Natal Sun/Moon Conjunction: Absolute Unity

Natal Sun Moon Conjunction

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When inner needs (Moon) unite with outer focus (Sun), the result is an enviable core of assurance. The Sun/Moon person has no conflicts between their head and heart. On the other hand, too much of anything can create a whole new set of challenges. The unity of this aspect can cause difficulties, especially in relationships.

Sun/Moon Conjunction

If the Sun and Moon sit close together (within 10-12 degrees of each other) in the same sign, it is considered a conjunction. The Sun/Moon person is able to express their emotions (Moon) consciously (Sun). This is powerful stuff; it sets the course for their entire lives. When they need something, they focus on it and make it their goal. When they feel something, they know exactly what it is. This seems like it should be a recipe for emotional mastery, and these people do have an aura of absolute conviction. When they are in a relationship, they commit their entire being. Their partner will have no doubt that the Sun/Moon person is all in.

Sun or Moon Dominance?

But even though their ego and emotions are fused, one side still has to dominate. Which comes first? The conscious focus (Sun), which makes the emotions rational? Or the instinctive needs (Moon), which make the conscious expression instinctive? Everything depends on the sign placement. For example, a Sun/Moon conjunction in Cancer will strengthen the instinctive, Lunar energy; most of the person’s goals will be dominated by their moods. Sun/Moon in Gemini will result in a detached expression of feelings; emotions may be observed rather than deeply experienced.

Issues with Sun/Moon and House Placement

Other issues can come up, related to the huge emphasis on sign (and House placement). Someone with a Sun/Moon conjunction in Scorpio will express extreme versions of that sign’s behavior: intensity, jealousy, passion, control. Put that conjunction in the Tenth House of career, and you have someone who may obsess about status and achievement, to the exclusion of everything else (including their partner).

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Even a Sun/Moon conjunction in relationship-oriented Libra (in the Seventh House of relationships), can present partnership challenges. While they’ll have a driving need (Moon) to consciously manifest (Sun) a relationship (Seventh House) in their lives, they’ll still have the issue that all Sun/Moon people have: extreme subjectivity. Even in other-focused Libra, the Sun/Moon person will be self-contained. Decisions will be made without consulting their partner, who may wonder if the Sun/Moon person even takes them into consideration. Naturally, the Sun/Moon person is aware of their partner’s needs (the emphasis on their Moon makes them highly intuitive). But they know what is best for themselves, and they’ll act on it. Immediately.

Balancing Sun/Moon Energy

Balance is sorely needed with this combination. It can be achieved through aspects from other planets in the chart (hopefully, planets in different signs). These can moderate the energy of the Sun/Moon sign. The Houses that the other planets are in can drain some of the focus from the Sun/Moon House, as well. But it’s up to the Sun/Moon person to actively engage the other energies in their chart.

The Sun/Moon person will always be remarkably self-possessed. The key is bringing this quality down a few notches, so they involve their partner in the decision-making process. They have a heavier wheel (than most people) to steer their ship. It may take extra effort for them to adjust course, but, once they do, they can move ahead with tremendous power.

What’s your experience with natal Sun/Moon conjunction? Tell us about it in comments below.

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  1. What if you have an out of sign sun/moon conjunction? i have a sag sun 3 degrees and a moon in scorp 26 degrees both in the 5th house?

  2. PlutoScorp1985 says:

    My partner of 10 years has his Sun, Moon & Mercury…all in the sign of Aquarius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On a daily basis..i find myself trying to remind him that other peoples feelings are valid & should always be considered in his day to day dealings & relational exchanges. Its not that he doesn’t care, its just that he is the rather unemotional, & sees life entirely different than most peoples i have met. He can detach himself from any situation..even if it directly involves him!

    It tiring to say the least..

  3. @Sag24/7
    The whole idea behind a conjunction is that the two planets are in the same sign. They share the same energy. Although some astrologers talk about out of signs conjunctions, I don’t consider them valid. Even though your Sun and Moon are in the same house, they are expressing their energy in different signs. Therefore, they are not conjunct.

