Sex and Saturn’s Transit of Scorpio

As Saturn changes signs, its lessons are shifted to a new area. How it affects you personally depends entirely on what natal houses and planets it hits. But this energy shift also impacts all of us, in a more generalized manner. Saturn’s transit of Scorpio (October 5, 2012 to December 23, 2014 and June 16, 2015 to September 18, 2015) will affect most people’s experience of sex and intimacy. Read on to find out what we have to look forward to.

Transiting Saturn

First, let’s review what transiting Saturn actually means. Most people associate it with what they can’t have. But Saturn is more than a big, transiting buzz kill. Yes, it represents limits and endings; there’s focus, as opposed to expansion, during a Saturn transit. But it also covers commitment and responsibility. Most importantly, Saturn is the Manifester. As reality’s enforcer, Saturn gives things form and structure. And this includes the consequences of our past actions.

When Saturn was in Libra, we learned relationship lessons. Some partnerships were crystallized (Saturn) and others ended (Saturn). The bottom line was taking responsibility for how we related (Libra) to others. What we needed in a partnership, and what we gave to our partners, was defined. As Saturn moves through Scorpio, we’ll be taking those lessons to a deeper level.

Scorpio’s Energy

Scorpio is not just about sex; it represents intimacy and sharing. To sum up its energy, Scorpio enables us to push through our personal limits by sharing those limits with someone else. It is the sign of evolution, and the only way to evolve is to keep testing and surpassing our limits. In Scorpio, we test ourselves by merging with someone else. Ideally, this goes beyond the physical and encompasses emotions as well.

In marches Saturn. Personal limits (Scorpio) will be strongly defined (Saturn). For many of us, this will involve a confrontation of fears: fears about having sex, being vulnerable, and losing control. In order to evolve past those fears, we’ll need to identify them. Others may experience this transit as an intensification of their sex lives. Think about it—what’s more desirable than something you can’t have (Saturn)? When this energy is used creatively between consenting adults, it can turn into the ultimate exploration of Scorpio’s power.

Saturn in Scorpio: Past History

The last time Saturn was in Scorpio (late 1982 to late 1985), the global pandemic known as AIDS gained momentum (I write this with the full acknowledgement that sexual contact is not the only way to spread HIV). Responsible (Saturn) sex became critical. The consequences (Saturn) for not being responsible resulted in the ultimate limit: death. But I’m not going to sit here and predict another disaster, for three reasons:

  1. Even the most skilled astrologer cannot “predict” the future; we can recognize trends, but there is no crystal ball.
  2. I believe that most of us (hopefully) have absorbed Saturn’s lessons from that period, and recognize that safe sex is a non-negotiable part of intimacy. Saturn builds on the lessons of the past.
  3. Pluto entered Scorpio in 1983, which upped the stakes considerably. Pluto is in Capricorn this time around.

A Kinder Saturn in Scorpio Transit

I believe this transit of Saturn in Scorpio will be easier on us (sexually). Maybe I’m being overly optimistic, but the whole thing starts on a gentle note as Saturn forms an easy trine with Neptune in Pisces (October 5 to October 22). Before we can transform our limits, we’ll need to clarify (Saturn) certain fantasies/illusions (Neptune).

For some, this will mean letting go of an unobtainable relationship/fixation, or waking up to the realities (Saturn) of their sexual preferences. For others, it can involve the manifestation (Saturn) of a sexual ideal— wishes coming to life in the form of a new partner. Of course, all this depends on how you handled your relationships when Saturn was in Libra. But whether you’re letting go of something, or making it real, the overall energy is compassionate and forgiving (Pisces). There will be reality checks, but they’ll be delivered gently.

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From October 22 to November 25, Saturn will trine Chiron (the Wounded Healer) in Pisces. This aspect says “Sexual Healing.” Because it involves Chiron, the wounds must be confronted before the healing can start. There is a documentary (released on September 21, but playing now) called “How To Survive A Plague”. It’s about a group of AIDS activists (ACT UP) who accelerated experimental HIV treatments through the trials, and to the patients. Of course they faced horrendous opposition (which was based in fear).

Although the subject matter is grim, the film is inspiring. This reminder of how devastating AIDS was (and still is) won’t make it all better (Chiron’s wounds are never completely healed). But it does feel like a positive introduction to Saturn’s transit; we’re reminded that compassion (Pisces) for others is our responsibility (Saturn). Even if it involves sex, which triggers our deepest (Scorpio) fears (Saturn). I’d also like to believe that Saturn in Scorpio’s mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn will make a difference. The transformation (Pluto) of old structures (Capricorn) might enable a more mature attitude towards sexual practices (again, between consenting adults) that push our fear buttons.

