The Top Three Worst Sun Sign Love Connections

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Love is in the air. Can’t you just feel it? When you start feeling that excitement and those tingles that come with a new romance, you might be tempted to rush right in. But before you leap head-first into a new relationship, you may want to do a little astrological background check. While there is more to synastry than just Sun signs, checking out your new potential partner’s zodiac sign can be a good first screen.

It happens that not all Sun signs make for the best love connection. In fact, some signs, in combination, can be downright disastrous. This isn’t to say that relationships between these signs can never work, but it will be a hard road. Prepare yourself by checking out the top three worst Sun sign love connections:

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  1. The Pisces/Scorp relationship sounds exactly like my dad and ..mother’s relationship back in the day, even down to the gender! He still has trouble seeing the bad side of a lady friend til this day unfortunately.

    As for Cancer men, they can go kick rocks. This Sag don’t want none of that fug clinging. Ironically though I have an obsession with Scorp men. I asked this guy when his bday was and he hesitated for a while, so I answered Scorp for him and was right. Ha!

  2. This article seems to contradict itself all over the place. To say that these are the Top Three WORST pairs is very narrow given that the article is based on just the Sun sign (even though it acknowledges that it doesn’t delve deeper). But, to say that these are the WORST pairs does not bode well with me. I just cannot bring myself to support articles like this because they populate the web and do not offer concise and balanced information for the people seriously into astrology. Also, for those that are not as aware of astrology’s marvelous depth, this does not help educate well.

    Even though its stated in bold that there is much more to Sun signs, it confuses me. Why not go more into that deeper aspect of synastry? Because pretty much, that comment alone negates this entire article’s merit.

  3. @Novlady I don’t think this article is intended for people seriously into astrology, but it does educate beginners that there is more to it than Sun signs. I do not believe it is a bad thing to have “light” articles that introduce people to astrology if there is a door open for learning more about synastry — there are many excellent articles on this site for further reading.

  4. I’m a Scorpio and I went out with a Pisces for almost 4 years. There was a deep love between us, but I could not take his mood swings, his detective-like nature and his extreme sensitivity. As the article implies with most Scorpios, I am very hardline and my quest for dominance ensured that there was a definite power struggle between us.

    I’m currently in a relationship with a Leo, which is apparently an apples-and-oranges pairing to many astrologers. But Leos and Scorpios, at their core, are similar in terms of goal orientation, confidence and strong will. And this Leo isn’t a ‘typical’ ‘exhibitionist’ Leo — he’s very quiet, introverted and artistic. Therefore we have a great chemistry. Needless to say, dating Mr Leo is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

  5. @Jeffrey Kishner

    I think ‘light’ articles are great. But, this one is ill-informed. I do not think it is educational for newbies looking into astrology. In fact, I think it is more misleading than helpful. Scorpio/Pisces among the WORST sun sign pairings over other squared Suns combinations?!!

    This article is more opinion under the guise of sound astrological advice. I mean no disrespect to the author nor your site, but the way the ‘information’ is presented here weakens the credibility of the other articles, I feel. Or, at the very least, strengthens the astrological student’s skills in discriminating sources.

  6. Pisces and shorpio are one of the best pairs of all…lol they are 120 degree from each other and they are both water signs…I never heard before that pisces and shorpio are bad combi…mistake?

  7. Tansaway says:

    I am a Pisces female and I was with a scorp male for ten years. It was an awesome relationship in so many ways but we def dragged each other down and I couldn’t handle his jealousy. Was so hard to leave but had to be done to actually make any progress in my life at all 🙂 I was surprised to see this as such a top bad pair cause you’d think being the same element would be fabulous but thinking back and reading what you said… It makes a lot of sense 🙂

  8. I get this feedback every time I publish a Sun sign astrology article.

  9. @milanka I agree with you wholeheartedly, I myself am a Pisces in a long-term relationship with a Scorpio. I do think an article like this can serve to spark discussion. As a commenter wrote above, “I’m a Scorpio and I went out with a Pisces for almost 4 years. There was a deep love between us, but I could not take his mood swings, his detective-like nature and his extreme sensitivity. As the article implies with most Scorpios, I am very hardline and my quest for dominance ensured that there was a definite power struggle between us.” So even though these signs are trine, there is some truth to her observation that these zodiac archetypes don’t necessarily get on famously.

