Sun in Gemini, Moon in Leo Compatibility

Both of these signs love to play, and that’s the energy that will dominate this frisky relationship. But Leo needs to be the center of attention, while Gemini is easily distracted. These two will have to reach an agreement on who gets the Lion’s share of attention.

Sun in Gemini has wandering eyes. This doesn’t just mean he’s a flirt; he’s genuinely curious about every new person that crosses his path. His life’s purpose is to gather information, and that involves a continuous stream of new experiences. He’s perfectly capable of committing to one partner, as long as she keeps him interested with lively conversation. And she must be tolerant of the fact that, while he may be faithful, he’ll never devote 100% of his attention to her. As long as there are new people to meet, Sun in Gemini will be getting to know them.

Moon in Leo needs to be the center of attention in her relationship. She has the heart of a performer, and performers need an audience. Moon in Leo feels secure when her partner appreciates her, and lets her know that he appreciates her. Frequently. She can be a warm, generous lover who stands by her mate, but if this Moon feels ignored, her Shadow side will emerge; the Drama Queen. Temper tantrums, sulking and ultimatums are all ways this Moon will let her lover know he’s ignoring her.

Sun in Gemini will initially be captivated by Leo’s sense of entitlement. Someone who’s not shy about demanding attention—how intriguing! The child that hides at the core of every Leo Moon will be coaxed out by Gemini’s playful attitude. Lighthearted flirting and whimsical courtship will ensue. But Sun in Gemini will quickly become depleted by Leo’s constant need for attention. And Moon in Leo will quickly feel insecure and threatened by Gemini’s scattered focus. In order to maintain the buoyant energy of their relationship, these partners will have to make a few adjustments. Moon in Leo will need to accept that Gemini is not capable of focusing on her as much as she’d like. And Sun in Gemini will have to use his communication skills to reassure his Lioness that she’ll always be first in his heart, no matter who else he’s talking to.

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