Sun in Taurus, Moon in Aquarius Compatibility

Taurus stability meets Aquarian rebellion and—surprise!—these two Fixed signs have more in common than you might think. Both are concerned with establishing and maintaining their own set of values (although their approaches come from different angles).

Sun in Taurus knows what he stands for: stability, security and values. He’ll build a life based on these things, and his relationship will be one of the stones that fits into its foundation. He’s interested in a partner who will contribute to his quest for solid serenity. This means accepting that Sun in Taurus has a certain way of doing things, and it will take a life-or-death situation for this to change. The Bull is also a sensualist, and his partner will reap the benefits of comforting food and sex used to express his love.

Moon in Aquarius knows what she stands for: independence, liberation and ideals. She needs her space. That’s not just a cliche: it’s essential for this Moon’s emotional sanity. While Moon in Aquarius may rebel and distance herself from her partner, this usually happens only when she’s feeling fenced in. Unrelenting, snuggly closeness will not work for this Airy Moon. She can be intensely loyal and fully engaged when she’s given the freedom to be herself. She is incredibly stubborn and will stick to her relationship ideals (which will not be traditional) no matter what.

Most of the friction between these two will arise when Sun in Taurus’ need for physical affirmation becomes claustrophobic for Aquarius. She’ll react by detaching, emotionally, even if she’s physically present. But Taurus can be self-sufficient and willing to accommodate almost anything in the name of stability. Eventually he’ll take the hint, and give Moon in Aquarius room to develop her own set of rules within the structure of their relationship. She’ll return the favor by being emotionally present when he needs her support. Together, these two powerfully-individuated signs can build a solid relationship. It will be based on knowing exactly who they are and how they fit together.

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  1. I have an Aquarius sun and I’m dating a Taurus moon. Can I assume the same type of compatibility?

  2. It’s a similar compatibility, except that the Taurus Moon is coming from a more emotional, instinctive place and wants to care for Aquarius Sun.

  3. What iF it’s an Taurus with an Aquarius moon dating an Aquarius

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