Sexual Tolerance and Compassion

Saturn in Scorpio: a new era of sexual tolerance? That might be pushing it. But Saturn is about growing up, and accepting that you can’t restrict other people. Perhaps society has matured since the 1980’s. Perhaps. Same-sex marriage is legal in some states (although others would argue that there’s still a long way to go). Saturn in Scorpio might bring these issues to a turning point, since we’re no longer dealing with the social surface; now, it’s about what lies underneath.

Taking it to a personal level, this transit (and its initial Pisces contacts) would be an excellent time to direct some compassion towards our own intimacy wounds. We’re at our most vulnerable when we have sex. Doesn’t it makes sense then, to treat ourselves with the utmost care and acceptance, before we let someone in? By taking responsibility for our past relationships, and applying those lessons to our current sex lives (whether we have a partner or not), we can focus (Saturn) on what needs to be transformed (Scorpio). Own it, heal it, and move forward.

Are you ready for Saturn’s transit of Scorpio? Tell us how this transit is impacting your relationships in comments below.

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Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. Great article Nadia, lots of food for thought here!

    The Saturn transit of Libra was quite a wild ride for me! It started with a conjunction to my NN and IC at 5 Libra (and of course opposing my MC). My career was shaken up over a period of a year or so. I also lost both of my parents during that time – my Dad passed in March of 2011 and Mom in April of this year. During all of this my marriage went through a complete upheaval and came close to ending.

    Saturn wasn’t the only factor in all this – I also had Chiron opposing my moon and Uranus conjuncting my MC, but still looking back it seems that Saturn in Libra was involved in all of this as well. As it moves into Scorpio, my work situation has stabilized and is better than ever, my sister and I are dealing with our parent’s estate (shared resources?), and my marriage has also stabilized a great deal. Sex, among other things, is better now than it has been in many years!

    So it concerns me a little that Saturn will be conjuncting my Neptune at 4 Scorpio starting in a few weeks, and then again next summer as it retrogrades and comes back again. The last time Saturn was in Scorpio I took several hard knocks to my illusions about relationships. After everything that’s happened over the last couple of years I don’t feel like I have any illusions left at this point! But there is always something. I am hoping that if I approach this transit with greater awareness, this can be a time of manifesting (Saturn) a marriage that is closer to my ideals (Neptune) rather than the shattering of illusions that I took the last time around. Older and wiser, I hope!

  2. seekerloverkeeper says:

    Oh man: I’m fascinated (and a little bit scared, but mostly curious) to see how this transit affects me. I’m an Aries, Scorpio rising, who was born in 1986 – meaning I’ve gone from three years of Saturn opposing my sun to three years of Saturn on my ascendant, to be immediately followed by my first Saturn return. So much gloomy teaching!

    But I hope that three years of experience with Saturn in Libra and opposing my sun will have helped me learn a bit about relationships, and that I can then apply that knowledge to the transit through Scorpio. Having that particular sign rule the twelfth house (which also contains my south node) will hopefully at least make the terrain more comfortable for me, making the journey less intense.

    I think issues with intimacy were at the heart of my issues with relationships to begin with, so in a way it’s a relief to be able to get more deeply into the heart of the matter. And I’ve been crossing my fingers for a while now that having Saturn alone in my first house will have given me some tools to not feel the return itself as quite such a contraction, when it comes (a time when natural caution and slight pessimism may come in handy?)

    In any event, it’s already much easier to breathe since Saturn left Libra, particularly with the fireworks of the full moon at the end of it. And I think that the responsibilities of Saturn on home turf, so to speak, will be easier to manage and shoulder than the opposition. Here’s hoping!

  3. Hello Nadia!
    Came here after you ‘short-post’ of this on the other site.
    I really liked/ related to the last paragraph, about healing ourselves. Nice!
    I’d like to actually make a comment about the Saturn in Libra transit; You said something about how it affected our relationships to others… I find this very interesting, considering that when the transit started, the relationship i was in dissolved, then over the rest i ended up completely alone, and i mean no friends, co-workers, lovers or anything is left now!
    It’s really uncanny, especially for this Gemini w Libra Rising. I’m not normally what anyone would call ‘anti-social’! I was the opposite.
    Now it’s all changed. It’s most ODD. Especially since i spent this time in my ‘original homeland’ where i was born, as opposed to the place i lived before (California);
    now i’m not sure of anything… I know a lot of that is ‘circumstantial’, social problems locally, age-ism locally, and so on. I also now realize and admit how i sort of ‘created’ that, from an inner resistance to being here. I never liked the place one bit (Brussels, Belgium) so i know part of my isolation is really a ‘turning inward and ignoring my environment’ but at the same time… it’s not just me, and it’s probably not just the place either.
    On the other hand, on facebook, all my ‘friends’ are from my previous life, in CA, or related to it via ‘community’. (I’m a DeadHead) . Those contacts are most ALIVE and i even re-connected with some people i had lost track of in California over time! I see some bonds, at least of friendship are still there!!
    this to say: can it be this is all ‘on target’ and what’s going on is i don’t have a life here because my Life, who i am, the kind of people i like and the kind of things i like to do are THERE?
    I’ve been homesick for CA pretty much from the moment i came here… (10 long years…eek)
    I’m confused. lol. If you could tell!
    I guess i’ll have to be sure and find out what Saturn in 2nd house means… cos i don’t want to up and leave, and then end up with another forbidding set of circumstances elsewhere, know what i mean.. If money wasn’t a worry, obviously decisions would be a lot easier!

