Love Horoscope for the Week of May 28

There’s a saying about no peace for the wicked. If this week’s planetary configurations offer any clues, then it would appear that we’re all very wicked indeed.

Or maybe we need to make peace with chaos. Venus retrograde is your tutor in finding that peace. Think of the Mona Lisa’s smile: Surely she posed for the master Da Vinci for hours on end. Fun for fans of stiff necks. Yet she found grace, captured in her beatific smile. Perhaps she valued her contribution as a model, and that meant more to her than its accompanying discomfort.

She serves as a reminder that peace isn’t handed to you by another; it’s wired into your circuitry. Tune in to its gentle hum. Getting into that still space within can do wonders in helping you sift through the stakes. What matters, and what can you let go of? It’s not about caving, but if it’s small potatoes to you, don’t dress it up with gravy and make a meal of it.

On the other hand, if something or someone means a great deal, you’ll need to persevere through the insecurity of the Moon’s First-Quarter Square in Virgo. Chances are it’s a new approach that will serve you.

See what happens if you do things differently this week. You may feel like a toddler grasping for fingers to clutch, in order to stay steady whilst taking those first few critical steps. Breathe through it knowing that, like all things, new approaches take practice until you become a master.

About Michelle Suzanne

Michelle Suzanne is a certified coach practitioner. She incorporates her gift for interpreting planetary messages to consult with clients, to teach, write, and to create and deliver workshops to individuals and groups. She brings twenty years of unique professional experience to people who need guidance to rise to their fullest potential. Everyone has a unique journey with a compelling story beneath it. Michelle's role is to help you re-discover yours, or to help you create a new one that resonates with who you are today.

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