Sasstrology Forum to Close February 3

Mars is retrograde, and I feel it is triggering something in me that needs to close the forum. Honestly, I rarely participate in it myself, and if I only host it for the sake of building up pageviews so I can earn more advertising money, it feels against the values I am trying to live by. I also don’t like comments shared on the forum that bring the blog down to a level that makes me uncomfortable, and even with the help of a user-moderating flag tool, I find that I do not have the resources to monitor all that is being written on the site.

For those of you who are regulars in the forum, I offer my apologies for taking away your home. I am providing a week’s notice so that you can coordinate amongst yourselves if you want to create a forum elsewhere. Ning has a plan for less than $20/year that accommodates up to 150 members, and I am sure there are many other options you can look into. Unfortunately, there is no way for your data or the forum threads to be exported. (For those who are technically-minded, it would just be one big MySQL dump.) So you can use the time before 2/3 to save any pages that are important to you to your hard drive.

What this means for the future: If you are registered on Sasstrology, you will still be able to comment on blog posts, but there will be no private messaging system, no status updates, no groups, no profiles.

P.S. Elsa invites anyone interested to join the conversation at her boards.

About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. Wow…so sorry to see Sass go Jeff and thanks for the 2 years that I’ve been on to be able to learn more about astrology in depth as well as ask questions in private from more experienced astrology students.

    This makes me sad, but having to shut this down is totally understandable. I wish you well on whatever projects you undertake that will replace the time you’ve spent maintaining and monitoring Sass. I also apologize if I’ve been a headache. Better yet…I apologize for the TIMES that I’ve been a headache. Ha ha ha ha

    Sass has been a healthy outlet for some of that Neptunian need to escape. lol

  2. Already signed up for a “free forum maker” site 😛 I can’t lose everyone on Sass! And keeping together individually wouldn’t be nearly as fun. It would be like all heart felt one-on-ones instead of a giant awesome party 🙁 Still great but seriously lacking.

    Thanks for having the forums for so long! I met amazing people on here <3 Hopefully we can all stick together. And sorry for all those times I purposefully crossed the line, it was just so fun D:

  3. @ Jeffrey

    Sorry a couple of bad apples spoiled the

    integrity of your vision for Sasstrology!

    All the best and continue achievements in

    the future. Thanx for the 3 years 🙂


    @ Lizzie


    You can always come over to

    There are already quite a few of Sasstrology

    members on that site. I’ve been over there

    for a few weeks now. Granted it’s not the

    same but hey *Kanye shrug*


    Ms. Teeq1974

    You know what it is. We good mama 🙂

  4. 🙁 Yes, Sasstrology has become my home over the past 3+ years. I am so sad to see even my PRIVATE forum (where there was no drama) go. I think a required membership would be an idea you could roll over in your mind. Jeff, you’ve always had such a kind heart. Just listening to the podcasts I can tell the amount of passion you put into your work. You have always been so awesome. I do hate this… is soooo confusing, too. But, alas, I’ll take to many many lessons and astrological teachings with me. It just sucks, cuz yes, this place and especially my private forum has helped me in life TREMENDOUSLY…. damnit. This sucks 🙁

  5. Thank You, Jeffrey. I have learned much about astrology and relationships through this site and the forums.

  6. Thanks for your comments and sorry to those for whom this is a loss. I’ve been hosting the forum here and previously at Ning since at least 2008 (if I recall correctly) and I have just come to a point at which the “headaches” due to the fires I have had to put out have grown greater than any benefit I have derived from creating a space where people can support each other. It is ultimately a totally selfish decision, and I regret that it inconveniences those who have only contributed peaceful and loving vibes.

    The rest of the blog goes on and I am not closing comments, so you can still participate that way.

  7. Jeffrey, I have learned so much here. The thought of the Sass forum closing down makes me want to flag this topic as inappropriate!

  8. @gemster

    LOL! Indeed!

  9. change is good

  10. Neo-Sutekh says:

    Even though sometimes I’ve been over the top it’s never been personally directed at anyone nonetheless I apologize for my part in this decision.

    I’ll check out the dxpnet site , I also have forums on my site as well.

  11. Neo-Sutekh says:
  12. Perhaps not personally directed at anyone, just Jews and gays.

  13. …LMBO!!!…and this is just one fine example of why I love Sass. lol ha ha ha ha

    @ Sutekh…what exactly goes on there? Is anyone invited to come check it out or just a handful of those who you’ve developed a liking to here at Sass? Just asking.

    I’ll check out your site Lizzie, Mer, and NP. Thanks for creating additional sites where we can continue to learn from and support one another. You guys are awesome. 🙂

  14. Neo-Sutekh says:

    Is anyone invited to come check it out or just a handful of those who you’ve developed a liking to here at Sass? Just asking.

    @Mysteeq anyone and everyone is welcome, and I never had problems with anyone on here, I’ve butted heads with a few people but we’ve always gotten over it.

  15. well there goes some good friends. I like you all. I am so grateful that i have found this site and the gifted people here. Farewell ^_^

  16. This is soo sad. I hope Jeffrey that at some point you will change your mind again.
    This forum had a very nice community with the exception of a couple of trolls but what forum doesnt have those.
    I will definetly miss it,..

  17. Anyone (except the trolls) are welcome to interact in the comments section of blog posts. Your accounts will still be active.

    @elle I am not closing the door on ever opening the forum back up again, but not unless I have the resources to have someone attend to it with care.

  18. Wow..I didn’t realize that our faces n avatars would be gone too. I feel like my soul has been swiped from my Sass body.

    “Swiper no swipey!” lol

    NE who, I came to see where links have been posted or mentioned regarding the other sites that have been created in the short week of the eviction notice. I thought maybe it would have been placed in the comments sections here. I’ll keep looking. Also curious to see what the place looks like since the remodel.

  19. @ms.teeq1974 Yeah I wish we could have saved the avatars but they were part of the forum installation. You can upload your pic at Gravatar and just associate with your Sass email address.

    To find a list of the recently created forums, just click on the “Forum” tab up top.

  20. Oh nooooooooooooooooo! Well, thanks for the run Jeffrey, I really appreciate all your hard work. If I could help in any way, please let me know.

  21. You’re welcome, Bliss.

  22. Just letting you peeps know that I tried to register at Akrabu’s site but that it won’t let me…….

    I’ve loggin in succesfully at Neo-Sutekh’s site once. But upon return I can’t get back in. Tried to make a new password but password I come up with is a mismatch……….

  23. Neo-Sutekh says:

    @ gemster it’s case sensitive if the letters aren’t the right case it won’t accept.

  24. @Neo-Sutekh

    Thank you for replying. It’s kind of unhandy for me since I want my password to be easy memorable.


    I have moved to the ElsaElsa board and simply love it there!

  25. So just to make sure – the forums are closed but commenting on regular posts is still up and running, yes?

  26. yes, Aquaman. And you no longer have to have an account to leave a comment.

  27. Jeffery! says:

    Elsa cyber bullies. Your forum was better.

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