    Anyway, enough about me!
    I’m intrigued with your ponderings about Saturn in the 80ies/ AIDS etc. I hear what you’re saying!
    I think some people have integrated the ‘safe sex facts’; but i think, at least in my ‘estimation’ the problem now is different.
    here’s my ‘complementary thought’, if you would.. : here, i see trends that affect people from about one zillion countries and Ethnic Groups. Brussels is majorly international and overpopulated. Everything is right in your face here! Well, i’m noticing all sorts of things about the way people ‘sexualize’ their image/ selves, etc. I see all sorts of ‘aberrations’ as i call them, for example, very young, fiercely covered with scarf muslim girls, who wear extreme provocative outfits in conjunction w the veil thing. I noticed that for immigrant populations, it is often the cheapest, and ‘most cheesy’ things that appeal… (just observing) Also, the general trend for the young here is to wear shirts or stuff that say things like: ‘I’m a Bitch’ etc.
    Basically, i think that even though now everyone knows, and perhaps even practices safe sex, it’s in the behavioral realm that things are getting ‘wacky’.
    I’m the generation that just benefitted from Women’s Lib movement. Well, nowadays, what i’m observing is that most young women, except for the very bourgeois, dress, put heavy make up on, and generally compete in the ‘slutty’ aspect with the ‘stars’ they’ve seen on TV, MTV and such for the last decade or more.
    To me, it signifies this:
    women these days have absolutely ZERO conscience of their own Selves / value as a HUMAN first and woman second, if you get my drift. (i’m trying to resume a lot of thoughts/ observation in short… big topic though!) They think NOTHING of the fact all they do is cater to men!
    I am somewhat disheartened, and frankly a bit ‘spiteful’ about them.
    What my problem is with all this, is that, HERE, from what i can see in the masses, a BIG problem is the traditional Me the Macho – You my bitch roles are coming back FULL FORCE and i mean in NUMBERS!
    I find all this… well, not very hopeful.

    One thought i have now, reading you and reflecting on all this, is that the ‘need to treat oneself with compassion’ and the healing of personal wounds’ is really what mostly NEEDS to happen, to all those (ignorant, excuse my ‘judgement, i can’t help it in this instance..) masses.

    I know each generation needs to so to speak ‘spit’ in the face of the one before to ‘affirm itself’, but i can’t help thinking that some Traditional societies i’ve visited, say in the African Bush for example, do a better job at PASSING stuff onto the young, or i should say: at raising their kids in ways that they TOO value the teachings those who came before them have to give!

    They all think we’re old and they are new and THEY invented the wheel.
    I think they threw the baby with the bathwater, and by doing that they are bringing us BACKWARDS, before the woman’s Lib movement existed.
    Or… women are now free……….to behave like ‘sluts’ and ‘bitches’ as their T-Shirt say!

    i’m sorry if this is not, and never was the way i see FREEDOM for women!
    I think they have a lot of healing to do to even realize they actually HAVE inner wounds that make them be this way. tall order. i used to think everything was possible.
    I’m a lot more skeptical these days! lol
    it’s sad to say, but all in all, i think only a small fraction of humanity ever really evolves, at any given time.
    I guess, when you look at the state the world is in, there’s the evidence.

    Sorry for writing a whole book Nadia!
    I got very stimulated by your reflection, cos it parallels some of my ‘ponderings’. 😉

    Be well, my dear.

  4. @Limerence
    You’ve got the right idea (about manifesting something closer to your ideals vs. shattering illusions). Awareness is key. The more you work with these transits, the easier they get (maybe “easy” is not the right word but you know what I mean). You only have so many illusions to shatter, and once they’re gone you can start the good stuff (manifesting). You only get a repeat if you didn’t learn Saturn’s lessons the first time ’round.

  5. @seekerloverkeeper
    If you have natal Saturn in your 1st House, you will be more accustomed to its energy (since it’s part of your identity). And you are exactly right about applying what you learned with Saturn in Libra opposing your Sun. That’s the whole idea with Saturn (and any major transit, really). As it moves into the next house/sign, it builds on what happened in the last house/sign. So really, nothing that is dished out to you is a surprise because it’s all connected. And it sounds like you have grasped that concept and are running with it.