  4. @PlutoScorp1985
    Wow. Yes, he would certainly be the ultimate individual. His perspective must be interesting…

  5. mary beth says:

    great to see a post about this as i have always struggled with how to read this in my partner’s wheel. he has sun/moon exact conj at 25 cap. there is lack of clarity about the birth time and this is one of those times it can irk. i have always used a chart for 12 noon which puts the conj in the 9th. i have an alternate chart which puts it in the 10th but i dont refer to that one as much, simply out of habit.

    but i have to say that his nature is completely self-absorbed, unless reminded, around his familiars. he has great consideration for his customers, of course. he is also a total Control Freak concerning Anything he is involved with. i dont see him being able to think outside of this box and, as you say, learn balance.
    this post prompts me to think that a 9th cap would be more inclined to seek that balance and that he is a text book 10th house cap.

    so, all the great attributes of physical, material, all-invested presence but quite a steamroller in every day life. no wonder i pisces out!

  6. I have a friggin sun/moon conjunction. It’s a blessing for career, goal oriented efforts, and raising a family. It is horrid for romantic relationships. I live, breath, eat, and sleep autonomy and that part sucks when you’re aware that life would be sweeter and sometimes a little bit easier in a partnership. I tend to pick partners who bring alot of some kind of resource (particularly money) to the table, but remain emotionally detached, physically distant, or mentally distracted. It helps me to manage life with the added resources, but it does nothing for relationship longevity. Eventually, we drift apart.

    I finally did something that might seem stupid to most. I tattooed my current love interest’s name on my leg. lol ha ha ha ha ha I’m finally “caught”. I mean, not just the initials, but the whole friggin name. It’s gorgeous. This one, he’s going to have to leave the country or get married to someone else for us to drift apart. I am NOT letting him just walk away without a fight…even if that means I have to fight him. He’s so good at barging into my life. He doesn’t ask my permission to give me advice, tell me what to do, or anything like that. He just barges right in and lets me know what he thinks I SHOULD do…on all levels. Lol I don’t have the luxury of autonomy. It actually feels good. I think this is a good way for someone to make a sun/moon conjunct person constantly aware that they (the other) are a part of things too. However, the sun/moon conjunct person has to get over themselves and set the ego to the side. That particularly combo makes one a force to reckon with, but eventually, everyone’s day of reckoning must come…and with a vengeance. When that day comes a sun/moon conj person is going to WISH they had some additional reinforcement.

  7. Can someone describe the sexuality of Leo sun, Scorpio mars, and Virgo venus? I would most appreciate it!!! *blows kisses*

  8. 20/03/2011 at 2:34 amon the one hand it feels good, on the other hand it feels like I’m about to lose control at any time. I now have the chicoe to become psycho or not. Pick up the knife or let it be. Break someones neck or don’t weird chicoes.

  9. I have Sun 27’05 Gemini and Moon 25’56 Gemini 10th, Opposite Neptune 2’23 Cap 4th, Trine Pluto 2’05 Scorpio 3th, Trine 16’04 Aquarius 6th.
    I really feel like the description of the Balsamic Moon on

    I can really detach myself from anything, if I want. I think i learned to switch between the rational emotions, and the instinctive conscious expression.

    I can see I want to be in between. the sound of the sentence “goals will be -dominate by their moods-“, that makes me feel sticky and uneasy. If i read “will result in a detached expression of feelings”, than I feel if i did something wrong.

    To me moods, instinct, emotions, feelings and intuition are all very different synonyms and are not interchangeable.
    My emotions are observed by my conscious, I kinda like to “hang” in my mood, almost to the point of nagging, but just for a while, maybe even a minute. I like to say “I feel sad”, or “I am really grumpy right now!” and then just by saying that, i will feel better.
    I love my intuition and am sometimes a bit afraid of my instinct, and only give it more room when “there is somthing going on”. It feels almost too powerful -for others- too handle.

    When I am overwhelmed, I cannot think. Maybe also because my mercury is in Cancer. I got used to it, so I know i just need some time. On the other hand i can think really clear and fast.

    I have read about gemini and nervous illness. I got a semi-severe vitamin B12 deficiency and vitamin D deficiency which (causes magneisum shortage). This is similar to extreme nervous overload experience.

    I have felt like i was about to disappear and i have felt very strong inside.

    I have not yet read a good article on Sun-moon conjuction and the -experience- of such a conjunction., so thank you!

  10. I want to add, that even though i can detach, i don’t like it. I have done it to survive my strong emotions from loosing my twin brother in the womb. This was in the back of my head like a bad dream which you never really can catch when you wake up, but the feeling remains..
    I am working though N.E.I (neuro emotive intellegence, a bit like NET, or other applied kinesiology, which is developed from chiropracy) to figure out my emotions.
    Some situations trigger emotions which make me feel like I dissapear completely.
    Is the light of the sun absorbed by the moon? Why do i dissapear?
    In events it is explained by my brother who dissapeared, it’s called vanishing twin syndrom.

