Sun in Cancer, Moon in Aquarius Compatibility

Sun-Moon CompatibilityPassionately emotional Cancer and detached Aquarius make a tricky combination. The more Sun in Cancer pushes his nurturing, the further Moon in Aquarius will distance herself. Can hot Water and cool Air mix?

Sun in Cancer is a Cardinal sign, which means he initiates. Despite his shy demeanor, he can be pushy with his affections (once he decides to trust someone enough to partner with her). Then, he can be like a mother hen on steroids as he fusses over his lover. His purpose is to nurture, but he can get carried away and attempt to dominate his partner with love and care. The Shadow side of Sun in Cancer bustles in where he is not wanted, flooding his lover with non-stop attention. This will be given under the guise of concern for her welfare, but in reality he’s afraid that he’ll lose her.

Moon in Aquarius needs her space. This independent sign can be a fully committed, loving partner, but only if her lover knows when to leave her alone. She is a Fixed sign, which means she will stubbornly march to her own beat, and it’s a guarantee that the rhythm is not traditional. Moon in Aquarius needs a partner who respects her individuality. He must also understand that just because she’s not gushing, doesn’t mean she’s not feeling; her detachment allows her an unusual level of openness to all her lover’s qualities. The Shadow side of this Moon will emerge when she feels trapped; she’ll become restless and act perversely “just because.” This is her way of reclaiming her freedom.

This couple will need other, more harmonious aspects between their charts for the relationship to work. As it stands, Sun in Cancer will overwhelm Aquarius with his insistent mothering. He’ll push for a sign (any sign) that she cares. If he’s not aware of how Moon in Aquarius works, he’ll be hurt when she doesn’t respond as expected. Moon in Aquarius may initially tolerate Cancer’s brand of loving, but will quickly pull back (and stay back) once she realizes that she can never match the level of emotion he demands. But if other aspects keep them together, Aquarius’ acceptance and Cancer’s empathy can create a mutual allowance for these differences.

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  1. Sunshine says:

    I’m a Cancer sun, while he’s an Aquarius moon and I can totally see the accuracy! However he is also a Cancer Sun, while I have a Sag moon. Does this help/tolerate the Sun-Moon compability differences?

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