Extravagant Love: Venus Conjunct Jupiter in the Natal Chart

Venus Conjunct Jupiter in Natal Chart

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When the planet of abundance (Jupiter) unites with the planet of love (Venus) in a chart, expect more of everything that Venus has to offer. The Venus/Jupiter person gives generously in relationships. But there can be a hefty price tag attached to these gifts.

Jupiter Energy

Jupiter expands whatever it touches. It also mixes the energy of philosophy, high-mindedness, and cultural exploration with Venus‘ charms. The result is a cultured, generous lover who wants only the best. The Venus/Jupiter person is attracted to enlightened partners that they can learn from. Coarseness, close-mindedness, and rude behavior are a major turn-off.

Venus/Jupiter and New Relationships

When Venus/Jupiter first enters a relationship, they overwhelm their partner with a rush of gifts, fine foods, wine, pricey excursions, and other goodies. Venus/Jupiter will be attentive, because they’ll want to soak up any new ideas from their partner. Respect and admiration for their partner will be paramount, with an emphasis on behavior that’s fair. What could possibly go wrong?

Jupiter (the planet of exploration) is always on the lookout for something new. When the ho-hum reality of a relationship sinks in, Venus/Jupiter can go off in search of a partner who’s more interesting. The problem is that there will always be someone who is more interesting. Jupiter’s push to expand horizons is never-ending. They can be self-indulgent, preferring to focus exclusively on what makes them happy (Jupiter).

Venus also rules money, so financial extravagance can be an issue. If their partner confronts them with anything that rocks the boat (such as overspending), the partner gets labeled as a spoil sport. How dare they ruin things with their narrow-minded observations? Venus/Jupiter has such high ideals that they can be blinded to the realities of daily life. When the bubble bursts, it’s always unpleasant.

Venus/Jupiter vs Venus/Neptune

There are some similarities between natal Venus/Jupiter and Venus/Neptune. Jupiter was the ruler of Pisces before Neptune was discovered; the theme of idealism and escapism is common to both. The difference is that Jupiter is not about spirituality or sacrifice. Jupiter demands gratification, big time. So Venus/Jupiter can be lazy, especially when it comes to relationship chores. A disciplined, realistic partner is best (although not always appreciated).

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Venus/Jupiter Reality Check

What Venus/Jupiter needs is a reality check. They must realize that life is not a champagne-colored romance, and that going overboard can have consequences. Rather than blaming their partner for spoiling the party when they bring up certain realities, they can take a look at their own behavior. Sometimes a good dose of Saturn in the natal chart can modify Venus/Jupiter’s extravagance. Failing that, a partner with strong Saturn/Capricorn energy can balance out Venus/Jupiter’s excesses. With a few checks and balances in place, Venus/Jupiter can offer a gift of generous love that’s based in reality, rather than inflated ideals.

Are you thrilled—or overwhelmed—by the love of a Venus/Jupiter person? Tell us about it in comments below.

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  1. Thanks for a great article, Nadia. Having Venus at 29 Pisces conjunct Jupiter at 26 Pisces in my H4, I certainly relate to your post, including the Neptune points. My other players around Venus and Jupiter include Neptune opposite at 21 Virgo in H10, Vesta at 26 Pisces, and Pluto trining at 29 Cancer in H8.
    My partner (moon at 29 Pisces!) has Jupiter at 29 Sag square my Venus and Jupiter etc (and conjunct my Ascendant). I find our love deep and thrilling more than overwhelming. I find it tempting to blame her for overspending, but then there is the mirror on the wall………….Our time together is certainly teaching me about the need for reality checks, (especially when writing cheques!) but I sometimes find it hard to see the bigger picture clearly (Neptune?) at the time..

  2. curious757 says:

    now that it’s saturn in scorpio not sure if the economy/financial thing is just more “enhanced” “focused” or it’s just business as usual as per every year.
    My husband has Scorpio planets squaring his Leo planets. It conflicts a lot. His need for extravagance is evident, but so is his deep need for SECURITY.
    With my heavy earth planets/stellium (capricorn/virgo and throw in a taurus too) i have an intense need for SECURITY too. It’s hard work to keep things to a “thrifty” attitude (My capricorn planets really demand this), to our intense need for everything just beautiful too. His Leo planets and I believe Scorpio = being mars ruled as well, loves only the BEST. So it’s more like, should we renovate the garden landscaping this year and spend god knows what or put that money into the attic and extend it, making it another living space there? That’s not really the crux of the problem. the biggest problem is, “I want to keep the hedges and privacy in the garden” while he wants the “no thorny plants climbing the walls of the storage room and take away my flower garden to make more room.” So if i can’t get my way, I notice I start to cry. 🙁 And they are genuine tears. I weep so hard. I want my flower bed, i dont want a modern garden that looks like it’s from the 23rd century. I want old fashioned and he wants this and that.

    So my neighbors had their attic and bathroom remodeled. Got everything done beautifully. There’s no bathtub in theirs and they (neighbors) admitted that they argued over having a bathtub or a nice, spanking new showerroom. The neighbor’s husband wanted a bathtub and she wanted a showerroom. So, who won? She did. He still complains every now and then. She’s a Leo and I dont know what sign he is.

