrology visitor has arrived here by googling why a Taurus man would become distant overnight. The short answer is: he wouldn’t. If he’s suddenly giving you the cold shoulder, he’s been unhappy for awhile. Read on for some clues as to why this might happen, and what you might do to prevent it.

First, let’s look at what the Taurus man is all about. He’s ruled by Venus, so he enjoys the sensual pleasures (good food, good sex). But Venus is about more than feeling good; at his core, Taurus represents the Venus archetype of survival. We’re talking back to basics: resources, procreation, security. This is earthy, primal Venus stuff (not the airy, Libra side).

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. Karissa15,

    last week are more dramatic than the past few weeks. I can say that we had a good fight but I always

    kept reminding him… I am not impulsive when I get mad. Just give me a bit space to breathe when I

    am out of bed. Which he kept doing it but made him a sleepless nights. On the other hand, He kept

    calling me hunny, even I knew then he felt bad over the last night issues. Problem: We’re dining

    out. I made a reservation by the way to repay him what he did a couple of weeks. We are watching

    a big screen concert show. after that he tried to came across his past. So I directly turned to be annoyed

    I told him. really? so it messed up. We didn’t stay that long to a fancy restaurant. He said hunny let’s go

    home. so while he was driving He said some of your questions needs answer when we get home, pour

    some wine and talk each other at the balcony. Ohhh there I asked… Why is he kept on putting

    around my table about his past and exes? It seems like I need to find them and get back to you. He

    started telling me because I asked… I said I didn’t. but he kept pushing that I did.

    Karissa, My question is why he kept telling me his past?

    He is clear to me that he doesn’t have any affair to his wife other than negotiating some business

    issues. romance are out. relationship is out…that is what he said. Saturday night.

    I am a scorpio karissa, I can’t handle bs and not to buy either.

    Please help me what he is trying to tell me.. you are Taurus. You can relate. I am sure.

    Thank you so much for a never ending support advise


  2. Hi Marie

    It doesn’t sound as though this is anything serious or something you should be concerned
    about but just to put your mind at ease I think he just wants to make peace with his past
    and clear things up just to prove to himself and to you that there is no longer a connection
    or attachment which binds him and holds him back and prevents him from moving forward
    with you toward a new life and future together.

    Taureans are very upfront and straight forward where their feelings are concerned and they
    can be honest to a fault so as for him feeding you bullshit is out of the question for they hate
    bullshit with a passion so you need to trust that he is just going through a cleansing process
    of mind, heart and soul which he wants to share with you so there are no misunderstandings
    regarding where his feelings and loyalties lie where the future is concerned which happens to
    be you so rest assured that all is well and keep moving forward by letting sleeping dogs lie
    and keeping the past where it belongs.

    Keep the faith Marie and do not become discouraged. Karissa

  3. Karissa15,

    Thanks for the insight. If I could just be a normal woman like how you say it. I would.

    I hate being a scorpio. My emotions runs high. ..I sometimes think of leaving him and

    do my own things and heal the wounds. Pain is temporary after all.

  4. I hate the male Taurus!!!! All of them, putting them in one group which says “Stay The F Away”. He must have gotten back with his ex because now he won’t respond back. Fine he can keep her, I’m so over this waiting game. Time for ME, nothing more for HIM. NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN!!!!

  5. Hi A,

    what is your sign by the way. Taurus are upfront. I don’t know why your bf is acting weird.

  6. I am a Gemini and he isn’t my boyfriend. Read all my other posts to understand what’s going on.

  7. Hi A,

    I read your post. To sum it up. I am speechless but enough for you to move on.

    it will hurt you ’cause the process is not easy but that is temporary. Why are you so hard for yourself?

    Love it girl.Start loving yourself when someone rejects you. Stand.

    You will be ok soon. Just be strong.


  8. Oh I know. I was done when I sent him those pics. I now realize that I knew it wasn’t going to work between us and I self sabotaged the relationship. I was doing it even before it I was over. I became clingy, started doing things I know would make him mad, and just all together changed towards the end of it. I mean really what Gemini do you know that is clingy? I surely am not and I haven’t meet one either. It was after when I found out that I was pregnant when everything changed!