  11. My ex bf was born on a Leo NM and this article helps me to finally understand why we are no longer together…my Cancer Sun couldn’t understand his unfeeling, unempathetic, cold and detached ways…his Leo Sun conjuncts Mars too making his ego needs his primary focus.I also read another article about this aspect having influence on the relationship between native’s parents…the Sun represens the father and of course Moon, the mother. The Moon is eventually overheated by the Sun (combust) and can be symbolic of premature illness of the mother/wife…as if to be “eclipsed out” eventually.I know three couples whose husbands have this in their birth chart and I find this very interesting as this interpretation definitely applies … it is also noteworthy that these couples cannot even sleep together due to excessive sweating and heat generated overnight making for discomfort. Btw…where does the Sun/Moon midpoint sit with this conjunction or is it just that….a conjunction rather than a midpoint (sorry for the dum question folks 🙁

  12. Tatyana says:


    No, there is not a dum question. In my perspective there are no dum questions at all.
    I have conjuction myself of Sun and the Moon. As far as i know, conjuction is when planets are in the same sign. Can be two planets, can be several.
    They form conjunction, when they are in certain degree to one another, they call it a “orb” from 0 degree to…that’s a question: a tight orb is 0’00 degree. The furthest orb,- some astrology say 5 degree is maximum, but mostly they interpret until 10 degree. The less degree is of the orb, the stronger is the influence. So, there is no midpoint in the case of the conjunction, i think.

  13. Monte Carlo says:

    I have a Sun/ Moon/ Mercury/ Venus stellium in 6th house possibly (but not certain of birth time). My Sun is 21 Sag & Moon is 25 Sag, Mercury 18 Sag (north node also Sag 10). To be honest, I am extremely individualistic & if I had a twin (just like me) I would not like her. I am very particular about the way I like things. Not in a relationship because I prefer to be single, it’s just easier. I really believe my dominant energy is masculine & too strong for the average male. If my birth time is 6pm, as my mom “remembers” then it places Saturn in my first house. I’m the eldest of 6, all of whom I helped raise. So, I’m used to being in charge. I don’t do well taking orders or “being a team player.” Oh yeah, for all the numerologists, my birth path is 1. Obviously, Sun/ Moon conjunct has its pros & cons.

  14. sailor.mercury says:

    My sun/moon is in Gemini, in the Communication house. It is a good placement for me and my baes cause the sun speaks to the moon and visa versa. I learned communication skills in school. Pisces BAE has private communication. Gemini BAE is exactly like me. Sagittarius BAE is loud and outspoken. Cause of my sun/moon placement I am trying to teach them what I learned in school 🙂 😉

  15. Some random guy says:

    I have Sun/Moon conjunct within 1 degree in Gemini, with Sun leading and both within 10 degrees of mercury with Gemini Midheaven, and Neptune Opposed (to the Sun/Moon conjunct) in Sagittarius.

    I’ve been struggling to interpret it for a little while now and am beginning to think that it may describe my instinct to “give up” trying to interpret it at all.

    Any thoughts?

  16. I am Scorpio Moon 13° and love interest is Scorpio Sun 17° I’m also Scorpio Ascendant 22° And we are both Venus in Scorpio. Mine 18° And his 13°. There are other chart aspects which are comparable but based on these, would we be likely comparable or really at odds? Thanks for any insights!

  17. Mystic Vision says:

    My experience with a Sun-Moon conjunction is a feeling of completeness. A certain happiness is bestowed upon the native. I wouldn’t trade it for anything and I thank God for the honor. It’s a wonderous thing to begin with and a magical combination anyways.

  18. Mystic Vision says:

    Julie: What I know of Scorpio is that they play the field. I think a Sun-Moon conjunction is always a beautiful thing. You paired up with the beneficial Venus, that is love. With the turbulent power bestowed upon Scorpio it would require some effort but the two could grow to overcome it.

  19. robbie swan says:

    Hi Nadia,
    thank you for your insights but can I ask you to explain your statement “The whole idea behind a conjunction is that the two planets are in the same sign”, when in fact the conjunction is in different signs. I’m looking at a birth chart for someone born on yesterday’s eclipse who has Sun 29 Leo and Moon 1 Virgo. thanks

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