Sun in Taurus, Moon in Libra Compatibility

You might expect a regular love-in with these two Venus-ruled signs, but they actually represent very different sides of the same planet. Taurus strives for authenticity while Libra is more concerned with appearances.

The phrase “down to earth” could have been coined for Sun in Taurus. He’s focused on the necessities: food, comfort and sex. He can raise these things to an art form with his command of sensuality and resources. But the fact remains that Sun in Taurus likes things uncomplicated. And that goes for his relationships as well. Give him a partner who shares his love of comfort and tranquility (while respecting his need for security) and he’s happy.

Moon in Libra needs refinement. Wine her, dine her, pay her compliments, and do it with class. She is a Lady with a capital “L,” and she shrinks from anything (or anyone) rude. Her partner must be sensitive and attentive. When Lady Libra is treated right, she’ll respond with intuitive grace. She instinctively knows what her partner needs. When this tendency is taken too far, she will keep the peace for the sake of appearances. This Moon abhors disagreements.

Moon in Libra will feel that Taurus is coarse and unsophisticated. She’ll withdraw from his earthiness. Sun in Taurus will sense Libra’s disapproval, which will make him feel … well … coarse and unsophisticated. He won’t beat himself up about it (the Bull is contentedly set in his ways) but he’s not going to stick around where he’s not wanted.

However, Sun/Moon compatibility is only the tip of the iceberg. If there are other, more compelling contacts between these two, they can work through their differences. One thing they both share is a desire for peace and the finer things in life. If they use this as a starting point, Libra can learn to appreciate the luxuries that Taurus has to offer (he can be quite romantic in his own way). And Taurus can appreciate some of the nuances that Libra shows him. He will shelter his Lady Moon, while Libra supports him by ensuring all his domestic comforts are provided for.

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  1. LibraPiscesGemini says:

    This is Kristen Stewart (libra moon) and Rob Pattinson’s (sun taurus) compatiblity, and akwardly enough a Sun Taurus I used to date was cheated on a by a libra moon, in the same fashion as Rob.

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