Sun in Cancer, Moon in Taurus Compatibility

Sun-Moon CompatibilityHome will be a refuge for this protective couple. Sensitive Cancer will find Taurus’ inner strength and nurturing to be the ultimate balm. No matter how tough things get “out there,” Cancer’s defenses will drop as soon as he comes home to Earth Mother Taurus.

Sun in Cancer can be shy, but most people will see this sign’s defensiveness. Deeply sensitive and nurturing on the inside, he needs that shell to navigate the outer world. His lover will be one of the few people who will experience his sentimental nature. Even then, it will take Sun in Cancer a while before he opens up. Once he does decide to trust, he must be certain that he can depend on his partner. And then, watch out; this Cardinal sign becomes one of the most dynamic caregivers around, as the Sun’s energy amplifies Cancer’s passion. “Aggressive Mother Hen” would be a good way to describe him.

Moon in Taurus needs stability. She can be a deeply sensual, nurturing partner, but only once she is convinced of her lover’s worth. Moon in Taurus is a slow mover, but once she’s committed, it’s for life. She needs her routines (a partner who tries to disrupt them will be stubbornly shut out). Here is the Matriarch, quietly convinced of her right to have things her way. But Shadow Taurus can stagnate (sometimes into lethargy) if she’s not reminded that everything needs to change.

These two will approach each other cautiously, but Sun in Cancer will probably be the first to open up. He’ll be reassured by Taurus’ stability and need for quiet. Her nurturing energy will resonate with his desire to mother (or be mothered). And Cancer’s dynamic energy will give Taurus a gentle prod if she falls into a rut. Moon in Taurus will understand Cancer’s vulnerability, and will provide the support he desires. But she won’t cater to his sensitivities; her practical nature will ground him if he becomes overexcited.

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