  9. A,

    I had a roomate before gimini but she is not clingy. She is strong. You might just immature ’cause

    you are young.

  10. I am 26 with a 3 almost 4 year old. He was the first guy to ignore me first off, I broke up with him, then find out I’m pregnant, then have a miscarriage. Immature is not the word I would use to describe me at all. Maybe I was just pissed and wanted my revenge for what he put me through, or maybe I just felt like messing with his head the way he messed with mine. An eye for an eye!

  11. A,

    well, when I was 26 I behave immature. I broke up my pilot bf although he kept pampering me.

    I assume it was my immaturity now I am 34 I realized It was a good way to start my own family.

    Now, I have taurus who kept chasing at me because he found me an old fashioned and not

    to pushy. I learned from my past experience I became more evolved at this time.

  12. Marie,

    Well that’s nice but like I said I knew it wasn’t going to work with him so being my Gemini self I sabotaged the relationship and changed into something I wasn’t so he would end it for me, without me being the ‘bad guy.’ It’s just the whole miscarriage thing took me by surprise. I have lived on my own since I was 17, worked 2 jobs and went to school full time, just so I wouldn’t have to live with my mother. So if you think my reactions to what happened might have been a little immature I could see your point, but I am a very spiteful person when I feel that I’ve been wronged. You are a Scorpio, you should know.

  13. Karissa15,

    I don’t think we can make it. He just had a lots of drama for me and that made me freaked out.

    I don’t move in quickly to his condo and I know that made him upset plus he wants me to change

    my career and I don’t find it funny at all. Scorpio wanted a work that made us challenge and not

    an easy job which I don’t find dignified and fulfilling. It is like losing the true identity of loving someone.

    Our relationship so rocky at this time. I am prepared for a change.

    any additional advice karissa?

  14. Hi Marie

    I would have said to persevere and try to make the relationship work for you instead
    of against you by focusing on a couple of negatives which you perceive as working
    against your advantage but they may not affect you if you consider the pros and cons
    which outweigh each other and I think that the pros are in your favour regardless this
    little development which is making you opting for a change once again.

    It sounds as though you have already made up your mind to leave and perhaps you
    are looking for reasons or excuses to justify your actions which to me are not justifiable
    considering from what you have said so far of this Man of yours whom sounds good
    and honourable and someone whom will be there for you always but perhaps your
    “Mind, Heart and Soul” are not really in it for the long haul as to where his are obviously
    there and have been there all along.

    If you want to work this out Marie I am certain you can do it but the question is do you
    want to work it out or call it quits and move on to the unknown once again.???

  15. Karissa15,

    I will try. I just can’t stand lots of drama. I am weak of this. I want a happy relationship.

    The pros and cons. I just have overlooked at it. I am working as General Accountant.

    He wanted me to be a sales agent which he said more money and etc.etc.

    I loved numbers. I am happy with my job but changing me is soo hard for me.

    I can’t change my mind how am I supposed to go for sales.?

    I have a strong personality. help me to understand him and how would I tell him

    in a not offending way. He is more emotional than me I guess.

    just tired karissa. He’d better leave me so I can find a way to move on.

    I can’t leave him because I don’t want to see things that backfire myself soon.

    I prefer a man to leave me…. I am just too difficult to understand I guess.

  16. Hi Marie

    As far as your work is concerned you can easily resolve this issue by telling him that
    this is a very personal choice and something you enjoy and are really good at doing
    which you want to continue regardless of any advantages that he may see, consider
    to be more beneficial for you but it is not an option and non negotiable.

    Apart from that and the other issue of him wanting you to move in to his condo with
    him you haven’t mentioned anything else which poses a problem in the relationship
    so I guess the only thing that remains is whether you are willing to take the next step
    toward further commitment by moving in with him and making the relationship more
    permanent providing you are willing to make this change which takes you away from
    your familiar comfort zone by giving up your life style independence and making the
    necessary changes which will now include living and sharing with another human
    being whom will be a very big and important part of your life and future.???

  17. Hi Karissa,

    we broke up last friday over the lots drama existing. I was tired of dealing it.

    Now, he emailed me.

    I don’t know what to reply.

    any advice.

