Transiting Pluto in Capricorn Aspecting Natal Venus: Through the Valley of Obsessive Love

What happens when transiting Pluto meets Venus? The phrase that comes to mind is probably “obsessive love.” Challenging (square, conjunction, opposition) Pluto aspects to Venus are anticipated with unease. Pluto’s need for control and deep transformation does not sit comfortably with Venus, who just wants everyone to get along.

If you have natal Venus in Capricorn, Cancer, Aries or Libra, you will feel Pluto’s transit through Capricorn in the form of hard aspects. Read on to see how it will impact your Venus, and what you can do about it. If your natal Venus is between 7-11 degrees of the Cardinal signs, you’ll feel Pluto’s influence from 2012-2013.

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Venus in Capricorn likes relationships with boundaries. You set the rules. No gushy displays of emotion, but with the right partner you’re there for life. And the relationship has to move forward—no stagnant partners, please. You have goals, and your partner better keep up.

When Pluto passes over (conjuncts) your Venus, your love life will receive a depth charge. Pluto in Capricorn renovates structures. But there has to be a “death” before this can happen. This could be the death of an existing relationship that’s going nowhere, a relationship fear, or your romantic values (if they’ve been limiting you). This will probably feel uncomfortable, because those rules that you had all worked out will be transformed. This could come in the form of a new love interest who pushes your buttons. You may develop feelings for a new (or existing) partner that feel compulsive and trigger your urge to control the relationship. Your chilly demeanor will go out the window as you discover depths in you that you never knew you had. You may feel … gasp! … out of control.

A Venus/Pluto conjunction can go either way. A healthy relationship will feel very intense but will be enriching, passionate and profound. You’ll evolve with that partner. An unhealthy relationship will feel controlling and obsessive. You’ll evolve through the intensity of what you’re feeling, but ultimately the relationship will end. In the meantime, the best way to deal with the compulsive energy is to realize that you can’t control anything or anyone. The more you try to clamp down, the worse you’ll feel. Pluto’s ultimate goal is to detach you from limiting behaviors and structures. In their place you’ll develop a deeper, more fearless approach to relationship intimacy.


CancerVenus in Cancer loves to love (and to be loved). You relate to others through nurturing, and your love is security-based. You need to feel safe in a relationship and can flip back and forth between mother and child, depending on your mood. But despite your changeable moods in love, you really don’t like change in relationships. It threatens you.

So guess what this Pluto opposition to your Venus will mean? That’s right: change. And it will probably feel threatening, because you’ll be pushed to confront issues like dependency. A new relationship may come along that throws these issues in your face by making you feel extraordinarily needy. You’ll morph from mother to smother, but you’ll just think you’re taking care of the other person. Or the need to kill your lover with kindness could intensify in an existing relationship. Of course, the more you try to make your partner dependent on you, the more they’ll pull away.

Pluto’s opposition could stir up some emotional manipulation in you and your partner as you struggle to gain the upper hand. What to do? Try to embrace the energy of your opposite sign, Capricorn. You are being urged to develop self-sufficiency in relationships. Pluto can stir up some deep fears about abandonment by your lover and, if you’re not careful (read “clingy”), that’s exactly what will happen. The hallmark of a tough Pluto transit is having your deepest fear realized. There’s no guarantee that a Pluto opposition means you will lose a partner, especially if your relationship is sound to begin with. But the more you cling, the greater the risk. Productive use of this transit might include exploring ways you can nurture yourself and allowing your partner some breathing room. By the time this transit is over, you (and others) will be surprised at how independent you’ve become.


AriesVenus in Aries loves to charge ahead. You need to be free to do your own thing, rules be damned. Who wears the pants? You do! And it’s all about you. As passionate and dynamic as you are, cooperating is not your strong suit.

Get ready for your will to be challenged when Pluto squares your Venus. You could meet someone totally compelling who challenges your right to be first. Or you may become involved in a power struggle in your existing relationship. You may want something/someone sooo badly. Charging ahead in your usual fashion, you’ll be met by a brick wall of resistance or disinterest. What if someone doesn’t return your interest? What if someone doesn’t want to do things your way?

This transit will teach you about submitting. That’s an ugly word, especially to Aries. But the harder you push, the less you’ll get. You will be forced (and I mean that literally) to respect the boundaries of others. This sounds violent, but know that the emotional violence and power struggles that can arise will be in direct proportion to the amount of fight you put into something. You cannot win against a square from Pluto. So your best tactic will be to back off. If you must fight for something, fight for the new you that will emerge during this transit. Rather than trying to bend someone to your will, turn your energy inwards and work on yourself. The upside of this transit is that you will have a ridiculous amount of energy and determination. Use it wisely.


Venus is strong in Libra, the sign that she rules. Strong like an iron fist in a velvet glove. Balance and peace at all costs are what you strive for, even if that means glossing determinedly over unpleasant details. If you’re single, you’re on the lookout for someone because you need to be with a partner. If you’re in a relationship, you may swing back and forth between suppressing your needs and erupting with resentment when they don’t get met.

