Sun in Aries, Moon in Cancer Compatibility

These cardinal (initiator) signs will push each other to extremes. Raw ego (Sun) and emotion (Moon) ensure a hot relationship. But conflicts will flare as Aries’ search for risk disrupts Cancer’s need for security.

Sun in Aries lives for conflict. He discovers what he’s made of by challenging everyone, including his partner. The more exciting a relationship is, the more vital Sun in Aries will be. He needs a partner who pushes back while allowing him to be first. “Unfiltered” is the word that best describes his desires, temper and initiative. He will always let his partner know exactly where he stands.

Moon in Cancer is the ultimate nurturer. Being the Mother in a relationship makes her feel safe. But if she’s feeling needy, she’ll use her unmatched nurturing skills to control her partner. And she’ll lash out if she’s feeling vulnerable (after initially withdrawing). People overlook the fact that sensitive Cancer is an aggressive cardinal sign. Combine this quality with the instinctive Moon, and you have someone who simmers with emotion.

When Sun in Aries returns from his adventures, Moon in Cancer will be waiting. She’ll tend to his scrapes and boost his ego. Sun in Aries will be gratified by her support. But when he tries to step out again, she’ll have trouble letting go. Moon in Cancer will feel threatened, Sun in Aries will be smothered. He’ll abruptly push her away.

Cancer will sulk as she tends to her wounds, but she’ll quickly come out swinging. She may even throw a temper tantrum.  Aries will love this; here’s a challenge he can sink his teeth into! They’ll feed off each other’s reactions in an overheated sparring match. Fortunately, neither are wired to hold grudges. The spat will blow over (until the next round) and life will be a series of passionate flare-ups for this couple.

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  1. I’m a Gemini Sun with a Cancer Moon and I feel as if Aries Sun would be a good match for me as I have a lot of air in my chart and Aries is in my 11th house (being friends with a lover is important to me).

    However, the cardinal square to my moon has had me worried. Your description of their passionate relationship is tempting but I’m not sure if I can handle such drama.

    But doesn’t a Cancer Moon hold a grudge better than a lot of the other Moons? Cancer never lets go! I had attributed most of my grudge holding to my Scorpio Mars (retrograde & conjunct Saturn to boot) and then I had a reading in January and found out all the crap that I was going through was the Moon’s fault (natal, progressed, AND transiting) and not Saturn’s like I thought. There’s a lot of emotional stuff I need to work through including my anger… I do NOT let go of it.

  2. There’s one thing that’s wrong VERY wrong its about when cancer moon lashes at aries sun..Cancer moon would NOT and NEVER stand a chance against an angry aries sun..aries sun would already overwhelm her and would send her ethier crying running away in terro or send her lying on the ground or letting her beginning in terror while crying for mercy to and calm down.. Seriously aries is ruthless when angry cancer would pry to god when aries is angey she will never confront him as you said she will run away as soon as he gets angry.. an angry aries will never give a chnce to cancer he will destroy her and still until she says: (mercy pleace) she will NEVER confront him when he’s angry EVER

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