Sun in Aries, Moon in Aquarius Compatibility

Both of these signs are highly independent and concerned with standing apart from the crowd. Each will enhance the other’s freedom as they blow past boundaries and convention.

Sun in Aries can be a selfish partner. This is a statement of fact rather than a judgment; Aries’ primary goal is to establish his identity. He relates to his partner through her reactions to him. And a partner who challenges him with her independence suits Sun in Aries best. Too much couple time can be stifling for this pioneer; he’ll react by losing his temper or leaving the relationship.

Moon in Aquarius needs her own space to feel safe. This doesn’t just involve time away from her lover (although that’s essential). This Moon is a rebel at heart; she does not follow a traditional path, preferring to blaze a unique trail of emotional satisfaction. The lover of Moon in Aquarius needs to accept that there will always be a part of her that’s untouchable. When she acts distant, it’s nothing personal. She’s just exploring her individuality, which is quite different from the rest of the tribe. She can be loyal and steadfast in a relationship that does not smother her with emotional demands.

Unless it is indicated elsewhere in their charts, these two will not be saturated with emotional intensity. And that’s just fine with them. Moon in Aquarius will feed Aries’ drive for adventures with her detached encouragement. She might accompany him on these adventures, or she might not. Sun in Aries will respond to Aquarius’ rule-breaking energy. He won’t be put off by her need for space (it will give him more time to do his own thing) and she won’t feel hurt by his self-focus. Each will enjoy the others’ independence, and their mutual need for change will keep things lively.

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