  18. Hi Marie

    It’s a shame you broke up as I was sure this one was going to last but you
    must have your reasons for the break up and as for the reply just be honest
    with him and tell him what is on your mind and in your heart as he will come
    to understand and accept of whatever your thoughts, feelings and choices
    for the future of your relationship may be.???

  19. Karissa15,

    Nope. He was angry to me and he almost physically hurt me. He packed up my things and tell me to

    get out in his condo where I usually spend my week ends after work days.

    So I left him and bruised his ego of those nonsense words. He even ordered me not to contact him

    no text and no calls. I did. I spent my week ends to ice skating and church and friends.

    Anyway, Is it bad if I visit his condo? I don’t know. If this is a great idea just to communicate with him.

  20. Hi Marie

    This sounds like a serious altercation due to his angry outburst so I would not
    advise you to visit his condo because he needs to cool off and be in a good
    frame of mind before you interact again so just leave him be for the time being
    and wait until he contacts you first and make sure he is not angry or looking
    for an argument.

    If you both have broken it off why do you want to visit his condo and what are
    you aiming to accomplish if the relationship is finished or maybe it isn’t yet.???

  21. Karissa15,

    He sent me email. saying it was his intentions to talk over week end and he was so sorry for giving me

    lots of trouble that friday.

    He wished me to get well soon and finding someone to make me happy…. I hate this pushy behavior.

    I understand him because I told him I dont love him anymore…. so maybe. that’s why he is pushy.

    I want to see him and talk straight to his eyes where this going? moving on or letting go.

    If he is going to tell me he still loves me then I can make it again. Just tired of him.

  22. Hi Marie

    Let’s face it you are both pushy even if it is in different directions which ultimately
    lead to the same destination and that is back to each other. So this sounds as
    though the relationship is not over yet and still stands a chance from what I have
    gathered so far and you should try and work it out and see where it takes you
    after all what have you got to lose.???

    They say that it’s not over until the fat lady sings so give it a good shot and let’s
    see the next performance which will be far from boring that’s for sure because
    you both sound as though you have found each others match and you both give
    as good as you get. Which makes for a very fiery and exciting relationship even
    though you are earth and water which is a very good mix and match.!!!

  23. Karissa15,

    I don’t know what is my first move.

    Any suggestions?

  24. Karissa15,

    Well, I guess he just loves drama. Really. I replied him an email and 4 mgs to his mobile.

    I don’t get any. Now I have to deactivate my FB which he kept snooping even before.

    So I have to go on my mystery….

    Thanks a lot Karissa. Keep posting.


  25. Karissa15,

    He replied back. Hahaha. still mad at me and all the shits. It’s like kicking my ass and bruising my egos

    in fact it was him who contacted me first. NOT ME.

    I will not reply anymore…

  26. Update!!!!

    So the Taurus texted me earlier today informing me that him and his girlfriend are now broken up, and that he wants to start talking again I guess??? I mean he did tell me that he wants to sleep together and that he can be patient, whatever. So this is my dilemma, I’m kind of talking to this Scorpio and we are supposed to be doing something tomorrow night, then there is another guy, I think he is a Capricorn, and we are doing something Friday night. Ugh I swear he has the worst timing EVER! What to do? Which one to pick?????

  27. Hi A,

    Go with a scorpio and be real.

    Your taurus likes playing games.


  28. Okay so my Taurus and I have tried to get together twice now, the first time he said things didn’t feel right and the second time his baby mama had her other baby and now he is stuck watching their kid. So needless to say I don’t think its going to happen. Even mother nature is keeping us apart. I give up!

  29. Okay he is absolutely playing games. Now he is saying that he doesn’t know what is going to happen between him and his ex. Whatever, he can have fun with what he called the worst relationship he has ever had and I’ll be at the Titan’s game with my Scorpio!

  30. A,

    Hahaha. I guess you know already what to do. Go girl.

    My Taurus and I got back together again. I’m moving to his unit, just I do what he say.

    After all this is his plan and this been our huge problem before because I just can’t leave my own

    independency. I have to compromise. He will take care of everything just he said.



    I never contacted with him since we broke up but I received lots of emails. …

    and agreed all what he after all it might not me who go against his plan if it fails.

