Mercury in Leo: June 25 to August 31

Mercury in Leo

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Mercury in Leo lets out a lion’s roar, waking up your playful spirit and giving communication a touch of drama. Engage with the big heart of the lion every time you put your thoughts into words—you may find your charisma and charm heightened to new levels during this transit.

It becomes easier now to get ideas across with creativity and humor. Make the most of this opportunity: let your lover know you care with romantic notes and big-hearted displays of affection.

If fights crop up during this time, you’ll probably notice that though they are full of storm and fury, they blow over quickly, leaving you both laughing at the absurdity of it all. Leo loves drama, but can’t stand being down for long. The royal cat may have a big roar, but this will quickly turn into a silky purr if you offer up a little love.

Leos, like most lions, can have their pride injured rather easily. During Mercury’s transit through this sign, it will be important to step gently, choosing words that encourage and support rather than injure. If you find that you’ve stepped on some toes, there’s nothing like a little sincere flattery to soothe wounded egos.

Can’t get your thoughts across using the usual methods? This transit is a great opportunity to try more creative, fun and playful modes of communication. Adopt a child’s perspective and try looking at the world through fresh new eyes. You may find that you begin to look at blocks and detours as opportunities to change rather than frustrating problems involving struggle and strife.

Mercury will be retrograde from July 14 (12 Leo) until August 8 (1 Leo).

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  1. This could be a great time for Leo to make the most of their success, those with Mercury in Leo are extremely passionate about what they believe in and are highly inspirational. They can be pretty much egotistical as well, there is no one with quite as much pride as a Leo!

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