Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Sagittarius Compatibility

CapricornCapricorn builds boundaries and Sagittarius jumps over them, so adjustments will be needed for this relationship to function. However, one trait this couple shares is the desire to move forward. If they work together from this common ground, they can create an exciting future with each other.

Venus in Capricorn is the mapmaker. Once she’s selected the right partner, she’ll chart the course of the relationship. This ambitious lady is interested in stability but not stagnation; she needs a lover who shares her drive for progress. The downside of her responsible approach is her rigid adherence to protocol. Ms. Capricorn can become unbendable as everything (including her expressions of love) moves along socially acceptable lines.

Sagittarius Mars in Sagittarius is the explorer. This playful charmer excels at painting pictures of a grand future with his partner. Unfortunately, he’s not so great with the follow-through. Commitment is challenging but not impossible; his lover will need to respect his freedom and tolerate his raunchiness. He doesn’t care about convention and can make some huge social gaffs.

Mr. Sag can charm Ms. Capricorn as she admires his breathtaking visions of the future. Mars in Sagittarius will see Venus in Capricorn’s cool reserve as a challenge. But once they get together, it won’t take long for problems to crop up.  Capricorn will take on the role of disapproving parent as she chastises Sagittarius for his laziness and inappropriate behavior. Sagittarius will rebel against Capricorn’s restrictions, wondering why she’s so uptight and serious. Before long, he’ll bolt.

To make this combination work, this couple will need to have a common goal. If Mars in Sag’s boundless visions can be channeled by Capricorn’s focus, he can go further than he ever imagined. He’ll just have to be ok with giving up some of his freedom. If Venus in Capricorn allows Sag’s inspiration to loosen her boundaries, she can achieve more than she ever planned on. She’ll just have to give up some of her control. They can forge a path into the future, becoming more effective together than they were apart.

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  1. Hi Nadia!
    What if someone’s Venus was in Capricorn and their Mars was in Sag . How would that play out in the individual?

  2. LOL…this post is exactly on point. As the Venus in Cap, I was told, “I feel like you have our whole relationship already planned out.” I didn’t see it that way. He bolted and I let him go. lol ha ha ha ha

    I only WISH I’d had as much astrological knowledge as I have now. SMH

  3. @girlieGirl
    Did you mean Venus in Sag/Mars in Cap?
    I wrote an article on that combination here:

  4. No, if a person has Venus in Capricorn and Mars in sag natally, not in synastry. What they seek in love will be in conflict with their sexual energy??? Could one person satisfy both what they need in love and what they desire sexually??

  5. @girlieGirl
    Very generally, this would mean that someone needs relationships with traditional structure while their sex drive is playful/free. Everything depends on what natal aspects Venus and Mars are making. Each may have an outlet or support from other planets. It all depends on how these energies are integrated into the chart.
    Could one person satisfy what they need in a relationship and sexually? Sure…but once again, you’d have to look at the aspects between the two people.The other person may have similar Venus/Mars energy.

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