Mercury in Cancer: June 7 to 25

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Now that messenger Mercury is floating in the waters of Cancer, the connections you make with others will thrive according to how finely tuned your antenna is. Feelings and comfort are more important than dry data when Mercury transits this famously sensitive zone. Trampling on toes and underestimating the depth of another’s heart will not get you closer to that certain someone who’s captured your eye.

Cancer comes with its own unique set of paradoxes. It’s a rather shy zodiac sign, and yet it’s also cardinal—meaning that, in spite of its initial trepidation, Cancer is one of those signs that is self-propelled into action. So, how are you supposed to know whether to be direct or beat around the bush?

To understand that, you’ve got to visualize the way the Crab—Cancer’s totem—moves. It zigzags. As it psyches you out by going from one side to another, you could form the false impression that the crab doesn’t know where it’s going. Make no mistake: that little hard-shelled creature has a very specific destination in mind. But, for purposes of survival, it’s not about to make that obvious to the casual observer. If I’m a crab in search of food, for instance (why not—we’re talking about Cancer, after all!), what would it benefit me to broadcast my food-route by traveling there in a straight line? That would only mean that another creature could potentially get there faster and nab the goodies I’ve been eyeing.

Keep that in mind while Mercury energizes this sign. Know what you want to say, but don’t blurt it all out in one go. Drop a hint; see what happens. Throw up another trial balloon; see if it floats with permission to keep going or if it lands with an indifferent thud. Step out, then retreat; repeat as necessary. Once the object of your admiration is comfortable and you’ve earned their trust, you can get a little looser with those lips.

If you’re trying to score a great date night, think intimate. Because Cancer is connected to hearth and home, house parties rule as opposed to dining out. Bringing a hostess gift that’s comprised of something you cooked or baked is a lovely way to honor the vibes of Mercury in Cancer.

And step into the moonlight when you see it; the Moon rules Cancer—and it’s a powerful visual reminder of how connected we all are, regardless of where we call home.

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Michelle Suzanne is a certified coach practitioner. She incorporates her gift for interpreting planetary messages to consult with clients, to teach, write, and to create and deliver workshops to individuals and groups. She brings twenty years of unique professional experience to people who need guidance to rise to their fullest potential. Everyone has a unique journey with a compelling story beneath it. Michelle's role is to help you re-discover yours, or to help you create a new one that resonates with who you are today.


  1. I have a question… my Cancer boyfriend has his mercury in Cancer. A few Mondays ago he got called to cover a shift bartending at his work. He let me know because I go to his bar on Mondays. Well, I dressed up, which I normally don’t, for him. I got there a little earlier than planned because a mutual girlfriend wanted to go at that time. Well, for starters, I didn’t get a hug and a kiss, which I normally do, and he didn’t compliment my outfit. He hasn’t complimented me in awhile, but I figured we’re at 9-10 months in the relationship, and those things fade…. but doesn’t mean I like that! Anyway, me and this girl go to the back and sit, have a drink, etc. Some people join us. My boyfriend comes out back and goes to one table in particular 3 times. For one, they have a bar back that is supposed to do that, for two, he was reaching on the table next to the same girl the whole time. A cute, little blonde girl. He has told me, in the past, that he prefers blonde girls. Now, does he always date them? No. I’m brunette with brown eyes. So, after awhile I go back inside and the bar back suggests I go back outside with my boyfriend, who is going to take a smoke break. I use this time to tell him, softly mind you, that I don’t usually dress up on Mondays and it’d be nice to be told I look good. Classic female crap, I know. Anyway, he gets all upset and loud saying “oh come on, why do I have to compliment you? Now whatever compliment I give is going to be an empty one because you’re expecting it”. I said “no, I’m not, I was just saying”.. so he says “Fine, well you look nice.” and I bowed my head and said “thank you, I appreciate that” and I don’t know why, but he says “see! right there! That wasn’t heart felt” and then proceeded to rant and rant and I’m going “baby, please stop.. please!!!!! I did like it, thank you” and he’s like “fuck, man” so I changed the conversation, but I start to notice he’s periodically looking past my shoulder at the freakin’ blonde! He finishes his cigarette, I lean in to kiss him, he gives me a peck and hugs me, but turns his head away. He never turns his head away…… see, these small things… So, he goes in, I turn around and the blonde is mean mugging me/giving me a confused look. I’m kind of upset. I get it that my boyfriend is a bartender, but for that to happen right in front of me?!?! Really?!?! I walk back inside and about 5 minutes later this girl and her friends come through the front to leave. They go out the door and I watch my boyfriend drop what he is going and goes to look out the window on his tippy toes…. eyeing… then he smiles. He comes and walks over by me and makes a fart noise at me. I look away. He then goes outside for 5 minutes, comes in for 1, then out for 5 more. The rest of the night he smiles big smiles at me as I pass him to go to the restroom. He is more pleasant now. So, I waited til the next time I saw him to bring it up (didn’t want to do it in front of his friends) and before I can even bring it up he’s telling me I told trust him. Ok, he’s a bartender – I’m doing the best I can. I asked him on that SLOW night if he made good money and asked how much he spent. He said he bought 2 shots for him, a shot for the bar back, and a shot for two of our friends. Employee price puts those at $3 each, which is $15, not $25 that he said he spent. I said “buying cute little blondes shots, are we?” and he got quiet then said he didn’t want to talk about it anymore. I later went back and talked to that bar back and told him the story. He said my boyfriend did say he liked how the cute little blonde was flirting with him. Ok, I have a dorky star-trek lovin, history induced boyfriend who does NOT act like your typical cancer when it comes to being clingy, needy, etc. He also REALLY loves his space and is independent. I thought, as an Aquarius, I could do this, but I see that guy like 3-4x/week after 10 months here. Not only that, but now he’s questioning guys I hang out with at the bar, whom he also knows. He never has before. I am also embarking on a kick-ass new health and fitness routine that will keep me out of the bar. I told him I was worried about that last night and he asked why. I said “because you’re a bartender and you’re going to be flirting with girls” and he said “I can understand that”… ??? No consoling, no nothing. On top of that, he left early and I got a hug and a peck. I usually get engrossed in love and wet kisses. So, am I to assume our relationship is on it’s way out? Should I talk about this with him? I hate feeling this, but I hardly ever see the guy and when I see him two nights back-to-back he clearly starts getting edgy. I don’t know what to do.

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