Venus in Pisces, Mars in Virgo Compatibility

PiscesAlthough these signs are opposites, they can unite in their desire for the extraordinary. Pisces wants the ideal relationship and Virgo strives for real-world perfection. Together they can meet somewhere in the middle.

Venus in Pisces dreams of the perfect relationship. No matter how many times she is disappointed, Ms. Pisces keeps looking for the ultimate romance. Each partner represents her dream lover, and each relationship represents a chance to escape the mundane world. Venus in Pisces absorbs the energies of those around her. This makes her an empathetic and compassionate partner, but she is also easily overwhelmed. She needs a lover who can take care of relationship details (like paying the bills) because practicality is not one of her strengths.

VirgoMars in Virgo has a drive for perfection. Here is the lover who tries to achieve extraordinary things by focusing on ordinary details. Highly selective about who he pursues, he expects the best because he offers the best. Sex for Mr. Virgo is a highly customized, fine art. But he can become so focused on getting things right that he forgets to enjoy himself. This focus will also extend, over time, to his partner’s flaws. He needs a lover who walks the fine line between appreciating his efforts and convincing him that’s it’s ok to relax.

Venus in Pisces can absorb many of Virgo’s worries. She will instinctively know what Mr. Virgo is trying to achieve, thereby lessening his anxiety. Mars in Virgo can handle the practical side of the relationship, leaving Venus in Pisces free to take care of the romance. She may need to remind him to lighten up—and he may become impatient with her flakiness—but both are flexible and willing to compromise. These two can balance each other out and create a sensitive, sheltering relationship that might bring them as close to perfection as they’ll ever get.

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