Venus in Libra: October 28 to November 21

Venus in LibraAmore indeed! As Venus moves into her ruling sign of Libra, you will have many opportunities to let your love light shine. Venus, the goddess of pleasure and romance, thrives on hanging out with her home girl Libra, as together they infuse the world with beauty, grace and harmony. Now’s the time to woo the object of your affections with flowers, candlelight and poetry. If that’s a little to cliché for your tastes, create your own romantic rituals, drawing on the power of Venus for inspiration.

Alliances can be made and peace talks can be forged during this time, in the bedroom and beyond. This is the “make love, not war” transit, so if you must fight, ensure that you dedicate plenty of time towards making up, because Venus in Libra can’t tolerate the messy minefield of conflict and chaos. Peace is her password, so if you want to win now, plan on being the first one to wave the white flag of surrender. Fighting fair will get you everywhere, as this Venus can’t say no to anyone who attempts to bring harmony and balance into the midst of a warzone.

Of course, Venus in Libra may go too far in the other direction, shoving stuff under the rug that really should be seen and heard. Learn how to air out your dirty laundry with your lover in a diplomatic, fair and balanced way, and you’ll have mastered the lesson of this planetary combo. If you decide instead to smooth it over and attempt to make it look pretty and nice, you may dig yourself deeper into a dark hole. Venus in Libra demands justice, which can be hard to manifest if you can’t talk about those ugly, unpleasant, “please just go away” problems to begin with.

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