Astrology Myth or Truth? Gemini on the Descendant Indicates Multiple Marriages

Are you destined to have multiple marriages? Some believe that if your Descendant (the cusp of the 7th House) is in Gemini, it means that you will get married more than once. Read on to discover if this is pure myth, or if there are facts to back up this belief.

The 7th House in Gemini

The 7th House represents committed partnerships. Gemini, the sign of choices and duality, learns by exploring different options. As I explained in a previous article, the 7th House indicates the type of partners you are attracted to, because they mirror your unacknowledged qualities. If you have Gemini on the Descendant, you may be endlessly curious about who else is out there. You want to learn (Gemini) about relationships (7th House) by experiencing as many as possible. You’re attracted to variety, so it’s very difficult for one person to hold your interest.

The Condition of Mercury—Example 1: Mercury in Taurus

The above description works in theory, but it’s simplistic. It ignores the cardinal rule of astrology: always look at the entire chart. The condition of Mercury (the ruler of Gemini and the Descendant) will say more about your partnerships. For example, if Mercury is in the fixed, deliberate sign of Taurus, you may not be so eager to experiment with multiple partnerships. You learn (Gemini) by building security and stability (Taurus). Mercury’s scattered energy is focused by Taurus’ cautious view of the world.

The Condition of Mercury—Example 2: Mercury in Libra

Or perhaps you have Mercury in flirtatious Libra but it’s chained to a conjunction with Saturn. Traditional (Saturn) ideas (Gemini) about commitment could keep you dedicated to one partner. Or, fears (Saturn) about co-dependency (Libra) could ensure that you delay marriage for as long as possible.

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The Condition of Mercury—Example 3: Mercury in Aries

Let’s look at an opposite scenario. Mercury (ruler of the Descendant) is in restless Aries, square rebellious Uranus. The idea of settling down with one person is foreign to you. You learn about relationships by pushing your uncompromising Aries agenda. This probably involves abrupt endings if your freedom is restricted. Or you may be drawn to partners who continually yank the relationship rug out from underneath you. One, stable partnership is not going to flourish in this environment. But Gemini on the Descendant only indicates that you learn about relationships. How you do this is indicated by Aries and Uranus.

The natal signs and aspects that influence Gemini’s ruler are as varied as the people on this planet. The one thing that can be said about Gemini on the Descendant is this: your intellectual understanding of relationships drives their success or failure. It’s head over heart—and a partner who communicates with you has the key to both.

How does Gemini on the Descendant drive your relationships? Let us know in comments below.

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  1. Whew Nadia. I feel loke you’ve been speaking directly to me these past couple of months! Great article and thanks for including those interpretations.

    By ascendant you mean the rising sign?

    Asc in Sag at 17 so my descendant is in Gemini?
    Mercury in Scorp/11th
    Venus in Sag/1st
    Mars in Scorp/10th
    Gemini in 7th of course
    Pisces in 3rd

    I’ve only had 1 relationship when I was 20. I was intrigued with him because he held my attention for more than 2 months ha! After a while though I got tired of it. It became too suffocating. He wanted to get married to “lock me in” before I left for grad school, and I went along because I thought it was the last superficial hurrah before the breakup. Eventually we broke it off and went our own ways.

    Anyway, I looked up my natal chart after the breakup and in the description for gemini in my 7TH house it said I would marry very young, divorce and have a second one built on friendship.

    So in my case I feel that it has been pretty accurate so far. Im still quite young, but I haven’t received anymore marriage proposals 😉

  2. My partner has his Gemini Moon in the 7th house, with Gemini on the 7th house cusp. Your observation about looking to the condition of Mercury is right on! He has Mercury in Libra, with a trine to Saturn. His Moon is also trine to Saturn. These supportive trines definitely add stability. We’re at five year mark now, and I’m only the 2nd long term involvement he’s had in his 50 year life. When he’s involved, it’s been serious. His Venus in Scorpio gives an added boost of commitment. It’s all or nothing with Scorpio. Thanks for another fine column.

  3. @quiche
    Ascendent (or AC) is the rising sign. So your AC in Sag would give you a Descendent in Gemini.
    I don’t know that you’ll necessarily marry young (I think that interpretation came about from Gemini’s association with youth). Mercury in Scorpio indicates the desire to really know your partners, or know yourself through your partnerships. Also, learning through intensity. The 11th House is friends and groups so your partnerships might impact or come from your social circle.

  4. @hardyhiker
    You’re welcome! Glad you enjoyed it.

  5. My moon is in Gemini (4 degrees) in the 2nd house ruled by Gemini. It opposes Uranus (29 degrees Scorpio) in the my Libra 7th house.

    Could this moon opposition factor into my relationships? Mercury is in my 7th with my Sun and I do enjoy mental connections/stimulation.