  31. Hi Marie

    I am glad you are giving your relationship another shot because I believe it
    deserves it so good luck with it and stay positive in your attempt at making
    things work out for the long haul.

    Do keep me posted of new developments. Karissa

  32. Well I’m having issues with this Scorpio now! I still have had no contact with the Taurus, I’m sure that he is with his ex again, and he deserves her. To be in what he calls the worst relationship that he has ever had is fitting for what he did to me. Anyways, about the Scorpio, so we kind of had a friends with benefits relationship going on. This has been going on for months now. But the last couple of weeks he started acting a little bit different. For example, he said that he was sick of me having the password to his phone and wanted mine. Now me being a Gemini that just was NOT kosher with me, must have my secrets you know. Then there was another time when his friends were there and he starts saying something like I want a relationship and I have to give too, not just take! I was very giving in our ‘fwb’ relationship! But he says this in front of his friends, why? I don’t understand? Was he trying to hint that he wanted a relationship from me by saying those things? He was also calling and texting almost everyday for about 2 weeks for me to come over. Then today I text him and tell him that there is a specific something that I want him to do in a certain chair. He doesn’t say anything back, I tell him not to be shy after everything that we have done already and there is no need for it. Then he proceeds to tell me that he is afraid of me getting pregnant because I’m not on the pill and that this is supposed to be a friend with benefits thing, and that he thinks that we should stop sleeping together because he knows that I want more from him than he is willing to give. I respond by saying, I never said that I want more from him, that its strictly ‘fwb’ like I said in the beginning and that’s all this will ever be. I don’t understand why he did that? He basically put words in my mouth saying that he knew I wanted more out of this and he just doesn’t. I never said that I wanted anything from him except for him to bend me over that damn chair! He was the one acting funny, bringing up relationship stuff and asking for my password to my phone! Did he do this because he was developing feelings, or was he freaking out because he thought I’d get pregnant, or did he really want more out of this and to be in a relationship? And then when I never reciprocated anything about him bringing up a relationship, he just got mad about it and tried to turn it around on me? Making it seam like I was the one wanting more from him just because he was hurt when I never said anything about it? He has done this before, he asked me to go to a game with him, but the way he asked me pissed me the Hell off. He asked if I wanted to go then proceeds to tell me and his friends that all of his other dates canceled on him. So of coarse I act like I’m not interested in going only because of the way he asked me to go. And he got all upset because I was acting like I didn’t care about going, he actually got his feelings hurt over it. But then when I got home and the more I thought about it the more angry I got, so I bitched him out and he apologized for it. After this incident is when he started acting different. Calling and texting more, asking to do stuff more….. I don’t know what happened here? Someone help me understand. Did I hurt him by not saying I wanted a relationship when he brought it up? Or was it because he got scared that I was going to get pregnant? I don’t know what to do! Oh and of coarse he still wants to be friends, but only friends. He even got me to commit to going to his parents lake house next weekend! So that we can go on this zombie hunt, the thing was my idea and he knew I was really excited about going to it! I have been talking about it for 2 weeks straight. I am so confused here. Only friends, no sex, but I still want to hang out and stuff and by the way do you want to go to my parents lake house with me for the weekend so that we can go to the zombie hunt. Wtf is all I can say, WTF PEOPLE?

  33. whathappenedwas says:

    Well, “A” , you sound just like me! All my Taurus guy wants to be is friends now because he’s afraid we’re going to get caught. Didn’t care about that for almost a year of time, flirting, after me all the time, finally we’re together for short period time, on and off, and then…he wants me to back off so he can decide if he wants divorce from wife. I’m baffled. I can hardly touch him when he was on me always before. We’re like in two different places. Nothing changed. He just came in one day and said he needed some time to see what he was going to do. He mentioned something about being weak and not fighting for him. But he’s so pissed off now. I can hardly talk to him. He finds all kinds of shitty things to say to me. It’s hurting me and I don’t know what he wants anymore.

  34. Hi. whathappenedwas,

    I think Taurus at this time is confused. Just be strong and let it go. Same here.

    I have taurus man too. same your situation. so if he needs space. just give.

    same thing I give to my taurus man.

    Good Luck.

