Neptune’s Transit Through Pisces: Romantic Delusion or Delight?

Neptune returns to Pisces this February and certain signs (Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius) will be vulnerable to its heady cocktail of romance and illusion. Neptune rules Pisces with an energy that transcends reality. It is spiritual rather than physical. Boundaries fade, acceptance grows and others’ faults don’t seem to matter.

When transiting Neptune makes a hard (conjunction, opposition or square) aspect to the relationship planets (Venus, Mars, the Sun or Moon), the chance of romantic delusion increases. But so does the chance for the romance of a lifetime. Read on to see how the four mutable signs will be affected and what they can do about it.

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How do you think Neptune’s transit through Pisces will affect you and your relationships? Let us know in comments below.

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About Nadia Gilchrist

Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology.


  1. Um… my boyfriend has Mars in Virgo at 9.55 degrees and MY Virgo moon is at 26.08 degrees… I realize they’re not in the more powerful aspects of 0-4 degrees, but this now made me paranoid lol! He’s totally happy with me, but what can you add on for me with these aspects that last til 2014?

  2. @no-perspiration
    Neptune won’t hit your boyfriend’s Mars until April, 2015 and it won’t hit your Moon until 2024 so you have a ways to go until either of you feel this.
    If everything’s solid between the two of you he may just experience the Neptune opposition as lack of motivation and low energy. You really need to look at the synastry (comparing your 2 charts) between you to see how Neptune will impact your relationship.

  3. Neptune will square my Sun (3 degrees in Sag) in late April and it will square Uranus (0 degrees in Sag) and Pluto will be opposing my Cancer Asc at the same time. im also in my saturn return.

    this is a new twist.

  4. Can Neptune just not? Can’t it just skip on over to Aries? Its going to be conjunct my Mars, and Mars – Neptune transits are the worst. And its going to be like that for yeeeeeears ugh.

  5. @Nadia Gilchrist
    You used my planets in two of your examples. Ha! Many thanks.! My Mars is at 12 degrees Virgo and my Moon is at 4 degrees Gemini (2nd house). My feelings towards connecting emotionally with pure vulnerable honesty (yet, with strong boundaries) has already been at play dramatically at late. Because of my moon potentially being affected, does this mean that I should be aware of steering clear of emotional attachments for two years???

    What happens with a natal Neptune at 23 degrees Sagittarius? It always seems that Neptune gets this really foreboding reputation. If you are already approaching many aspects of your life in a spiritual, higher intentioned way, wouldn’t Neptune’s effect be more of a blessing?

    Also, I have read for a member here that she has heard that it is helpful with a harsh transit to look to the guidance of the opposing house. Would looking at the opposing house and potentially opposing planet provide some balance?

    Loads of questions. Thank you in advance for any additional insight you could share!

  6. Neptune is killllling me!!

    It has been square my Asc at 29 degrees scorpio

    I seriously have not come across more shadiness and lies in a LONG time… just deceptive swindlers

    I’ve been swooned and I feel like a tender heart has been taken advantage of, but I feel strong.

    Back in 2008/9 I got out of 2 relationships that were just like this………. Neptune was square my mercury and venus

    Males that are very charasmatic, romantic, dreamy, beautiful, insecure, lie with ease, rebound before I can blink an eye.

    They were all Neptunian guys…. one was Pisces Sun/Moon, a Leo with a close Neptune trine 1degree, his Neptune in my 1st, and a Capricorn with Pisces venus conj mars.

  7. Yikes – with Moon at 4 Virgo, Mars at 10 Virgo, and Venus at 15 Virgo, it looks like I am in for a long haul of Neptune oppositions. I also have Pluto making its way through trining them for about 3 years each, and Chiron also opposing them from Pisces. At the same time Mars is going back and forth in Virgo this year, conjucting them at various times. The last year or two has not been boring at all, to say the least, and definitely not always pleasant. Am I really in for another decade of this? What’s a Virgo to do? Any advice Nadia? I do believe that my coping skills are pretty good, but this is ridiculous! 😉

  8. Thanks for the response, Nadia!

    I went and looked – Neptune in the 4th house (ambiguous home life). Mars squares Neptune (ego games, which I don’t think we have any). Jupiter Square Neptune (making sure idealism doesn’t get in the way of reality, which is moreso him than me). He’s been trying to be more and more ideal to himself and to everyone else, lately. I just hope his niceness isn’t mispercieved(?) as a sexual or emotional bonding opportunity. He’s a Cancer sun. Saturn Square Neptune (making sure idealism doesn’t mess with reality, as well.) This makes sense – he’s usually the one to ground me when I say really sweet things (I’m Libra Mars) so when I say things like “Can I keep you?” he’s like “well, you have me on lease for now” lol! But Neptune also trines the Sun and Mercury (good balancing act with communication and idealism) and it sextiles Pluto. I’ve never really been a fan of Neptune lol!