  6. @Cassidy,
    Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I always enjoy reading what you have to say, because it means my writing has had an impact (which is my goal).
    Part of the issue with where you are living could be connected to locational astrology…certain places just don’t mesh well with your chart. It sounds like you might be living on a Saturn line, or close to some influence that isolates you.
    It will be interesting to see how Saturn in Scorpio impacts all the gender roles that you commented on; I do believe we’ll start to dig underneath all the surface (Libra) stuff (the clothing, appearance, etc.) now that Saturn is in Scorpio. Not sure which way things will swing, but we’ll see…

  7. Hi Nadia Gilchrist,
    Another great post. Saturn has moved into my 7th house. My Mercury, Sun, and Uranus (degrees, respectively) are in this house. Already, I have felt Saturn’s energy in regards to sex, relationships and intimacy. I felt hard hit and the changes have already begun, although painfully. With a natal Saturn in Libra, I feel I have been absorbed with learning and lessons about relationships. Now that Saturn is in my 7th house ruled by Libra and destined to stay, I do feel a bit heavy at the weight of this. (My natal Mercury is at 4 degrees Scorpio so I figure Saturn is already affecting me mentally.) Between having a natal Saturn in Libra, having just had the transit of Saturn in Libra, my Scorpio stellium being in my Libra 7th house, and the eventual transit of Saturn into the 8th…I confess, I have these fears and anxieties about manifesting a good relationship. I have yet to be in a committed partnership. I’ve done so much personal work over the years that the thought of more hard core work in this matter for the next few years overwhelms me. I mean, to the point, where I have considered taking a hiatus from astrology because I’m looking for promise and struggling to find it with these steamrolling transits affecting intimate relationships. I almost wish I could live in ignorance of transits.

    My Sun is in the seventh and I sincerely feel exhausted and at a lost as to what more to do. I’m very independent and strong, but attracting and maintaining intimacy seems to be elusive to me, yet a fundamental part of my life force.

  8. I’m a bit afraid of this transit. In Libra, Saturn was in my 11th house and that put me through the ringer. Now Saturn’s going through my 12th house and having all my fears and vulnerabilities come to the forefront seems a little overwhelming. Especially about wanting what you can’t have. That’s already the theme of my life these days. My Sun, Mercury and Pluto and Scorpio are all in Scorpio I don’t know if that means anything.

    I have to say so far things have been pretty good. I’m learning things about myself and what I want out of life that I couldn’t articulate before.

  9. Hi Nadia,
    I have Saturn transiting in my 5th House and that is the only Scorpio I have anywhere in my birth chart. I am a Virgo Leo rising, I am 38 years old and I would love nothing more than starting a family and having a romantic relationship. I’m just wondering if this transit is going to be able to help me.
    I’ve recently reconnected with a guy from high school at our 20th reunion. He is Sun, Venus and Mars Scorpio that I know without knowing his time of birth. I know he is kind of an emotional guy and knowing this now explains a lot. He has kind of always been in my life, I would see him around once a year or so but until recently I hadn’t seen him in years.
    Right now he has been kind of slow at communicating with me. I think he has something going on but he said he’s single. I feel like he totally fits into that slot of my life and I’m wondering if things will change or if I should move on. We go back to our childhood, we were intimate for a short time in high school but since then nothing. But when I saw him a couple of weeks ago it was electric. He was watching me the whole night. I felt like he had something to tell me. Everytime I looked at him he was looking at me. Sounds pretty crazy, doesn’t it?
    What do I do?

  10. Erin I say give him a chance. Saturn transiting the 5th brings usually a relationship. From what I’ve read, no one night stands. Period. That is probably the last thing you want.

  11. Erin I say give him a chance. Saturn transiting the 5th brings usually a relationship. From what I’ve read, no one night stands. Period. That is probably the last thing you want. Give it a shot!! Let us know what happens.

  12. Didn’t mean to post twice

  13. Hi katie,
    Id love to give him a chance, question is he willing to give me a chance too? Is there a chance?

  14. immortal angel says:

    I am freaking out over this transit.. i have saturn hitting my natal pluto at 4° scorp in my 5th house… 🙁 not good! I’m trying to move on from an ex but he wants to reconcile and its all a big mess.. i am so scared of what it going to happen when saturn hits my natal pluto 🙁 craaaap!!!

  15. immortal angel says:

    I am freaking out over this transit.. i have saturn hitting my natal pluto at 4° scorp in my 5th house… 🙁 not good! I’m trying to move on from an ex but he wants to reconcile and its all a big mess.. i am so scared of what it going to happen when saturn hits this point 🙁 help!!!!

  16. Erin you just take your time. If its meant to be it will be. I think if you both are willing, it will work out. Search saturn transiting the 5th house or look at bob marks astrology site.

