Sun in Taurus, Moon in Leo Compatibility

There will be clashes when the Bull and the Lion get together. Leo’s need for attention will challenge Taurus’ focus on simplicity. But both have a huge capacity for devotion; if they can get past their differences, they’ll create a long-term union.

Sun in Taurus wants a partner who is real. He’s not interested in pretty words, empty gestures or gauzy promises. Give him solid proof of love and commitment, and he’ll respond with the same. Sun in Taurus is about building up resources, both material and emotional. Money in the bank and good food on the table is part of this. But on a deeper level, it’s about his personal values. The Bull knows who he is and what he stands for; it will take some life-altering circumstances to change him. Sometimes, he won’t change at all.

Moon in Leo needs a partner who appreciates her. She suspects that she’s special, but needs an audience to confirm this. This is where her lover comes in; give the Moon in Leo praise and she’ll be a loyal and generous partner. Allow the romance to wane and she’ll feel neglected. Then the Drama Queen will emerge to grab some attention. She has the heart of a performer, and all performers need an audience.

When Moon in Leo demands applause, Taurus will shake his head and go back to eating his dinner. When Sun in Taurus asks for peace and quiet, Leo will sulk or complain that she’s being neglected. Taurus’s focus on authenticity will feel boring to Leo, and Leo’s need for approval will seem cheap to Taurus. This tension will always exist between them, but they do share a desire for pleasure. They both want tangible proof of the best, and they can provide this for each other. Combined with their mutual capacity for long-term commitment, Taurus and Leo can build a solid (if somewhat indulgent) relationship.

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  1. Thanks for another great article, Nadia. What if the two luminaries are around the same degree thus squaring each other? Sun square moon seems to get a bad press. (I’ve a friend with whom i have both Sun square moon and moon square sun, and there’s certainly tension as well as attraction). Do you see this Bull-Lion combo working best if the degrees are substantially different?

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