Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Aquarius Compatibility

CapricornCapricorn wants to maintain the status quo and Aquarius wants to be liberated from it. Can The Conformist and The Outsider maintain a relationship? Surprisingly, these two signs do share something in common.

Venus in Capricorn plays by the rules. She follows a traditional path with relationships built on commitment and status. Ms. Capricorn needs a lover who she can respect and who will respect her rules (because she’ll be laying down the law). Her authoritarian ways may be too much for some, but Venus in Capricorn can be one of the most loyal partners around. She demonstrates her love by expertly managing the relationship and providing rock-solid support for her lover.

AquariusMars in Aquarius breaks the rules. This cool rebel enjoys the view from the edge as he stands back and observes. Here is the eccentric lover who is up for anything. Sexual experimentation is his forte, but heavy emotional scenes are not. Mr. Aquarius approaches feelings with detached curiosity, although he can be a steadfast friend (even to his ex lovers). Mars in Aquarius stubbornly guards his freedom. If he feels hemmed in, he may do something perverse just to initiate a breakup.

What exactly do these two have in common? Believe it or not, both signs used to share Saturn as a ruling planet (before Uranus was discovered). Aquarius shares Capricorn’s cool rationality and unbending Saturn strength. (Have you ever tried to change an Aquarian’s mind?) Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Aquarius will feel very comfortable with each other’s lack of emotional demands. The lack of teary scenes and heated arguments will be a relief. But the lack of passion may get a little stale.

Conflicts will arise because both are so ferociously set on their agendas. Venus in Capricorn will try to push Aquarius in a certain direction, and he’ll respond by running the other way. It’s possible for them to work together, but they’ll have to rely more on their detachment than their respective need for control.

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  1. Hahaaaaa! I’m so glad this combo is now posted! It was me and an ex. Although, I do have a question on this – if one person is an Aquarius Sun and Venus in Capricorn and the other person is a Capricorn sun and Mars in Aquarius….(they’re also venus in cap). What changes?

  2. I’ve been waiting for this one for ages, too!

  3. @no-perspiration
    Each person would have a better understanding of the other sign’s energy based on their Sun sign. However, even though their ego (Sun) would be expressed through Aquarius, their relationship needs would still be Capricorn. Also, much depends on the house positions of Sun/Venus/Mars and aspects to other planets.

  4. “It’s possible for them to work together, but they’ll have to rely more on their detachment than their respective need for control.”

    In an effort to relinquish control, wouldn’t it be better if there were less detachment and more relating?
    With my Venus in Capricorn I feel that less of a detached manner would be more beneficial in intimate/personal relationships, especially if the result is more vulnerability versus intense self control of expression. But, this could be my North Node in Cancer talking.

  5. Nadia,

    That’s what I figured. Didn’t know if there was anything more to add on to that. I did know him more when I looked at his chart. More like a “ok, I operate like that, too”. Thanks.

  6. @NovLady,
    Detachment is what these two very different signs have in common and it’s what connects them. I was attempting to focus on what these two might share and then move forward from that. Plus, you need to work with the existing potentials of the signs. It’s not impossible for Capricorn and Aquarius to be less detached (especially if there are moderating influences in the charts) but their energy is what it is. And that’s not a bad thing at all.

  7. I’m just as complicated as this is.My sun is an Capricorn-aquarius cusp ( 19 jan, ).My rising is in taurus, yet my moon sign is in Libra. My venus is in capricorn , but my mars is in aquarius. I’m mostly earth-air. Really complicated.Sometimes I act like I’m two different people.Somehow, I’m mostly air ( though I’m a capricorn ). I’m really daring, really sexual, so not conservative as a capricorn should be.I’m flirty with absolutely everyone I talk to. I can’t help it, either they’re guys or gales.This earth-air combination made me also a bisexual because I’m just so curious about everything around me.

  8. Girls*. I’m sorry.

  9. Yep. That’s exactly right. NO/ZERO PASSION. It flippin’ sucks!!! Sometimes I even think he might be gay. No joke. My Venus in Cap and his Mars in Aquarius. Not only that but his Venus is in Gemini. More air!!! LOL. Sucks BIG TIME!! Ladies be weary of this combo. It will leave you hanging for sure. You’ve been warned!

  10. My Mars is in Aquarius, BUT my Venus is in Pisces, when I’m around my Capricorn Venus/Capricorn Mars, she always goes on about how passionate I am because I will literally kiss every of her body and caress her endlessly. I’m a much more mushy Aquarius when it comes to women in general, probably why I have one male best friend, and the rest of my friends are girls for the most part lol. I’m probably going to have to cut them off as my relationship with my Cappy grows.

  11. I’m Pisces sun with both Mars and Venus in Aquarius…my guy interest is Capricorn sun, Mars, and Venus … Based on this interpretation, there’s no hope for us

  12. Holy cow I am the same exact everything as you! I was born Jan 19 1998 though but anyway I’m really curious to see what a person born on the same day acts like. Lol if this astrology thing is true you most likely would be just as curious

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