  17. And immortal, if you want it to work out then try. If not, move on. I know, easier said than done.

  18. I think now, is not only a play, play with sex like in 80ies. Sex – is one way where you can feel the extaz, it was other fields where the ends was death also. Scorpio is the land of extremes, you go down to inferno and up to heaven, you don’t know what laugh is if you didn’t cry ever. Saturn now it will be like a light in our insides. I believe Saturn now here in Scorpio has something to do with faith. Pluto helps Saturn to go down deeply, but for find the strengths. Saturn passed away from Libra, and I supposed we understood that we can not ask only to the others (Uranus and Pluto make this for us). We must do it ourselves, and now we get down to the fundation of our selves to feel that misery and rebirth others. And after we will do the reconstruction of us, we can do something toghether. You can not rebirth if you don’t die, it will be a lot of fear, but I don’t know which will be the consolation, but it will be (Neptun).

  19. We will meet with our shadow, and depend for each what this shadow means. I think we learn what patient is, because of the Uranus, it will push us, and we will do a lot of mistakes at the beginings.

  20. Interesting. This makes sense. I ended an important relationship three years ago and began/ended another important one just last year. I’d been thinking heavily about my motivations and patterns in romantic relationship and have come to the conclusion that I’m ready to begin again. Hm.

  21. @Novlady
    You are definitely feeling Saturn’s weight on your Mercury. So try to keep things in perspective; that feeling of being overwhelmed is due to Saturn, and it will pass. It will peak around the middle of November 2012 (Saturn’s conjunction to your Mercury), but then it will move on. You’ll feel it again in June/July 2013 (Saturn Rx) but that will be it for Saturn’s shadow over your thoughts. Of course, Saturn will still be in your 7th House, but I think you’ll find it easier to handle when your Mercury’s not being hit.

  22. @Samantha;
    Saturn through your 12th is usually a time of finishing up a phase of your life and letting something go (something that no longer has relevance to you).

  23. @Erin
    It’s impossible to say how he feels without seeing his chart. Saturn through the 5th can sometimes bring a love affair that becomes serious (as Katie mentioned) but more importantly Saturn through your 5th will make you serious about things like romance, your special purpose, personal goals, etc. You won’t settle for less with this transit.

  24. @immortal angel;
    sometimes it helps to break these transits down (to put them in perspective). All transiting Saturn over your Pluto means is focusing (Saturn) your personal power (Pluto). Making you aware of your potential for intensity, authenticity, etc. Saturn and Pluto are both heavy duty and when they come together people read bad things into it but it does not have to mean disaster.

  25. @Stefania
    Yes, Saturn in Scorpio will make us all aware of our personal Phoenix and ashes.

  26. I’m quite nervous about this because I have entered my Saturn Return, which is in my natal 4th House. There’s also the great warrior Mars at play as well as they were conjunct when I was born (Gemini Sun, Leo Rising, Pisces Moon). Generally, I’m experiencing overall frustration that my life isn’t where I want it to be. I can see the home I want for myself, but I don’t know how to get there. In tarot, I’ve been getting the Death Card (Scorpio!) so much, but I don’t even know where to find my end.

    Along the same token, with Saturn in Libra, I started a relationship, moved across the country to be with him, ended the relationship, found a lover just days before I had to move back home, and we’re somewhat ongoing. It’ll be interesting to see the progression with this lover now that Saturn is in a new sign.

  27. @Cassidy (& @Nadia)

    I find it very, very interesting that you are a Gemini with Libra Rising and experienced Saturn transiting Libra as very lonely… because I am an Aquarian with Libra Rising and I found the exact same thing!

    I have always found it easy to relate to men and to be charming and to attract them and what not, however, just before Saturn entered Libra, I met someone I THOUGHT was the man of my dreams (on paper… in reality he was batshit crazy and a total narcissist) and right when Saturn entered Libra, it all fell apart spectacularly… I thought I would get on track again in a few months, but I really haven’t at all. I’ve found the last 2 years to be the most frustrating, lonely and I’ve found it so difficult to relate to the opposite sex. It’s been a trying time to say the least.

    I’ve been struggling not to generalize and become embittered, but also… the way in which my experience aligns with yours is that I too was living in one part of the world and now I am permanently back home and… I have no friends (well OK very few, and none without families and obligations, etc).

    I am hoping Saturn in Scorpio augurs something better for me. Luckily I only have Uranus in Scorpio, so I’m hoping Saturn transiting my 2nd house is a little less harsh and less eventful in terms of the romantic austerity and lessons I’ve learned.