  10. There can be tales of woe and deep love written about every Sun Sign combination. The problem here is that these have been declared the Three Worst. That’s a hefty declaration without sturdy backing. Hence, I hope readers, new and alike, can read the comments and seek additional information from more credible information.

  11. I’ve added a qualifier at the beginning of the article, novlady.

  12. I don’t really think it’s that serious. Now that “Virgos are sociopaths” article a while back was something to get rowdy over!

  13. The question is: How does Sasstrology bring in readers with content that doesn’t immediately confuse or alienate them (“square,” “House”) while still satisfying serious students?

  14. @Jeffrey Kishner
    I think the qualifier helps. And, I understand your question about how it might be a challenge not to confuse or alienate a newbie to astrology with foreign terms. But, there are articles on here that do generalize about the traits of a Sun sign that offer generalized, but decent info. It is possible with the intention to share relevant info with good writing skills. And, the article scan be light, too.

    While not “serious”, I found it relevant to comment. It can be very challenging to speak to people about astrology and hear them counter astrology’s merits based off of ignorant assumptions. I don’t see astrology as just some random hobby, but a valuable tool that can help lives. And, I prefer to direct people to sources with current and credible information.

    One of the first things an interested person will ask about hearing your sign is, “Do we go well together?” How you answer that can either educate someone about the credibility of astrology or perpetuate the stigma associated around it.

  15. curious757 says:

    well there is some “truth” to this article. Although, in real life experiences, my cousin is a pisces sun female with sagittarius moon while her husband is a scorpio man, sagittarius moon (both moons understand eachother – and alot of cases, the sag /scorp energy is attracted to eachother); There is also another pisces sun female who has a gemini moon with her scorpio husband who has the same moon. They understand eachother emotionally, via moon. Whislt the former couple, the couple i noticed has outgoing activities and career- the man is a professional athlete. The latter, the wife is a stay at home mother with a part time hobby /job of communication blogging and connecting to people; her husband does something in communication too. Interesting with the moon connection.

    In real life statistics:
    (link to show the top five chosen for scorpio woman and scorpio man)

    it shows that statistically, the top five SUCCESSFUL marriages, for scorpio man are:
    1.cancer woman
    2. Leo woman (surprise surprise)
    4. libra
    5. virgo

    whilst the bottom three are:
    taurus, pisces, gemini

    of course, these may vary according to inside chart and the moon sign/venus.

    and lo, the Scorpio woman is most MOST successful with:
    1. pisces man
    3. virgo

    something completely OPPOSITE with scorpio men, where pisces and gemini are at the bottom.
    and according to the chart, these are only based on SUN sign and NOT on their other charts, which is why i said everything varies, like my real life experiences i mentioned above.

  16. If a person is curious enough to look at this post, they are curious enough to look up synastry even without Jeff’s disclaimer in the beginning. It’s mentioned in the article. A reasonably intelligent person could easily look at other articles, the comments and the forums to quench their thirst. Most people ask about their own relationships in the comment section anyway.


    Did you make that chart yourself? I’m just curious about the sample pool.

  17. curious757 says:

    actually this is pooled from an astrology file according to a few sources from different astrological messageboards, such as this:
    and that the percentages, higher the percentages means more successful.
    however this was supposedly a study that was done for years, and data’ed birthdays and marriages.
    You have to consider that this pool was taken at least around 5 years ago, but still relevant
    Again. it IS also geographical location, and due to that this pool is taken in industrialized nations.

    there several statistics from different geographical locations, and other research studies, such as this:
    (the Mathematician Gunter Sachs (1998) <—note the date, and also the slight differences, but not much over the course of years: (for example)

    "The following is an overall ranking from most common to least common marriages with Capricorn men (* indicates that the result is statistically significant – in other words, a very big effect):

    while there are slight opposites with the female species.

    and there are other sources that are relatively recent research studies, but even over the decades, the planetary differences are very sight, some changes but not much.