So what happens when a square from Pluto rocks the Libra boat? No longer will you be able to keep all those unpleasant details under the surface. You may feel pushed to do and say things that are not nice. This transit is not about being nice. It’s about uncovering issues—so get ready to explore some unpleasant stuff. A new relationship may push your boundaries as someone tries to manipulate, take advantage and control you. These issues could come to a head in an existing relationship. Your greatest fear (being alone) may be dangled in front of you as a partner threatens to leave or a new love interest is unavailable. Reacting to this in the old way (attempting to win the other person by turning yourself into what you think they want) will fail.

This transit is about teaching you to develop your own identity in a relationship. That means setting your boundaries and sticking to them. But how will you know what those boundaries are until they’re tested? This square from Pluto may confront you with scenarios such as:

  • What are you willing to do to prevent yourself from being alone?
  • How far will you go to please someone?

You know there’s iron wrapped up in that Libra package. This transit will uncover it for all to see.

Difficult Pluto-Venus transits are not a piece of cake. They will make you confront your deepest relationship fears/compulsions, but in the process you can learn how to evolve past them. That’s the key with Pluto: evolution. Moving through the Valley with Pluto by your side can be frightening. But what awaits on the other side is a stronger you, with a richer love life.

What is Pluto’s transit through Capricorn forcing you to confront? Let us know in comments below.

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Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. Hi Nadia,

    My husband’s Venus is at 11 Cancer, so he’ll be feeling this in the next couple of years. I have a really hard time with clinginess/ neediness (Moon and Venus in Virgo), and that has caused some issues between us at times. Is there a way I can prepare myself (or us?) for this transit so as to lessen the impact?

  2. Hi Nadia,

    I wanted to ask, how would transiting pluto trine venus in virgo ( 9 degrees) affect a person? While that is going on uranus is conjuncting moon in aries (4 degrees), which means that person just finished having a pluto square moon transit. Would this mean a new relationship? Would it be the beginning of serious long lasting true love relationship? Are the trines more effective in finding happiness in a relationship?thank you

  3. My Venus is at 7 degrees! And, I have a natal Venus (Capricorn) Square Saturn (Libra). Being a Scorpio, I have been embracing more detached feelings when it comes to romance- even pursuing a more friendship approach with a romantic interest than ever before. Yet, I have been attracting men who have intimacy challenges or want open relationships. I feel I am open to adventure and non-traditional routes WITHIN a solid foundation of a relationship. And, I feel strongly that a strong trusting secure foundation is key for my relationships values. Is this to be challenged?

    I noticed that you mentioned for Venus in Cancer’s to find some guidance by looking at their opposite sign. Would this hold true for a Venus in Capricorn? Should a VIC embrace some Cancer qualities? If so, which qualities would be most useful?

    Thanks @ Nadia Gilchrist
    Fascinating article.

  4. @Limerence
    Just try to remain aware of what he’s going through. His Venus in Cancer behavior will be emphasized so use your Virgo logic/rational to remind yourself that he’s being hit by a tough transit. Virgo functions best when dealing with facts so you could try reading more about Pluto, it’s effects and purpose. Knowledge helps Virgo feel in control.

  5. @loretto
    Transiting Pluto trine Venus is pretty positive, no matter how you slice it. Increased depth and understanding of relationship needs and self-esteem. While it’s no guarantee, Pluto trine Venus can magnetize a positive, new relationship. The previous Uranus/Pluto transits of the Moon would have reconstructed the emotional landscape, making that person ready for new emotional experiences.

  6. @NovLady
    If you have Venus in Capricorn square Saturn your existing boundaries will be challenged. As I mentioned in the article, depending on the work you have done so far this transit could go either way for you. It all depends on how ready you are for something/someone more profound. Whether or not you should embrace Cancer qualities depends on what your relationship issues are right now. Do you have difficulties opening up and being intimate? With all that Saturn action going on it sounds like you might be holding back in relationship out of fear but….you may have dealt with those fears. Try this: identify your greatest relationship fear. That is what Pluto will force you to confront.

  7. @Nadia Gilchrist

    I am ready for something profound, but I want to hold true to the relationship desires and values that I feel are most important to me. For instance, I met someone recently who is kind. However, he is interested in open relationships with women. I am on a different journey. If anything, I feel I need to honor what it is I am seeking and looking for without compromising these boundaries. Hold and stay my course. The only major thing I am doing differently is working with surrendering all expectations in keeping friendships with men who are not offering what I seek and maintaining my personal boundaries. I think this is healthy.

    I hope that is not challenged! As far as identifying my greatest relationship fear, I hope Pluto is merciful. I am being much kinder to myself in romantic matters and I expect him to do the same! Lol!

