Sun in Gemini, Moon in Taurus Compatibility

Gemini’s scattered energy is a tricky mix with Taurus’ fixed serenity. One wants stimulation, while the other needs calm. But they can balance each other out if they take the best parts of their signs and apply it to this relationship.

Sun in Gemini wants to know about everyone and everything; he is an information collector. He wants a partner to share his multiple projects while giving him new ideas to consider. He can be flighty and high-strung as he hops from one interest to the next. People sometimes mistake his friendliness for flirtatiousness, but he really just wants to know what makes them tick. Nonetheless, his partner must be ok with Gemini’s ability to engage both sexes; this is one Sun sign who needs friends outside the relationship.

Moon in Taurus needs stability and security. Part of this involves knowing that her partner will be there for her, day after day. Routine will allow her to open up into a warm, sensual partner. While her needs may be basic, her strength lies in the unshakable support she’ll offer her lover. But the flip side of this emotional stability is her possessiveness; she can “own” her partner. This comes from her survival instincts, which tell her that it’s best to keep everything that she values close by.

The obvious friction between these two will be Sun in Gemini’s socialization. Taurus will feel threatened by his endless stream of new acquaintances, and will react by shutting down in stubborn silence. Gemini will have little tolerance for this, and may stray or leave the relationship entirely. Gemini’s need for lively discussion can irritate Moon in Taurus, disrupting her need for quiet stability.

But if other factors in their charts are compatible, these two can actually be good for each other. Moon in Taurus’ calmness can sooth Gemini’s nerves when he gets wound up. As long as she eases off the possessiveness and allows him his friends, she can be the rock that he returns to. Sun in Gemini can open up Taurus’ world a bit, if she can get past the discomfort of having her instinctive routine tweaked.

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