    What have a learned? I guess I have learned I value my self-respect above all else and I want and deserve the RIGHT PERSON, not just anyone… and I’m willing to wait. Nadia, your post gives me hope that it hasnt all been in vain 🙂

  28. Thank you for this article! This really resonates with me, though it’s hard to say just how much (Saturn is conjunction my mercury right now). I’m a Scorpio sun, with Venus and Jupiter also in Scorpio. My Saturn is in libra, and that transit through libra led me to begin t understand that my partner really does have sexual needs and a sexual history that I have to acknowledge and accept without judging him. My own sexual experience has expanded vastly during our 4 year relationship, and he (29 deg Aquarius w/ Pisces moon) has helped me to learn to enjoy the lighter, less serious aspects of play in a sexual relationship. Now that satun is in Scorpio, I think we’ll find ourselves tested to see if we really are meeting – or can meet. – each other’s more intimate needs and I so, it will certainly require stepping outside of boxes. What an interesting time…

  29. Thank you for this article! This really resonates with me, though it’s hard to say just how much (Saturn is conjunction my mercury right now). I’m a Scorpio sun, with Venus and Jupiter also in Scorpio. My Saturn is in libra, and that transit through libra led me to begin t understand that my partner really does have sexual needs and a sexual history that I have to acknowledge and accept without judging him. My own sexual experience has expanded vastly during our 4 year relationship, and he (29 deg Aquarius w/ Pisces moon) has helped me to learn to enjoy the lighter, less serious aspects of play in a sexual relationship. Now that satun is in Scorpio, I think we’ll find ourselves tested to see if we really are meeting – or can meet. – each other’s more intimate needs and I so, it will certainly require stepping outside of boxes.

  30. This really resonates with me, though it’s hard to say just how much (Saturn is conjunction my mercury right now). I’m a Scorpio sun, with Venus and Jupiter also in Scorpio. My Saturn is in libra, and that transit through libra led me to begin t understand that my partner really does have sexual needs and a sexual history that I have to acknowledge and accept without judging him. My own sexual experience has expanded vastly during our 4 year relationship, and he (29 deg Aquarius w/ Pisces moon) has helped me to learn to enjoy the lighter, less serious aspects of play in a sexual relationship. Now that satun is in Scorpio, I think we’ll find ourselves tested to see if we really are meeting – or can meet. – each other’s more intimate needs and I so, it will certainly require stepping outside of boxes.

  31. This really resonates with me. I’m a Scorpio sun, with Venus and Jupiter also in Scorpio. My Saturn is in libra, and that transit through libra led me to begin t understand that my partner really does have sexual needs and a sexual history that I have to acknowledge and accept without judging him. My own sexual experience has expanded vastly during our 4 year relationship, and he (29 deg Aquarius w/ Pisces moon) has helped me to learn to enjoy the lighter, less serious aspects of play in a sexual relationship. Now that satun is in Scorpio, I think we’ll find ourselves tested to see if we really are meeting – or can meet. – each other’s more intimate needs and step outside of boxes.

  32. You’re welcome. With Libra rsiing, plus your Sun/Venus conjunct it’s (Venus) sounds like the most important planet in your chart (disclaimer; I haven’t seen your chart so I’m just assuming). But it’s still pretty important. Your ego (Sun) is fused with your identity (Libra rsiing) and desire for relationships (Venus). You want to share yourself, literally (more context for this depending on the house position of Venus/Sun).Shadow side: only looking at the surface of a partner, only expressing your own superficial qualities, emphasizing mental connections over emotional,trouble deciding who you really want. Note that with your Sun right there, the shadow side will be particularly prominent.Enlightened side: self-exploration and knowledge. Gemini is about learning and gathering info so the wider you cast your net (internally) the more you’ll attract those that match what you’re learning about yourself. It’s difficult to go deep with Gemini but use the Sag archetype to go wide instead of plunging into the depths.

  33. Don’t be so afraid of Saturn! Believe me, I understand why you would be. In the past six years Saturn transited my 12th & 1st house, therefore conjunct my AS, opposed my natal sun, squared pluto in my 4th, etc. I thought it would never end. But looking back, I see how much my life has changed, how much I have changed and grew, how much stronger and better off I am. I now feel comfortable and understanding towards him, ready to except, trust and work with him:)

  34. maygemini says:

    @Cassidy LOL I love your rant because all that is TRUE!!
    @Cassidy and Dana, I’m part of your “generation”

    I am an early Gemini Sun with early Libra rising (Sun trine AC) with Libra Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on my AC. YIKES! and to make matters more “interesting,” Libra Pluto is also hanging out with the social heavyweights in my 1st house. Needless to say, when Saturn was in Libra, I got royally $@%&^@%$^ up on the emotional and social realm .

    For starters, I received news that my divorce was finalized when Saturn crossed my natal Saturn. I felt “liberated” but also wanted to crawl into a cave and die. My divorce was the subject of all my tears from late Virgo Saturn and that amplified through mid Libra Saturn. From mid Libra Saturn to the end, man alive, I was LONELY and for the first time in my life, understood what “rejection” felt like as in my past, I was never rejected. Men always went after me, opened doors for me, complemented me, and they did that in front of my husband LOL which use to get him so angry.