  3. curious757 says:

    Another couple we know is an Aries with loads of taurus in him and his live in girlfriend, a Cancer born but don’t know her planets. When they have a head butt decision of whether or not they should stay with her parents or his parents when they were having their new house renovated, it was a QUICK decision! He won out because, well, her parents had “strict” rules. Eat early at a certain hour and everyone should be at the table at this so and so hour. Well, that didnt suit well of course. They wanted their “freedom”.
    When they have christmases, it’s HER decision always to make the xmas cards with their smiling faces on the cards. And HIS decision to have the garden the way it is.

    Anyway, I thought I’d share about how couples who are happy in a relationshp still have all these “problems” to face, what the spend, where the spend and where it’s going to go to. So in the theme of “Saturn in Scorpio” there you go. I’m sure there’s a ton more I know with so many couples as an example.

  4. Interesting! I have Sagittarian Jupiter and Neptune in my 1st house (at 4 and 2 degrees) both in trine with my Aries Venus (1 degree) in 3rd. Looking for a new love after divorcing last year. I seem to attract many suitors and luckily when I’m infatuated the feeling has been mutual, so far. The problem is that it’s so hard to find a suitable match. Lovewise, is there something showing in my chart helping me at this point of my life?

  5. Thanks for your great articles – I have been reading for years but this is my first comment.

    I have moon/Venus/Jupiter in Aquarius. I can definitely feel the over-the-top feeling. I WANT the dream come true romance. But my Capricorn sun and, I think, Taurus mars, keep a cap on this – at least in the spending realm. My concern with my partner, who has sun/moon/merc/mars all in Leo, is what appears to be a certain “lounge around like a sated lion” both as relates to the job search and the sex life. Any suggestion to get thru to the big cat? Am I expecting too much? Or is he being lazy? It feels like he is but I want to empathize with his standpoint and adjust my expectations because he IS the love of my life.

    Vague question, I guess, and not exactly on topic, but felt like asking. Thanks so much and bless!

  6. I have this aspect! I’m definitely very generous, especially since my Venus is in my 2nd house (my Jupiter is in my first, but they are conjunct). I’m a Sagittarius, on top of it! Thankfully my Venus/Jupiter conjunction is in Cappy, or I’d be broke!

  7. @Maryn
    Sorry Maryn, I would have no way of knowing that without analyzing your chart.

  8. @Lorin
    That’s very generous of you to empathize with him.
    Unfortunately, I can’t say much without analyzing his chart. All I can say (from what you’ve told me) is that he has a lot of Leo energy so he definitely has a sense of entitlement. Are you expecting too much? I would shift that question a bit and ask yourself what you can put up with in a partner, and what you can’t put up with. Doesn’t matter what sign someone is…they will only adjust their behaviour if they want to.

  9. I have this aspect – venus conjunct jupiter (2 deg) in Aquarius in 5th house. i am sagittarius so jupiter is imp to me.

    the bad news – Venus is quincunx saturn-
    good news – venus and jupiter are closely trined by Pluto in 1st house..

    out of the article, what is applying is:
    1. generous in love and attention
    2. disappointment in love bcoz of high minded morality (i have high morals and expect same- hardly ever received)
    3. it is not Blind – just more optimistic than required 🙁

    what is NOT right to me:
    1. I am neither lazy nor spend too much on leisure (maybe due to virgo rising)

  10. I have this aspect venus conjunct jupiter 1 degree orb in cancer in first house. This is quite true for being lazy but I have grand trine earth too. And yeah I’m generous in love but never received it back, maybe because my venus-jupiter opposite saturn. Any advice?

  11. Wow. This is very interesting. I can see myself in your article. I think I’m in big trouble here, ’cause all my venus/jupiter/neptune are all in capricorn in the 8th house, and my sun and saturn are in scorpio in the 6th house. I’m into somebody who is the “king,” his sun/venus are both in capricorn in the 4th house. My intuition told me that he’s a nice guy, but I don’t know if I’m too optimistic and blinded to the reality. And look like he’d be the “king” if we’ll be in the relationship. Could you give me some ideas and advices about the situation?

  12. my 8th house contains 3planet mars Jupiter Venus and 2 nd house have Saturn.moon in 11th house and sun ,mercury and ketu in 7 th house.rahu in 1st house
    is there is any chances of success in inter cast marriage and did my married life is happy plz help me

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  15. I have Venus conjunct Jupiter 10th Gem sem-sextile to Uranus 11th sextile Pluto 12th and trine Neptune 2nd.
    First it is a karmic bank account, I was born quite good looking which has some advantages. I am very honest and always seeking truth. When I was younger nobody was enough for me so I had many dates, married twice. I was very over the top and failed to really get trained, got by on looks and charm.
    I missed the boat in so many ways because I was filled with goofy dreams of magic. lol
    One thing is I have always landed on my feet no matter how bad things got.

  16. Hello there. Great post. I can relate. I have Scorpio Venus conjunct Jupiter 🙂

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