    but I do notice over the years that 'opposite attracts' is very strong inside the chart. If the individual has too many opposite attracts, it might turn out too much of a love/hate, can't live with them deal, but enough opposition gives it variety and avoid terrible stagnation. But balanced enough that it's not too much of a drowning, not too much of a combustive, fiery relationship or too much flightly, not on the ground. There needs to be balance all around. If not, there's just terrible misunderstanding and separation. Even with all the necessities that go into a formula to make a relationship, it is never going to always be great (why all the Dr. Phil relationship problem programs with married couples) or all the marriage counselors helping couples.
    Some people have too much courage to run into relationships, and some people do not even have the courage to get out of their house at all to meet people. It is how it is.

  18. That’s interesting. I’m looking at the Sag female list and for some reason, I’m not surprised to see Taurus and Cancer as the top two. The astro twins at have this free publication about Sun sign relationships and their general themes. I think you have to sign up for their newsletter to receive the download; it’s worth the read.

  19. curious757 says:

    Also, as reading that last link, about capricorn male, and the mathematical surveyors were trying to figure out why aquarius women were 2nd, while it’s SIMPLISTIC to see why no.1 first place is capricorn women – ruled by saturn, they were wondering WHY aquarius women are 2nd, and that it’s not logical, yet they failed to sudy further, and understand beyond the logic, that there are SOME aquarius women who are more saturnian than uranian, thus why it makes sense there are plenty of astrologers who say there are two types or three types of aquarians. The saturn aquarian are more likely to be with capricorns and cancers, easier than say the Uranian aquarian. and that makes them easily ‘compatible’; That’s just one example, and i’m sure there’s less logic to the other pairings of why they get together, even if this study is only on SUN sign and not on any other placement – which is surprisingly baffling because we as humans like to look into the planetary placements like venus and moon and mars, (there’s some truth to that too by statistic and energy attraction) and think and discern, or believe that ‘yeah it’s this way’ and sometimes the layers are much like a mystery we can’t solve or finally can solve. And even if we solve the mystery, there’s always more. The universe likes to play with us. It’s saying- i wont make it easy on you guys so you better use your head and your heart to figure these out. To avoid laziness, of course.

  20. Yes, perhaps Jeff did not need to put a disclaimer. People can think for themselves.

    Just bluntly, I found this article lacking in value- as I would a Sun sign ONLY scientific study of synastry. I would read out of curiousity, but knowing what I know about the depth of synastry- it would all lack merit.

  21. I’ve removed the disclaimer, which reads as follows: [Editor’s Note: These are the top three worst Sun sign combinations according to the author. This article is not intended to be the definitive word on the subject. As always, do not hastily judge a relationship astrologically without looking at each partner’s complete natal chart.]

  22. @curious757

    Why would it be a surprise to see Leo females as #2?

  23. curious757 says:

    Zamiaah, most people looking at the SURFACE of astrology think right away, OH they’re square, and it can’t work or won’t last, and assume that the top three should always be water sign.
    Although cancer is 1st, in the cancer section, it’s always cancer – cancer first place as even evidence in real life that i’ve seen. But we all know there’s some outgoing cancer’s out there that act like your (generalizing) fire and air signs, like Lindsay Lohan, and Jessica Simpson. So what if they’re outgoing, and out there, but people make assumptions all the time and think that it can’t work. I read this all the time with many so called astrologers writings, with some of them even going so far as saying, i have plenty of friends of this sign and this certain sign won’t work with this sign at all cause it is clear to me from my close friends it won’t work.” then they publish such things too, and their words are charismatic and if people dont think for themselves, and own up to their own will, they won’t go past the surface and also past astrologers opinions. It’s just opinions. It can be taken into account because their experience is noteworthy but they are just one person’s opinion.

  24. curious757 says:

    also to add something about relationships, i noticed that sometimes even “friends” or good friends dont know what type of person you’ll pick and even close family members aren’t privy to this. I noticed this with my sisters who chose certain types of men, the men who were always more outgoing, more aggressive,then they always seem to make them depressed and sad, and finally the one that she had finally chosen for marriage, down the aisle was completely different to the ones they had usually chosen. Or rather who usually chose or chased them. In the end, not even friends or close family will ever know the “type” of person they choose, independently on their own, without the influence of others.

