Podcast: Winter Solstice, Mercury Opposite Jupiter

In Sasstrology’s podcast for the week of December 17, I talk about the following events:

  • Monday: Mercury in Sagittarius opposite Jupiter in Gemini
  • Wednesday: Venus in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries
  • Thursday: First Quarter Square Moon in Pisces
  • Friday: Sun enters Capricorn (Winter Solstice)

You can listen to this 25-minute podcast below.

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About Michelle Suzanne

Michelle Suzanne is a certified coach practitioner. She incorporates her gift for interpreting planetary messages to consult with clients, to teach, write, and to create and deliver workshops to individuals and groups. She brings twenty years of unique professional experience to people who need guidance to rise to their fullest potential. Everyone has a unique journey with a compelling story beneath it. Michelle's role is to help you re-discover yours, or to help you create a new one that resonates with who you are today.


  1. Michelle,

    please please give me some insight to this question…. on June 4th, a “wrong turn” happened in my current relationship. It involved another girl (hidden and denied), 2 months of fishy behavior, and in id july an almost breakup. I still have a trust issue lurking in the back of my mind with my boyfriend. We recently, as of Sunday had the “heated discussion” and I don’t know how our relationship looks for the future. Sorry, the question: will the 21st create the same third party to show up to my boyfriend’s bar and mingle/flirt with him? Will an event similar happen again that leaves both him and I questioning our relationship? I know you don’t live my life, but every time you say June 4th in here I get very upset because that was the day my trust was broken.

  2. Hi No-Perspiration,

    Without knowing your birth chart, I can’t see exactly how the energies are interacting with your chart. If you do experience a déjà vu from last June, this is a chance for you to respond differently, if you choose.

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