  35. jerksgirl says:

    Hi, I see this is probably an old thread but I wanted to see about getting a little insight on the topic. I am a Sag and have been living with a Taurus for about 3 1/2 years. Even though hes a hypocrite, and a complainer and an exaggerator… I do love him very much. We are so happy when we’re happy and make each other laugh quite often. I truly believe this man is my soul-mate. After all, he moved across the country for me (long distance relationship for 3 years as well) He has been everything you have described… loving, affectionate, loyal… until a week ago, he became distant all the sudden… tells me he needs a break and wants to find himself. And that he’s not happy. He says this decision can not be just made and he stays and things are quiet and calm. He also says this has been going on for a year (right after he bought us a house to share our future in) and that he believes I “baited” him to move to my state.

    I did not bait him… he knew I was a not a maid… he knew I had a teenage son, he knew I had a disabled mother (another Taurus), and he knew we would be living under her roof (but separate from her) until we found our own space. AND he knew I had a dog that shed enough hair to make another full size dog, maybe even three…

    The reasons he is not happy are 100% my fault being that those things that he knew about were all part of the deal. My mother and him cant live together, which is understandable. My Mother feels the same way about him… likes him, cant live with him. My dog is a shedder. I cannot keep up with all the messy hair. I could make a sweater a day and I dont know where it all comes from. The mess started to get a little (mind you not trash, but clutter, things not put away and just all over) out of hand when him, my son and my mother for whatever reason stopped picking up after themselves and I was left to do it. After a while, not getting any help from anyone, I gave up… stopped cleaning after everyone. The clutter got worse. Taurus idea of cleaning the kitchen was moving the dishes from the counter to the sink when the dishwasher is another foot away.

    As far as my son goes, well, we arent married. And unfortunately, hes my son. And even though he thinks hes right, and maybe sometimes he is, he still has no right to do/say some of the things he does. Until there is a ring on my finger, you still may not have that right.

    So anyway, during this past week, he was still here and I backed off and gave him some breathing room and tried to take care of my own things- he rather stayed on the phone talking to his mother, or his buddies) and thought I would let this play out and see what happened.

    and then just a week later, tells me hes not in love with me anymore. My heart is broken. I admit I have been hard on him lately. And I admit that I have had trust issues (no thanks to my ex hubby) but I am crushed that he feels like he’s continually hurting me. He’s not really. I have been emotional (I have some medical issues to deal with) more than usual – probably depressed and I admit I cry a little easier than I used to. But the things he says, are not hurtful. He was hurting me saying he needed to find himself. He was also using alot of past tense (what we had, i loved you, you were my soulmate)

    Hes been back a couple times to talk, but hes living at the house he bought for us. Hes not sure if he wants a future with me. He tells me he still loves me and will always be here for me… yeah… okay thats great and all. But I want our future. I am still very much in love with him. I am giving him no contact for a week and told him we would text then. Before he left, he told me he loved me and he would call me. He also changed what he was saying from i need a break (if this is really the end) to its not permanent… Soooo freakin confused. Is this over? Has he just fallen out of love because of environment? I also did try to suggest me and him move in the house (its still not finished) and work on us as a couple with understanding and compromise – he declined. I told him I was not ready to give up.

  36. I knw a tauras guy,we became frnds through facebook.He had sent me request n the day I accepted we started chatting n den talking over phone.He was very hasty in meeting me bt I was nt comfortable.He also told me that a marriage proposal was sent frm my end ,my dad went to his home n met his parents,bt I was unaware of dis.after sometime we met n he was very shy in talking.He wanted to date me bt as I did nt show any interest in dating jst frndship he also became cold.After few days I directly asked him whether he was interested in me for.marriage thing or nt n he directly said that we both do not have any future.This hurted me a lot so I didnt msged him or called him for 3 days.He called up the other day n asked what happened .I nmmly said that I had something in my mind so I asked dats it.Bt I did nt called up myself.Bt aftr 3 days I called him it seemed as if he was also affected by dis rejection.May b he didnt expected frm me dat i would ask for it so soon.Now he reacts dat we r jst gud frnds,bt he keeps askin me bout my marriage thing,to keep a check what is goin on in my life.He self invited himslef for dinner,n wants to spend time with me.wants to go out n party n all bt he doesnt show any interest dat Iam confused what is goin on in his mind.plz help

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