Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Virgo Compatibility

AquariusAquarian eccentricity meets Virgo obsession in this quirky couple. This pair will connect on an intellectual level, but their mutual detachment will make it difficult to generate a lot of heat. However, both have the ability to be open-minded; with a bit of flexibility and creativity, this pairing could work.

Venus in Aquarius is the detached observer. Sometimes it seems as if she is visiting this planet and trying relationships on for size. There will always be a part of Ms. Aquarius that no one can touch, but she can still be one of the most loyal partners. She may not be much for emotional bonding, but no one is more understanding of their lover’s flaws. Comfortable being an outsider, she brings a unique mix of acceptance and independence to her relationships.

VirgoMars in Virgo is the detached analyst. Driven by details, this lover can get so caught up in the little things that he forgets to relax and enjoy the moment. Brandishing a selective set of criteria, he will only choose a partner who ticks all the boxes. And while no one works harder to make their lover happy, Mr. Virgo can be highly strung. He does best with a partner who is laid back but respects his obsessions.

Venus in Aquarius will be charmed and intrigued by Mr. Virgo’s odd intensity. If she meets his specialized criteria, they will be drawn together by their mutual curiosity. Here’s a couple that can literally talk all night. Ms. Aquarius won’t take Mars in Virgo’s nitpicking to heart, and Virgo will be relieved that Aquarius does not stage demanding emotional scenes. He may find her lack of planning disruptive to his schedule but, given a little time, he can adapt to almost any situation.

The only downside to this combination is that things can get a bit dry. Other factors in their charts will be needed to add some spice to this pairing. On the other hand, they can form a unique, surprisingly comfortable union where they grow to understand each other like no one else. And sometimes that’s enough.

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