  8. @Nadia Gilchrist,

    Thanks so much, of course you are right! I have found that being aware of the influence of these transits helps a lot in dealing with them! At the same time we’ll both be hit by Neptune oppositions to my Moon and his Mercury (both at 4 Virgo). Arghh, I just hope I am able to stay rational! Maybe we should just both go on a nice vacation, for a couple of years! 😉

    I love your articles, and really appreciate your replies.

  9. @NovLady
    Sometimes “challenge” just means a test to confirm that you are on track. Which it sounds like you are. Pluto only feels unkind when you try to hang on to unhealthy relationships or habits and this does not sound like an issue with you.

  10. @Limerence
    You’re welcome. 🙂

  11. @Nadia Gilchrist

    Same here. Thanks for your helpful replies!

  12. My progressed Venus is facing Pluto. I’m meeting lots of plutonian types: mean people, jealous ones… But it’s also cause damn saturn in scorpio in my IC in front of all my stellium in Taurus in the MC

  13. Joshua kwack says:

    So hi.. My name is joshua kwack and I am currently going through a Venus in cancer opposition to the Pluto in Capricorn 11 degrees to be exact.. Boy has it been hard to juggle people in my life but I really believe that that truly one good person that I truly love will come back to me.. I hope he loves me back.. Boy this transit has stripped me down..cause it’s been confusing which one is which lol.. Hope they love me back.. Love has left me broken and heartbroken and maybe even heartless.. I am.. Good luck… Pluto is also transiting square my jupiter in libra.. I’ve been only reading Venus oppose to Pluto so I will read Pluto square jupiter..

  14. Hi Nadia and Loretto,
    Great post, glad I found this.
    Nadia, thanks so much for the consult last year, it was very helpful.
    Loretto, I had to write, your transits are so similar to mine.
    I will be experiencing Pluto trine my natal Venus in the 8th house in a 3 months time and am praying for a reconciliation with my boyfriend instead of a new love. Jupiter will also be conjunct my Venus and Uranus is still conjunct my moon in Aries in the third.

    I was wondering how the last few years have been for you Loretto, as we have a similar set up. any comments are greatly appreciated.

  15. Venusenaries says:

    My natal venus is in house 12, house 12, and it is almost squaring pluto, please enlight me about what will Venus in Aries in House 12th may represent. Hospitalization? Thank u so much for your wisdom

  16. Hello everyone. I have Pluto square Venus in my 5th house my Pluto is in.sag in 5th house and Venus in Libra 4th, Venus in Aquarius in 8th house and Venus in Taurus in 11th house.
    When Pluto square Venus hits me I entered in a relationship with my friend. In that relationship I was extremely passionate jealous manipulate extremely emotional and also I become object of another’s obession ( She was my cousin I was very closed to her but she just used me) also My bf was less commited and he rejected me. It was unbearable for me and I become vindictive or vengeful but later I clamed down and texted my bf many times to comeback but he said that he is in relationship with someone else, he said he don’t love me anymore. :'( :'( :'( its been 3 years but he doesn’t text me. He was my first love. And I was his 2nd Love he returned to his first love. Now I’m very alone. I am really missing him. What should I do plz tell me.:'(

  17. Astro-obsessed says:

    Pluto in the 3rd house is squaring my venus in 12th house Libra. At the beginning of the transit I got involved with a married man who is unhappy in a long-term arranged marriage. We don’t have much in common but I enjoyed his company, mostly, and the synastry chart is amazing. Nevertheless, I decided he had too much baggage and I ended the relationship but left open the possibility of continuing things if and when he gets divorced. So, now I’m alone in a society that offers little in the way of community outside a nuclear family. Still, I think I made the right choice.

    Thanks for the post, it gives me hope that something good will come of all this.

  18. Hi Nadia,
    Thanks for your article really hit the nail on the head for me, currently experiencing natal venus in libra 10th house sq Tpluto. Recently my husband has been coming on strong with power struggles in a business we both work in which I started before we met 7yrs ago. He started demanding more authority and threatening to leave if he didnt get it. I have had to soul search asking myself how much am i willing to let go of in order to not be alone (second marriage) again. Finally after some time alone, I have set my boundaries. I am willing to go it alone and I am comfortable with that decision for the moment. We are still married however, we are in different countries now, so separated to see how things pan out. I still love him and he still loves me but this is this power struggle between us that is tearing us apart. All I can do is pray and leave it in the hands of God.

  19. Venus in cancer/ moon in Capricorn here.

    I can testimony that for me all of the above has been true.

    Venus opposite transiting Pluto – love, loss in love, dealing with issue of dependency and abondonment.attraction to a pluto type.

    Also Pluto/Uranus square affected both my Venus and my moon=> restructuring of emotional landscape. I am definitely a different person emotionally, my emotional intelligence has increased exponentially.

    It’s not an easy transit to say the least. Let’s see what will happen now!

    Love and luck to you all!

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