Loving the King: Sun Conjunct Venus in the Natal Chart

The natal Sun represents ego and conscious will. When it sits close to (conjuncts) natal Venus, that consciousness is infused with the desire to love and be loved. Venus is lit up, boosting the powers of attraction with a warm glow of vitality. It sounds like a lovely, happy aspect. And for the most part, it is. But the Sun always casts a shadow. Read on to discover the nice, and not so nice, sides of Sun/Venus’ golden glow.

The Sun/Venus Personality

Sun/Venus people have a string of positive adjectives attached to them: optimistic, charming, generous, attractive, romantic, charming. Did I mention charming? These people don’t just want to be liked; it’s their mission. They know how to flirt, work a room, and take center stage. But they’re never crass or pushy. Venus’ energy of social acceptability ensures that they don’t rub anyone the wrong way.

If you want to get close to a Sun/Venus person, be prepared to demonstrate that you’re into them. Really into them. Compliments are an aphrodisiac. They won’t chase you, because they’re not interested in a challenge. The Sun boosts Venus’ self-esteem and their sense of entitlement. You come to them.

Sun/Venus in Relationships

In a relationship, Sun/Venus is the ultimate romantic. They are also incredibly generous, loving, and positive. But the downside to all this sweetness is their tendency to sugar coat problems. If you and your Sun/Venus partner are experiencing tension, they’d rather will it away with a stream of sunshine and champagne. If they don’t focus on it, it doesn’t exist.

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And remember that sense of entitlement? It won’t go away once they’re involved with you. You’ll have to keep the relationship grounded by attending to the mundane details (they can’t be bothered). And that includes a constant infusion of compliments and adoration to feed the Sun/Venus person’s ego.

Sun/Venus in Sign Variations

Sun/Venus energy will be colored by the sign these planets are in. Someone with Sun conjunct Venus in Scorpio will express their love (and desire to be loved) with a powerful, possessive intensity. They won’t just expect you to want them, they’ll demand it. Sun/Venus in Libra may flirt non-stop, even once they’re partnered up. This will have nothing to do with their relationship; they’re simply wired to constantly engage with others and reaffirm their attractiveness. Sun/Venus in Sagittarius will take romantic playfulness to a new level; this combination can create a lover who never grows up. Sun conjunct Venus in Capricorn can be fixated on status, and will settle for nothing less than a partner who can provide this.

But overall, Sun conjunct Venus is a treat to have in the natal chart. Despite the shadow aspects, these people will provide a non-stop boost of love and optimism to their relationships. And those are essential ingredients for keeping a partnership afloat.

Do you feel the glow of Sun conjunct Venus, or are you in its shadow? Let us know in comments below.

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  1. alwaysknowsbest says:

    Wow, wow! I have Venus in Gemini in 12th (I know, I know, it works with me and works against me sometimes) conjunct my Moon in Gemini (also in 12th) and my Cancer Rising and my Sun in Cancer (in 1st)! Compliments immediately make me blush. If a pick up line is funny enough, I go down in tears. I love a guy who can charm me as well as I can charm him. And adventure through travelling? Yes, please.

    If there’s anything I adore in my natal chart, it’s my Venus conjunct my Ascendant and Sun. Downsides are the fact that my Moon and Venus squares my Saturn, so I have the not-good-enough-for-anyone doubts. I used to be painfully shy as a kid and as a young teen, but as I near eighteen, I’ve come out of my shell singing and dancing, hah. Let’s not even throw in my Venus squaring my Mars. Love/hate all the time. Love troubles, too.

    But one thing that doesn’t fit is that I do sort of chase. I love it when I’m chased, but I feel like an initiator. Also feel like I intimidate people because I can be really outgoing. Sun in 1st House trait, I suppose?

    This article was a true treat because everything is spot on! <3

  2. Dyna Might says:

    Tell me about it! tonge in cheek re sense of entitlement heehee
    My natal Venus is in 11 degrees scorpio but in the 12th house, conjunct my ascendant 20 degrees scorpio and natal sun 21 degrees scorpio in the 1st house…
    Despite saturn still in my 12th house, i am feeling this glow

  3. I’m wondering about Venus combust the Sun, since it has to be if its conjunct. Doesn’t any planet under the beams of the Sun become very debilitated and weak? 8 degrees is the orb i belive. I’d love to hear more about this. Great post.

  4. curious757 says:

    When I read about Venus, the Sun, the moon, mars, jupiter, uranus, ect. Venus is one of the most powerful energies/planets. Why do you think the world is always singing and crying about love? Severely underrated.

    “Someone with Sun conjunct Venus in Scorpio will express their love (and desire to be loved) with a powerful, possessive intensity. They won’t just expect you to want them, they’ll demand it”

    Very true. Although my husband has mutable planets too, mutable mars and moon (whew!) it helps tone his intensity just a tiny bit. Not much but indeed, I can’t imagine if he had mars and moon there too. I’d probably go…Dear God! HELP! I’m caught in a stranglehold of looooooveee. lol J/k hehe I love the intensity, it makes me feel loved.