  25. Whether this piece is serious enough or not, I’m a Pisces that had a horribly disastrous relationship with a Scorpio and can attest to the details Beth gives. Never again!

  26. What a load of bs. You people would do anything for a Google hit

  27. Samantha says:

    Finally an article that speaks the truth on Scorpio/Pisces relationships. I don’t know why so many astrologers say the relationship is one of the most compatible, I’m a Scorpio and I think it’s actually one of the worst, for Scorpio women anyway. I’ve dated a number of Pisces and the relationship never went very ad for the same set of reasons. They were too idealistic, too moody, too immature and were looking to me to take the lead and do things I look to the man to do.

  28. Interesting article. Glad to read that Pisces and Scorpio are not soul mates…finally! As a Pisces female with a Sag moon, Scorpio rising, and Mars/Venus in Taurus, I have never been into Scorpios – no offense. They like me often enough and then hold a like life-long grudge that I don’t return their interest. Sheesh. Not soul mate material for this Pisces. Also applies to Cancers…in fact, I’m not a fan of water signs, in general (incl my own!). Too emotional, intense, needy much? I prefer fire signs, esp Sag. By sun signs alone, my best overall relationship has been with a Capricorn – quite stable. Aquarius was the most friendly/comfy. Sagittarius was the most emotionally significant. Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer….too much! Leo was suffocating (several of them, too). Taurus was lovely but SO possessive (worse than Scorpio). Gemini was fun, but had little emotional depth. Aries was stimulating but unreliable. Libra, too frustrating. And Virgo – maddening and crazy, and NO, thank you! I didn’t want to offend just a few signs with my comment; I’m an equal opportunity offender (Aries mercury :D)! But all of the above to say, part of this article rings true, but not all…for obvious reasons (sun signs only). People are complicated, as is astrology.

  29. I would have to say it depends on who is the man and who is the women. A Scorpio guy and girl each have different qualities and even though they fall under the same sign, they still have feminine and masculine aspects that overshadow everything that their sign depicts.

    I personally have experience with dating Scorpio men and if I can spill the beans please, oh please read here and you’ll get what the world is like with the Scorpio guy around. I have female Scorps as friends too and they are very different hen being in a romantic relationship with a man.

  30. Well I Scorpio wit Scorpio. Best relations. I no understan what you argue for?!

  31. I can only attest to the Scorp/Pi sun sign pairing. I think as the article states that it can go either way. While it can be a lifelong bond and a very secure one, I think what the article kinda glosses over is that this relationship is one of the most damaging and from my experience as well as those who have experiences with this pairing, I would say, it’s spot on.

    The Scorpio sting is one that a Pisces cannot endure long-term. The article summed up the solution to avoiding that type of damage which is that shared compassion is necessary.

    You show me one sun sign Scorp that is openly compassionate without the additional work of either guilt trips, power struggles, or some sort of dramatic emotional display and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. This is not a diss to sun Scorp ppl, but just a truth of the matter. Scorps are distrustful as a rule for starters and any imagined slight will bring on the sting very quickly. Ppl have difficulties with one another in relationships. That’s just a fact of the matter. However, sun sign Scorps are one to deal with relationship difficulties unless that person has gone above and beyond to prove their mettle.

    Ppl don’t always have time for that. That might sound offensive to a Scorp, but it’s true. Note…I didn’t say ppl DON’T have time for it…I said they don’t ALWAYS have time for it. If ppl can be easily dismissed for not catering to lowering the walls of distrust, then compassion isn’t present in the Scorp in the first place.

    IJS…my and other’s experience. My Scorp gf who has been in a LDR with a Pi after 5 years of her acting like she doesn’t care about what he does finally told him, “When you’re in town we’re together and when you’re not in town…we aren’t together.” Classic example. lol It is what it is.

  32. So sorry…I meant to say that sun Scorp ppl are NOT one to deal with relationship difficulties until the other person has gone above and beyond to prove their mettle.