  6. @NovLady
    Your Moon and Uranus do not technically form an opposition. Scorpio and Gemini are not opposite signs. It may look like an opposition because Uranus and your Moon are close in degrees but Uranus would have to be in Sagittarius for this to be an opposition. Having said this, some astrologers do consider out of sign aspects. In my experience, as soon as you go outside the sign the influence weakens dramatically.
    But Mercury in your 7th would give your relationships a Gemini feel. And since you have Moon in Gemini some of that energy (intellectualizing feelings) would be carried over as well.

  7. My Uranus is at 29 degrees Scorpio. Even, with this critical degree the opposition is weakened? That is okay by me! LOL!

    With my ASC at 29 degrees Aries, I have found that initially learning astrology I was so confused why some aspects were ‘out of sign’ and my house cusps were thrown off. I was told the anaretic degree is a big deal (though I don’t see much astrological writings about it).

    Thanks…its good to learn something new!

  8. @NovLady
    Yes, the opposition to your Moon is weakened. BUT…Uranus is at a critical degree so that still matters.
    The 29th (last) degree of any sign increases the energy of the planet in that sign. It is emphasized because it is on the verge of transition. So Uranus at 29 degrees Scorpio will give you an increased sense of change; transformation (in that house in your chart) MUST be achieved. It’s as if the planet “knows” it’s almost finished with that sign. There’s an urgency to complete the lessons in Scorpio before it enters Sag.

    Now, after I stated the opposition is weakened I’m going to contradict myself (sort of). If you look at your progressed chart you may find that your progressed Uranus has moved into Sag. So your progressed Uranus may indeed be forming an opposition to your natal Gemini Moon. You can generate a progressed chart at Astrodienst. Progressions are like internal transits.

  9. Thanks, Nadia.

    My 7th house (with the 29 degrees Uranus) is also at 29 degrees Libra. Do the house themes take on much more importance, too? I like to pay attention to articles that speak of the DSC since I have 3 planets in Scorpio there along with a few asteroids and my Part of Fortune (all in Scorpio). Uranus in Scorpio seems so impactful in a house about relationships. So, I often wonder if the intense culmination of Scorpio energy along with that Uranus/DSC at a critical degree sort of lights that area on fire.

    My progressed Uranus is at 1 degree Sag as you suspected!

  10. @NovLady
    House cusps at 29 degrees are not as significant as a planet at that degree. So the house theme would not take on more importance (although the 7th is pretty important no matter what). Things that impact the significance of a house: if it’s angular (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th), if the ruling planet is singled out in some way (unaspected, the only planet in one area of your chart or the only planet in a fire, air, water or earth sign), if there’s a group of planets in that house.
    I would agree that Uranus at 29 degrees along with all the Scorpio definitely concentrates energy in that area.

  11. I have been told my ASC at 29 is a big deal so I was curious about the DSC. I didn’t know that about the factors ‘singling out’ a planet. Fascinating insights!

  12. curious757 says:

    hello, i think this is a myth because i know several sag risings/ descendent in gemini and they’re not even married, and a few of them are in their 30s and 40s.

    even oprah winfrey who is a famous celebrity, has a sag rising has never even married.
    her marriage was to the public.

  13. a gemini descendant could indicate that someone can’t even settle down long enough to get married once. #stereotype

  14. curious757 says:

    lol that’s true too. add that to a strong sag and virgo placements and theyre bachelorettes/bachelors for life. ;p
    (just kidding, as i’ve read that many sags and virgos are connosseiurs of bachelorhood)

  15. @curious757

    Oprah also has Uranus in the 7th house. That lends itself to non-traditional partnerships, too.

  16. I have a Gemini Sun and descendant and Mercury in Taurus. What you wrote is right on. In my 54 years I can still count on one hand the number of relationships I’ve had. My first marriage lasted 20 years and it’s now 10 years into my second. There were also a teenage 4year relationship and an adult two year one. Hardly flitting about from man to man. I think the most fulfilling relationship for me is a man who communicates and is my best friend (the one I have now). A meeting of minds and the eagerness to share it is what works for me.

  17. libralady says:

    uh..oh, my descendant is in Gemini, Merc in Virgo …and my marriage seems to be hurtling towards an inevitable end.

  18. im gemini rising leo born 8th of june 80 my birth time :10:30
    i did one marriage and i wonder if there is more worst marriages for me? or good one ones? how many 🙂

  19. sailor.mercury says:

    I must have Gemini in several prominent places. This is a very important reading for myself, BC I have always been seen as extra flirtation BC I am a natal Libra. Now, with regards to multiple partners, I am a firm believer in 1 primary soul mate, or alpha and omega. That being said, I have met and loved more than 1 soul mate and continue to love them as friends and lovers. And remember, you are your own soulmate too 😉

  20. I’ve my 7th house in gemini and Mercury in Sagi and I found about this astonishing stuff after my divorce,although my divorce had nothing to do with me.My ex-wife was cheating on me.

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