Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Capricorn Compatibility

CapricornStructure means everything to this couple. They will understand each other’s need for a rock-solid partnership and will work hard to build one. The downside is that their lives together will become rigid if they don’t make an effort to shake things up.

Venus in Capricorn relates to others through her consistent ambition. Although Capricorn’s boundaries may inhibit Venus’s expression of love, she is one of the most faithful partners around (once she finds the right one, of course). The right lover is essential; he must share her drive for success or be able to provide a lifestyle that reflects this. Relationships are serious business for Ms. Capricorn. She may play the game of love with calculation, but she’s not interested in light flirtations.

Mars in Capricorn plays to win. Serious and a tad uptight, his sober exterior masks an earthy lover who relaxes with the right partner. He won’t pursue just anyone; sex is serious business and his driving ambition to be the best can also show up in the bedroom. His lover won’t have to worry about competing with others, but she will have to compete with his career. Mr. Capricorn’s ambitions will often take precedence over emotions.

These two will understand each other immediately. Ms. Capricorn won’t complain when Mr. Capricorn spends long hours at the office. She’ll encourage him and will offer strategic pointers on how to navigate workplace politics. They’ll admire and support each other as they map out every detail of their relationship’s future.

While stability is not an issue, this couple needs to ensure that the juice does not get sucked out of their relationship. Neither are comfortable with full-on expressions of emotion, and they will feel safe in a partnership where reticence is the rule. But they might try to inject some spontaneity (even if this means looking foolish) and confront their mutual fear of being rejected. Otherwise, what started out as a romantic partnership could atrophy into a business deal.

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  1. sag. girl says:

    strange though but all true… I keeped wondering why I never had all the sag traits…. hated frivolousness and flightyness. Now I understand why… I have found myself really stiff in love… my ordinary life contradicts with my love life… I love slowly… and I don’t wAnt to take impulsive actions in a relationship. I first observe my partner if they are wortg it… currently I am in love with a scorpio-venus with pisces-venus. I do feel the intensity of his love and it freaks me out… at times I back out just to ruminate that I dont make stupid mistakes

  2. I know I’m a Sagittarius as well and when ever I get into a relationship I kind of have this fear of losing control over myself because of me being blindly in love. (Which I dont?) But I found myself close to it and it freaked me the fyck out to try point that I had to stop communication with her so I could reflect on myself to see if I was still strong. I freaking hated that feeling. I Also have my moon in Scorpio so I am very deep not emotional but I think things out to the fullest and my girlfriend becomes confused because of my “Disappearances”

  3. Funnily enough I’m also a Sadge with both Venus and Mars in Cap,and two other outer planets there too,near house 5,and heavy Saturn dominance on house 7 after Jupiter. So seeing the commenters above I salute them and I relate. Relationships for me are also something I take seriously (maybe too much so) and I always was cautious and reserved about them and it’s hard to just let emotions out. My venus and mars are a 4/5th house cusp so when I do let emotions out it really feels like I can’t control it much and it’s…freaky as hell. There is definitely an element of fear of rejection behind Venus in cap esp as well, and it helps to spot that out to improve relationships.Having mars in cap is fun though,because you can be really dedicated about a partner ,too! So I wouldn’t say they ‘re super difficult placements.They bring me a lot of joy and make me be able to work hard for a partner and be thankful and know nothing good comes easy but appreciate it all the more when it does.
    Great post btw! Best regards

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