Sun in Gemini, Moon in Gemini Compatibility

Gemini and Gemini just get each other. This intellectual duo will base their relationship on an endless exchange of information. But for a quicksilver sign like this, being paired with its twin may be too much of a good thing.

Sun in Gemini’s purpose is to communicate. His goal is to experience everything he can about everyone, and then share what he’s discovered. His ideal relationship consists of an infinite stream of information, activities and discussions, with a partner who is lively enough to maintain his interest. Long-term focus is not one of Sun in Gemini’s strengths. Neither is making a choice and sticking with it (Gemini is always aware that there might be better options). The Shadow side of Sun in Gemini can appear as a fickle partner who is unwilling to settle down, or dive beneath the surface of his flickering ideas.

Moon in Gemini needs to communicate. Because the Moon is instinctive, this need may not be immediately obvious (especially if her Sun is in a less talkative sign). But her primary need will always be to talk about what she’s feeling. Her partner must be ready to listen, and respond. The phrase “Tell me what you’re feeling” should be part of his vocabulary. However, this is an intellectual sign, so Moon in Gemini can easily slide into the trap of “thinking” her emotions, rather than feeling them. The Shadow side of this Moon can be nervous and unsettled, with moods that flicker all over the emotional spectrum.

Talking will never be a problem with these two, but communicating might. Gemini and Gemini may end up surfing a stream of superficial chatter, without really getting to know each other. In order to develop true intimacy, they will need to slow down, focus and commit to the lengthy process of a relationship. In many ways, Sun and Moon in Gemini make better friends than lovers. However, if one of them has grounding or emotional energy (planets in earth or water signs) in their chart, they can become each other’s best friend, lover and confidant.

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