The Need For More: Moon Conjunct Jupiter In The Natal Chart

If you’re looking for a restrained partner, stay away from the Moon/Jupiter person. The union of emotions (Moon) and upbeat expansion (Jupiter) creates an urge to express all feelings, in exuberant Technicolor. But while these people may be optimistic partners, their extreme emotional reactions can cause some problems.

Jupiter expands whatever it touches. The Moon/Jupiter partner feels everything on a grand scale, and lets everyone know it. They may gush about you, especially in the first flush of romance. “Emotionally generous” doesn’t even begin to describe them. If you’re feeling down, having the Moon/Jupiter person as a partner is akin to having a shot of happiness on hand. They’ll do everything in their power to jolly you out of your funk, because having faith (Jupiter) is what makes them feel secure (Moon).

It’s Not Fair!

Jupiter also represents justice and ideals, so Moon/Jupiter will feel very strongly about these issues. But the Moon represents instincts, as well as childhood patterns. The Moon/Jupiter person can become preoccupied with what’s “not fair” or “not right.” These impressions will be based on what they experienced as a child, rather than what’s happening in the present. Seeing your Moon/Jupiter partner passionately throwing themselves into a cause may be one of the reasons you fell in love with them. But it’s less delightful when you try to have a rational discussion with them about a domestic issue (that they feel strongly about). In some ways, you’re dealing with a child (Moon) who just knows that something is right or wrong because of how it feels. Your logic and valid arguments will have no place in their world.

I Want It Now

And that emotional generosity? It only goes so far, especially when Moon/Jupiter is denied something. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so there will always be tension between security (Moon) and the urge for more (Jupiter). This is when the Moon/Jupiter person will put their needs first, resulting in overindulgence (especially when they want to sooth themselves). Going overboard is always a risk; the zodiac sign that the Moon/Jupiter conjunction is in will determine how this manifests. Moon/Jupiter in Cancer may demand coddling from you, and overeating may be an issue. Moon/Jupiter in Leo will need excessive amounts of appreciation. Because these needs will be instinctive, rather than rational, it will be difficult to confront them.

But in general, the Moon/Jupiter person is an eternally optimistic, gung-ho partner. They can be a tad opinionated and pushy with their emotional demands, but excesses can be curbed with awareness. Discussing these concerns with them when they’re not fired up about something is key; Jupiter may increase many things, but objectivity will always be in short supply.

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  1. One of my ex’s has his moon trine jupiter in leo. He’s a virgo sun and was/is a chef. His stress levels were fixed by food, beer, more beer, some weed, more food, then sleep…….. then me (like yelling, not sex). His moon is in the 12th house – very outgoing guy, but kept his feelings in a lot with people except for me. He was very vulnerable with me. I was also his fan club! I kept pushing his creative buttons and cheered him on during his successes. He would always make me laugh and feel pretty even during my weightloss. The child moon….. holy hell he would definitely turn into an adolescent cry baby at times. From yelling, to punching holes in the wall to driving recklessly… to whipping his **** out at odd times. His coworkers knew him to be one funny yet twisted personality. I miss him sometimes lol! He was like Adam Sandler in Billy Madison who could cook the best orgasmic food ever!

  2. btw, this is off topic, but are there any certain aspects one has that could link them to psychic abilities? Does it have to do with Pisces or Aquarius?

  3. I am moon conjunct Jupitar in Aries in the 2nd house. I can’t say I’m overwhelmed about money. What does this mean for me?

  4. @no-perspiration:
    Wow. Great description of a Moon/Jupiter aspect with your ex. Thanks for sharing.
    To answer your second question…strong Pisces/Neptune (especially Neptune in aspect to the Moon or Mercury) can boost psychic abilities. Aquarius/Uranus can do the same, but more along the lines of sudden breakthroughs, or insights.

  5. @Mia
    2nd House is about all kinds of personal resources, not just money. It’s about what you do to make yourself feel secure.

  6. OK. Gotta think about that one. I didn’t think I did anything in particular.

  7. What about a Libra Moon conjunct Jupiter in the 8th house

  8. I have a Moon/Jupiter conjunction within 1 degree, and they still managed to be in two different signs and two different houses! I guess that means there is more tension between the two than usual? Gemini Moon is in 10th House and Cancer Jupiter is in the 11th.

  9. sailor.mercury says:

    I find it difficult to discuss issues when the Jupiter moon is not fired up. BC they are always fired up. Sometimes the issue is that they’re too fired up! I find a tactful hand with a lot of pressure subdues them, bc they thrive on overacheiving anyway…:D

  10. sailor.mercury says:

    PS was just thinking this morning bout how Pisces are super-psychic.

  11. I have this aspect and when I’m happy, I’m extremely happy – which is most of the time. Some goofy men tease me that I’m “high” but the other understands that it is my natural way of being. One man told me that “I’m so so happy!”. I get asked by some people why I’m so happy. I just tell them that I just am. I also get very excited when I see someone that I like, I don’t even have to like them a lot. I just get very excited at seeing anybody that I perceive in a positive light. Both my moon and Jupiter are in Leo.

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