  33. michelle vargas says:

    Hi. I was wondering if you can write something about cusp couples. My bday is feb 19 and my boyfriend is april 20. According our birthcharts mymsun sign is pisces and his is in aries. But he can also be considered a taurus.

  34. curious757 says:

    I find cusp type people are very special. My grandparents are both cusps and were happily married,
    there’s that fine line between two energies, both ups and downs, heaven and hell but not too far down hell that they get lost and dont find their way back, and not too far into heaven that they lose sight of reality. It’s as if both energies of the sun blend, and aid eachother.

    It’s interesting about Taurus and Leo Suns (general sun sign only); in antisca they’re mirror images; it’s very neat to see how both go about things very similar too. Yet, the differences with element, rulership and symbolism of both signs can easily fool outsiders, until you dig very deep.

  35. piscean says:

    i am a Pisces female dating/living with a Scorpio…and it is extreme! On one side it is amazing, the most profound relationship I have ever had, emotionally/spiritually/sexually..but there is truth to the article: when emotions erupt, it is the worst! This doesn’t happen frequently though, and on some level I think it brings us closer together (maybe I’m just being idealistic haha)..I have a scorpio moon so I can definitely handle the depths of his fact I LIKE it! Sometimes I am the more emotionally intense one and with his taurus moon he brings me back to reality…it really does depend on your other signs..if we were both all water this would not work out we would be fighting constantly, but we both have a lot of earth and water in our charts so I believe it helps us balance ourselves I said, when it’s good, I think it is one of the best combinations, for me personally 🙂

  36. I don’t believe anything worth having comes easy….

    I’m a pisces man dating a scorpio woman and believe me it could be easier, but I am doubtful it could be any better at the same time.

    When we are in each others arms and staring into each others eyes the entire universe just melts away like it never really ever existed. Time and space for us cease to exist because the only thing that matters is love in that moment.

    I believe we choose our purpose in this life and nothing is without reason.

    Some famous people that fought for love even when it was hard….
    …and they knew they would die for it.

    John F Kennedy
    Martin Luther King Jr.

  37. I am a Cancer and I have to agree with the Cancer/Aries pairing being one of the worst. There is this huge attraction at first but it’s superficial and really NEVER works out. After 3 failed relationships with 3 different Aries men, I’ve decided to not date an Aries again. It’s really better to just stick with your own groups. I am a water sign and I get along great with my fellow water signs Pisces and Scorpio.

  38. I’m a Leo and I have to say, two of the most loving boyfriends I’ve had were both Tauruses. I will always remember them fondly for their generosity and patience with me.

  39. It’s kinda funny because 9 times out of 10, these are the zodiac sun couples I tend to run into.

  40. jfjinca says:

    My parents were an Aries man/Cancer woman and their marriage was horrible! My dad should’ve never gotten married (to anyone). I’m Cancer and don’t get along with him either. My “best” relationship was with a Capricorn man. We broke up over religious differences but our relationship was great. I’m with a Leo now and it’s (mostly) great. He can be a little self-centered and ‘know-it-all-ish’ but I ignore that most of the time. lol! I know a Scorpio man/Pisces woman couple who only lasted about a decade. Scorpio is now with a Gemini woman and it’s a MUCH better match.

  41. curious757 says:

    now that i’ve learned alot more about astrology over the year or so, understand a little about energies and the Mars masculine energies drawn to the Moon/Venus or feminine charts of a woman.
    Cancer/Aries, are usually drawn to eachother due to the male/female archetype.

    In the end, it just is much more complicated than that. But it sure is fun to try and understand. Learning helps us grow anyway. Still much more to learn.

  42. My parents are an Aries/Cancer combo! My dad’s the Aries. They’ve been married for 36 years and hardly ever fight (like I mean I’ve only seen them fight twice in my 31 years) but their charts provide an 85% compatibility. I wouldn’t go off of sun sign compatibility. They have a lot of complimentary aspects together.

  43. Elisabeth Tayler and Richard Burton were Scorpio man/Pisces woman They were fighting the whole marrieds you could always read it in newspapers

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