    Suddenly, when Libra Saturn hit, I’ve had more than what I would call “my fair share” of rejection from “men” who were mediocre at best (but most were bottom of the barrel), which was super strange for me to take in. Even when people first meet me will tell me they find it to be quite strange for men to reject me as I’m such a sweet and engaging person (thank you, Pisces moon!). But no, apparently no matter how much I tried to go out there and “get back in the swing of things,” and meet new people, something would always get thwarted and I’d end up having to decide between chasing a subpar pansy who get manperiods more often than when Aunt Flo visits me or being a nun. Well, I chose being a nun and oddly enough, I’m quite happy!

    Another thing with Libra Saturn… because Libra is ruled by Venus, fortune is a big matter. I lost my stable job of 3 years because of a “technicality” and wasn’t able to find any sort of “regular” employment from that time until now. Funny enough, I learned various methods to survive on the cheap and sought after new and creative ways to make some money and pay my bills. I was doing all kinds of stuff- editing, adverting, and sales. It was during this time that I initially emerged to be viewed as an “entrepreneur” even though I’d rather just say that I’m “self-employed.” My perspectives on money and wealth became important as it crystallized along with my ability to wrangle the material world on a more conscious level.

    Probably the best thing about Libra Saturn was I learned to weigh the pros and cons of individuals who come to me and decide consciously if I want to have them in some capacity in my life or not. I never really learned that growing up nor was I ever encouraged to do that. I ditched people that I thought were deadweights and didn’t feel guilty for leaving them in the dust because I had determined that I, I would go seek out my own happiness and wrangle the material world to make that happen. If the price of me obtaining longterm happiness was the price of temporary loneliness, well #%^ it. I can and will be ok alone, and I’ve done that for 4.5 years and it makes me really glad knowing that I’ve a more solid foundation of myself, within myself. That’s something that no one can ever destroy, even most people just annoy the heck out of me. Heh.

    When Scorpio Saturn hit, oh my gawd was I RELIEVED!!! I survived my 1st Saturn’s return, Saturn crossed my AC and I became more independent and strong willed than ever before, I didn’t feel like I was getting punished anymore. Guess what?I felt GOOD, like really good, despite all the crap that happened during Libra Saturn.

    At this stage in the game for me with Scorpio Saturn restricting people from having orgies and mindless bedhopping, I have determined, “Who the hell cares?! I got sh*t to do and things to achieve.” But then again, that would make perfect sense as Saturn is now transiting my 2nd house and making me learn to lay down a more solid financial foundation. After all that I’ve been through with my 1st house getting $&*#ed up and having to be reconstruct all over again, I’ve rebuilt my 1st house and rerouted all the plumbing and put in new carpet, and a solar panel roof, it seems like the modest house is working well. I think I can handle some interior decorating for the next 2.5 years with Scorpio in Saturn.

    Hooray, for anything that’s NOT Libra Saturn!

  35. SeptSpirit says:

    I was reading about Saturn’s transit through Scorpio and had a look at my chart.
    My Saturn is 16*58 Scorpio in H8, just 2* from H9.

    Then I found that I will experience my second Saturn return, Nov 2013 – Aug 2014, according to an online calculator. Does that mean I’ll experience the effect for that entire time frame?

    Looking through photos around the first return (Oct 1984- one month acc to calculator), life was good, easy –good things happened with little effort. I don’t recall many challenges at that time.

    Can I expect an equally easy transit, or is that too optimistic? What might I expect? Based on the little I’ve read online, many would perceive this as a Tsunami of Saturn (negativity) about to hit. I would rather be safe than sorry by preparing if need be.

    Just as this transit began in Oct, I was closing/liquidating a very successful business that provided very well for me, but was literally making me ill – conflict. I didn’t consciously choose to close, the Universe saw to that. I tried to save it, but it was a waste of time- heart not in it. I scaled down, moving from 2500sf to a 250sf room. Two-thirds of my worldly possessions donated because nothing was selling- Xmas time.

    I have mixed feelings about that, mostly around the loss of income (security) and not seeing what could possibly be next (no vision/goal/direction). I also lost privacy (isolation?) which has been more painful than I anticipated. Plus, my lovely Aq mom is holding a painful mirror up for me on a daily basis. We aren’t on the same page about anything, not even in the same library. I’d made great strides there, but something about living with someone 24/7, shows where there’s more growth to be done.

