Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Taurus Compatibility

AquariusThis is a challenging combination. Aquarius’ rebel ways do not blend easily with Taurus’ cautiousness. And both are so stubborn that compromise is iffy. But the unexpected silver lining is this: if they decide to make a go of it, this couple’s mutual stubbornness can create a life-long union.

Venus in Aquarius loves to do her own thing. Ms. Aquarius is more interested in a meeting of the minds (with a partner who engages her interest) than a traditional relationship. She wants a lover who keeps her guessing instead of one who keeps her safe. Her detachment makes her very accepting of her partner’s demands; it takes a lot to ruffle her friendly composure. But the one thing she will not tolerate is restrictions on her freedom. Venus in Aquarius can be a steadfast partner, but she’ll leave abruptly if her lover tries to force her into a routine.

TaurusMars in Taurus is the sure thing. Here is the steadfast lover; what he lacks in originality he makes up for in sensual indulgence. Mr. Taurus likes his routine and does not respond well if someone breaks it. Normally placid and supportive, it takes a lot for him to lose his temper. But when he does, watch out. He’s not interested in games, challenges or the thrill of the hunt. He knows what (and who) he wants. Mars in Taurus won’t be showy when expressing his interest, but the object of his attraction will have no doubt about how he feels.

Venus in Aquarius will rock Taurus’s boat. His tolerance and her continuing interest will depend on other factors in their charts. Both are set in their ways, but both have the potential to be life-long partners. Taurus can ground Aquarius, and Aquarius can loosen up Taurus’ routine (if he’s open to it). Each can live with the other’s differences if they accept that freedom and stability can balance each other out. Together, they just might create an unflappable partnership.

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  1. I think this combination is DEFINITELY influenced by other factors in the chart. I have Mars in Taurus but I’m not stodgy at all (altho I do like a certain order and can get a little ruffled especially if we say 6pm, 6:15pm is not 6pm!). My partner is Venus Aqua. We are both freedom lovers. My Venus Opp Uranus demands that I have freedom, and my partner is very Aqua (Sun/Venus conjunction in Aqua). I’m a Pisces Sun, but somehow, it all works out. His Sun conjuncts my Desc. We have a lot of “soulmate” aspects and the consistency and, as you describe it in this post, mutual stubbornness, actually works well for us.

  2. I’ve been reading up on Taurus and Aquarius for very good reasons. I am re-locating to a small office for my job – great opportunity – to manage an office, where the only other person there is a very young Tauran male. Totally adorable. But, he will be the only one I know – and – technically – my (ugh) BOSS. We are even living in the same apartment community (though Ive not seen it yet – RELOCATING) in a small mountain town. It’s just him and I, “Toots”. LOL As an Aqua girl, thus… A natural, born “detective”, I like to know what the heck I’m getting into. Especially since, he will have to be my “rock” until I get myself settled (he’s been there for longer than I have). I have to tell you…. I am a bit surprised at what I’ve been reading. I will admit (and he is aware of this) I hated him when we first met. He was quiet. He was “stodgy”. He appeared to be much to “smart” for his own good. I wanted to slap him. 🙂 And, then we started talking. Like, daily since we both knew I was moving there – it would be just the two of us – to support him. I simply adore him. I really do. He has become one of my greatest allies (and there is a very thin line between “allies” and lovers for us Aquas). He is NOT “slow”. Steadfast…. Maybe. Thank God for that. Because as I am flitting around in all of my Air Sign franticness trying to prepare for this move in 2 weeks time…. He has never even blinked. Even when I drunkenly text him with my Air sign “franticness”. LOL I think there MUST be some SERIOUS other signs involved here… Ascendents or Descendents or whatever….. Because though he is my “rock”. He, also, claims I have been his throughout this whole upheaval (he is down there opening our new office). WOW. We get along. He talks to me. I adore him. And, his quick wit (in a TAURUS!). I will admit, I enjoy shocking him sometimes….. He knows this. But, after one broken relationship and another, he has also admitted….. He DETESTS being bored. I think we will get along famously. We already do. Who woulda thunk? And, he has agreed to buy me the expensive nail polish if I get him outta trouble when he screws up. 🙂 Hey, I may be an Aqua girl…. That does not mean I don’t like to be “wined and dined”. LOL

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