  5. curious757 says:

    Oh, great article again, Nadia 🙂

  6. @alwaysknowsbest

    Glad you enjoyed the article. 🙂
    Sun in the 1st can make you more of an initiator. But technically, if your Venus is in Gemini and your Sun in Cancer, they’re not conjunct (because they are in different signs). But you probably have a Moon/Venus conjunction, and your Moon rules your AC, so Venus’ energy would “leak” over into your 1st House.

  7. @Dyna Might
    It will be difficult for any transit to squash the glow of a Sun conjunct AC. A wonderfully confident aspect.

  8. @barb;
    Excellent question. In my experience, the qualities of a combust plant aren’t that relevant in a natal chart. In the charts I’ve analyzed they are not weakened by their proximity to the Sun. “Combust” is more relevant in mundane and horary astrology.

  9. @curious757;
    Yes, I agree about Venus being underrated. Especially in this time of Saturn in Scorpio.

  10. @barb;
    When I typed “plant” I meant “planet”.

  11. What would it mean to have sun/venus conjunct in cancer in the 8th house? This is one of my aspects in my chart.


  12. So true! I’ve got Sun conjunct Venus in Libra. While my Sun is in the 5th house (very sunny) my Venus is at the endo of this house, so it’s in the 6th house! I’m a very shiny person who can’t avoid to flirt with anyone but with an innocent look 🙂

  13. Thanks for this article! Its nice to know its not all bad! I have 10th house Sun in Scorpio (9 degrees) conjunct 10th house Venus in Scorpio (also at 9 degrees). Admittedly, the attention-seeking and charming ways apply. Thankfully, its all in good fun.

  14. Generous? I know half a dozen Sun Venus conjunct Aries and they are by far some of the most selfish people I have ever met. I can hardly stand to be around them, and not all are that attractive either I know one in particular that was not near as good looking as he thought he was. Yet he was sort narcisstic. Always checking his self in the mirror. The song “Your So Vain” comes to mind.. I’ve been married to two Scorps with their Sun conjunct Venus and although they are not down right ugly. I’ve certainly seen better looking people. They also had some selfish-possessive tendencies, but not to surpass the selfishness of Aries- and its apparent in ALL the ones that I know. Overall, these people to me, have a tendency to think thery are a whole lot better looking, smarter, etc. than they really are. They truly need a wake-up call. Yeah, they love the king alright. Glad I don’t have this my chart.

  15. I dated a sun conjunct venus in leo guy.. very nice to everyone but ended up projecting all kinds of problems on me without listening. Very narcissistic though too self-righteous to care when he caused serious hurts, and self preserving enough to slander me to my face and behind my back and say he did his best for a ‘wounded soul’. At his best he could be romantic and spread joy, at the worst delusional and predatory… sad I wanted to believe the best of his self-assured lies.

  16. I agree wholeheartely with Maura. I have been married to two Scorpio Sun-Venus conjunct and the narcissism is there. I also agree with her, although SOMEWHAT attractive they are not near as good looking as they think they are. I also agree with the Aries Sun/Venus conjunct. MOST SELFISH PEOPLE I’VE EVER MET.Worse than the scorpios as far as vainess. She hit the nail on the head. I bet they ooh and ahh themselves everytime they look in the mirror. Yeah, I agree I can’t stand be around them either. This sun-venus conjunct may hold true to some signs, but certainly not these two. It must be the Mars Pluto thing because these two are certainly not all that. I would go so far as to say beware of them if you are looking for a relationship unless you want to lay down and play doormat.

  17. I knew a Sun conjunct Venus Aries man and he is without doubt the most selfish vain and narcissistic man I’ve ever met. Every situation is a power struggle, a series of never ending one upmanships. To say he has a high opinion of himself is an understatement. To him his shit don’t stink. Super competitive, unnecessarily so. Very peculiar overall. An intense desire to be liked and will have no hesitation in embarrassing / undermining / humiliating in order to make himself look better. It’s almost like he’s overcompensating for something as he displays a lot of latent homosexual behavior. He goes to two extremes either too butch or too feminine. I can see why people would be caught in an Aries spell of seduction but in the same token they will steal your energy and drain you before moving on. Best avoided because overall it’s highly exhausting.

  18. Dreamgirl says:

    Hey :* its you! First time ever i hav read something so positive about sun-venus conjunct. Everyone talks so negative about it. I have Sun+Venus in the Lagna that is 1st house in Aquarius ascendant. But somehow its true that it burns my venus. I feel my venus burnt in life. All my romanticism, charm, beauty, atrravtiveness, my relationships, my love has been burnt.. I dont know whats going to happen.. And i hav lost faith in love.. I now jst want to make my career and achieve highest position in the Film Industry.
    My 9th and 10th lords are Venus and Mars resp. with Marsin 4th house.. Can you give me some hope? Whether something can happen in my life with these combinations dear? Thank you

  19. Brown Eyes says:

    I see how I get romantically involved in romances… hahahaha…

  20. I have a question.. i would love to hear about sun conjuct venus in my first house ruled by taurus my ascendant.. can you tell me a littel about that :-).. ty

  21. Sun conjuct Venus conjunction in less than a degree makes Venus Extra powerful.This phenomenon is referred to as Venus cassimi.Venus is takes the power of the sun to rule.

  22. EverythingCoconut says:

    I have sun conjunct venus in aries, both of them in the 11th degree and I am a male, saw it get mentioned in the link to the site on google, never realised i was such a self-centered a*hole haha

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