    I’m reading Clow’s book ‘Chiron- Rainbow Bridge’ and exploring what work I might actually enjoy.
    I have CHIRON in Aquarius 0*26 in H11, actually on the cusp of Aq/Cap and H11/12.
    She writes:
    There is a crisis over being grounded, over existing on Earth in a balanced way. This is the opposite dynamic of Chiron in Capricorn, and an understanding of these two placements yields an understanding about Chiron as the bridge between Saturn and Uranus. Higher consciousness (Uranus) has no place to exist without a body (Saturn), and as we move into Aquarius we are being taught about bridging by the ecological crisis. Chiron the Centaur embodies the issue with his horse/man body; we have animal/human, Earth/Sky, Body/Soul. Or we perish.
    Those with Chiron in Aquarius are electrical, not grounded; they are “air heads”. These natives are meant to manifest idealism, to bring great gifts to the culture in areas ruled by the house location, but they must carefully connect deep into the Earth and become realistic. They possess great potential if they can balance and connect. Those born from 1955-61 are also slated to move into power positions and experience their return around 2000-2010, and they will greet our extraterrestrial brothers when the communion time comes. Therefore, on top of their natural difficulty getting grounded, they also are resonating with a galactic vibrational attunement.
    Of four individuals born 1904-1910, three died at 70 which is young these days, and those three had a very hard time connecting here. When I knew them in their more mature years, they were isolationists. All three felt let down by life- their early idealism squashed by the two World Wars and the Depression. When they experienced typical old-age trauma, they just checked out. The fourth one is still living. She is a poet, and she has managed to keep her ideals alive. She still is ungrounded at age 79, but she was protected by a family cocoon, and she is a Taurus.

    I relate… particularly about the ‘idealism’ being squashed and becoming an ‘isolationist’. Strong pull!
    I relate more so to Chiron in H12. Less to Chiron in Capricorn and more toward Aquarius.

    Chiron in H11 stimulates Uranus to create an outlet for the works of H10. We need to give our gift and have it be graciously received.
    All I have in H10 is Pallas exactly conj Sag MC, conjunct Lilith, conjunct N Node. Cap Aphrodite on cusp of H10/11 conjunct Cap Ceres. How to interpret?

    Re H11, paraphrased. Most notable traits:
    -Strong inner feeling of a great destiny which may be impossible to attain or even express.
    – Highest awareness- the realization that the energy really flows when they just channel it.
    -High number of therapist and astrologers
    – Key: Counsel on detachment and letting go.
    -Often infected with fatalism and defeatism.
    [Relate to all]
    They require a lot of counseling to 1. Carefully identify the goal 2. Detach themselves from needing to make it or not 3. Then they will find they are closer than they think.
    If attached to the ability to make their goal, they will not attain it and make get sick from the struggle.
    Often they’re much closer than they realized. Over inflated ego keeps them from seeing how great they already are.
    Help with the Monster-Dragon Ego helps them to gain perspective. The more they know about their natal dynamic, the more they will be able to activate free will and idealistic purpose.
    There are many blocks in contemporary mass consciousness culture to H11 gifting. We must recreate the love of individual uniqueness and learn again to appreciate the fit of each person.
    H11 needs to be carefully examined to try to determine what the natal gift might be. Then a way to give it must be found.

    No goal- a bit concerning, but nothing to be ‘attached’ to.

    Then: Since the polarity is from H5 to H11 (Sun/Uranus), if the power of Uranus is not released, the individual has no vehicle of self-expression (Sun), and is tragically isolated from the Will Axis (Sun/Uranus). Knowing one’s natal chart is the opportunity to open blocking energies and bring through the gift of self, the Sun self.

    My Uranus is Leo 1*0 in H5, on the cusp of Cancer and H6 (42 min to H6) opposite my Cap/Aqu Chiron H11/12
    Uranus is Unaspected except for sq Neptune -4* and opposite Chiron -0*, opposite Phollus -2*, opposite Fortune -0*, sesquiquadrate Sag MC -1*.

    There’s also some stuff that’s frustrating me around Neptune. How to activate Chiron and Neptune, as she recommends.
    Neptune is 26*37 Libra in H8
    Chiron square Neptune is exceedingly stressful and is a great challenge to any astrologer. In general, the more these natives can activate Chiron and Neptune in their lives and careers, the better off they are. No matter what they do, life will always be very Chirotic and mystical, and this influence means they can never be just ordinary, so why even try? If they can activate the potential of this aspect, their gifts to the race are great. If they cannot find a way to use this energy, they will be confused, prone to substance abuse, and eventually they will suffer nervous disorders. The body cannot handle the force of this energy unless it is channeled by means of higher consciousness serving.

    In H6, which I thought related to ‘work’, I have Juipter 19*50, Moon 20*24, Eros 25*44 and Pluto 27*15, all in Leo.

    So, lots of pieces to the puzzle, but can’t see the big picture. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

  36. Saturn in Scorpio will be soon entering my IC. Everything is about intimacy… and going to the depths!

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