Playing “House” with Your Cancer: Tips for Successful Partnering with the Crab

Let’s face it: Cancers aren’t always so loveable. Chances are, if you are involved with a Cancer, you have more than a few complaints about their suffocating ways. But if you can look past their temperamental natures, you’ll see that Cancers are one of the most doting and attentive signs of the zodiac. And they can be the best sexual partners as well, primarily due to their sensitivity.

The Cancer Personality: The Benefits

If you’ve ever dated a Cancer, you know what it’s like to be cared for and nurtured. As the fourth sign of the Zodiac, Cancer Suns rule the domain of home and family. Cancer has always been recognized as the matriarch of the zodiac; gender aside, this is a sign that knows how to tend to your most basic needs. They are fiercely protective of their loved ones, as well as highly committed and loyal.

To say this is a domesticated sign would be somewhat misleading though, as Cancers tend to feel the most fulfilled when nourishing others. Not too many folks would pass up the opportunity to be in a relationship with a Cancer, especially when home-cooked meals, tender love, and self-sacrifice all come with the package. Arguably the sweetest and most loving sign in western astrology, life with a Cancer could feel like a match made in heaven—that is, once you get past their frequent mood swings and overbearing attachment.

Unpredictable Cancer: Dating Challenges

Due to their watery element, Cancer Suns have emotions that wax and wane with the lunar phases of the Moon—the sign’s traditional ruler in astrology. Their feeling nature can be completely unpredictable, which makes them extremely temperamental. Symbolized by the Crab, Cancers are known to retreat into their proverbial shells when threatened by adversity. But adversity could be anything from criticism of their latest crock pot creation, to feelings of neglect from their significant other.

At a core level, Cancer really just wants to be relied upon and appreciated. This explains their tendency to cling in relationships; separation can lead them to think they failed in their attempts to show affection. This emotional ebb and flow can be taxing on anyone, so you will have to be mindful that their moping doesn’t rub off on you.

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Making Your Cancer Relationship Work

Dating a Cancer isn’t a total uphill battle. They really can be the most devoted of partners. Only a Cancer would fight to the death for those they love, and their passive inclinations are easily overlooked by their sheer tenacity. This sign instinctively knows how to respond with TLC, and all you have to do in return is show how much you value their efforts. In fact, the best way to bring Cancer out of its funk is to cater to their every need. That is, do unto them as they would do unto you.

Cancers typically prefer to be home entertaining or watching a romantic comedy. They expect you to want to play “house.” This may mean spending a night indoors to snuggle once in a while—but is that too much to ask for domestic bliss? At the end of the day, you’ll be happy you stuck around to be fussed over. A little smothering wrapped in love and warmth isn’t such a bad thing after all.

How do you manage the challenges of being involved with a Cancer? Let us know in comments below.

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  1. Messy Leo says:

    Oh my goodness. My Mom is super Cancerian. She’s a Cancer ascendant with the Moon in Cancer (12th house), and Sun exactly conjunct the IC. She’s always been so hyper-sensitive to anything anyone says about her, whether it’s meant to be constructive or not. But, I guess a person couldn’t ask for better astro for a Mom!

  2. I would pass up on dating a Cancer. As friends I find them to be really fun and insightful, but too nurturing for this sun/venus Sag. As an unrequited crush they’ve been obsessive, damn near insufferable, sensitive and strangely moody/distant in a flash. That’s too much for this Aquarian moon.

    Having said that, though, they are so sweet and considerate that one can’t help but have a soft spot somewhere for them. As a friend only.

  3. LOL, quiche…I completely feel you! @MessyLeo, your mom is totally uber Cancer, and I’m sure she was a great mom, too!

  4. My husband is a Cancer and not very nuturing. He does hide in his shell alot tho!

  5. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Hi, My father was Cancer and he was so devoted and loyal to his familly, especially his kids and then his grandkids. He was a bit overprotective over me LOL but I knew he just worried all the time, my son is Cancer and he was the easiest baby in the world to look after, he is 17 now and the most thoughtful son I could ever imagine having, I have to remind him to be good to himself sometimes too, all he does is give to others, I nutured him when he was little and I couldn’t help it, OMG he was the most cuddly baby I’ve ever known, if you are expecting a baby and they are due in July, you are soo lucky, these are some of the most caring children in the world, and Scorpio children too, very easy to reason with, very hard to resist hugging, LOL,
    When my Dad died in 2008, my son who was very close with him helped me to get out of bed in the morning and his grandmother too, he knows when I’m sad, he was only 13 when that horrible time happened and he became the strongest grown up in the house. in 2011 I almost died and ended up in emergency surgery, that sweet little boy of mine glued himself to my hospital room and would chase anyone away who wanted to help me while I was paralyzed, he wanted to do everything, If I could give him everything in the world I would. I know he will make someone the best husband in the whole world and father, I really hope he marries a Scorpio or another Cancer 🙂

  6. You deal with inadequacy thrown at you for not reciprocating the care you never asked for to begin with.
    then theres the passive aggressive. Its a roller coaster ride for sure. and then there is big time jealousy. I know what could be done however im not a fake smoozer or sappy person

  7. Shana Richardson says:

    I am married to a cancer and we are on our way to divorce! I am a Libra woman and intellectual conversations is a must. I have been with him for 19 years and married 15. We have 2 children together. I love him dearly but we are in need of totally different things. I love to talk, he stares into nothingness and seems to have actually nothing on his mind. He has passively kept a job from time to time and have had No problem leaving me holding the financial bag. He has stolen money from me, the kids and my mom but for some reason we have made excuses for him bc he is so apologetic after he selfishly does what he wants. It seems to be quite the emotional blackmail play to me. He and I are very cordial bc we have children and have created a peaceful home. I am getting my own place and the kids will live with me while he goes back to his mothers house, where he is an only spoiled child. If I were to caution anything to a Libra woman about a cancer man, dont let the comfortable talk and sweet gestures fool you. This man you will have to mother and Libras only want to mother children, not there man.

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