    Again, thanks for your help. We’ve only been together for 5 1/2 months and his longest was like 9 months I think. Got my fingers crossed. I don’t see it ending to be honest, but I’ll reiterate that I hate Neptune lol!

  9. @NovLady,
    Rather than steering clear of emotional attachments it might be more productive to approach them with caution (unless of course you see an obvious red flag…then you should definitely steer clear). But I wouldn’t cut out all potential romantic attachments for duration of this transit. A square to Neptune is not a guarantee that a relationship will fail, it just means you have to focus on being honest and crystal clear about your intentions and their intentions.

    A square to your natal Neptune will bring up any existing issues. If, as you say, you are already approaching life using the higher form of Neptune’s energy then this transit may just act as a test to confirm your faith. Transits that involve hard aspects will always test you in some way, no matter how evolved you are.

    Look to the opposing house when the aspect is an opposition. when it’s a square, look to the house where the square is coming from (whatever house the transiting planet is in). Also, look at other natal aspects to the planet that is receiving the hard aspects. Easy natal aspects (trines, sextiles) will give you an outlet.

  10. @Rainbow
    You’re almost done. Neptune leaves Aquarius (where it is making the square to your AC) next month.

  11. @Limerence
    I hear you. I have a bunch of planets in Virgo as well.
    With many years of Neptune’s opposition ahead of you, look at the house that Neptune will be transiting through. What needs to change in that area? What do you need to let go of? If you can figure these things our before hand and start the process, this transit should not be as tough. Also, remember that nothing can be forced or controlled with a Neptune transit. If there’s something you want and it’s not happening, let go. That’s not to say you should drift for the next few years and accomplish nothing. Neptune transits are famous for draining vitality and focus but you can still (and should) function in the real world. But it will be more challenging so cut yourself some slack. Let go of any perfectionism and just do your best. If you have creative urges, now is the time to embrace them.

  12. @no-perspiration
    Another side effect of hard Neptune transits is panic or worry that something bad will happen. And then it doesn’t. 🙂
    It’s tricky energy and easy to get sucked into a mire of what if’s. Just focus on making your relationship as strong as you can right now in preparation for the future.

  13. Thank you for the response Nadia. Sorry you are going through some of this too! My moon is at the tail end of my second house (often interpreted as the third), and Mars and Venus are solidly in the third house. So I will give that some thought. I see that we have a pattern of about three years of a Pluto trine followed by about three years of the Neptune opposition, and Chiron oppositions moving more quickly for the next few years. So the Pluto trine to my moon ends in February and the Neptune opposition starts in April, just as the Pluto trine to Mars starts. And so on… Perhaps Pluto will “toughen us up” before Neptune can do too much damage 🙂

  14. Neptune is conjunct my sun in 4 degrees. I either want to steer clear of anything that looks to resemble a connection from the past that didn’t work out or I want to dive right in. Both of these can be felt all in the same day. Talk about Neptunian energy gone wild. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so torn in my life. I also can actually feel myself wanting to lie to people and maybe make my words elastic as a means of being able to bail out of committments at the last minute.

    It’s the weirdest thing ever. lol I guess I shouldn’t laugh, but see what I mean…that’s a serious thing…to want to bail out on committments, especially when people are not expecting you to…and here I am kinda laughin about it. SMH

    What has been working so far is reaching out immediately or responding immediately when someone asks me about something…as a means of staying connected to the reality of their expectation based on what I SAID I was going to do instead of how I feel in the moment. This much I CAN say. NOW I understand how other Pi people who have come on the board talking about doing these things feel. There’s nothing like it in the world and unless you actually FEEL it….you can’t understand it. It seems shady, underhanded, manipulating, etc. However, from the inside out…it actually feels somewhat like a scene straight up out of “one flew over a cuckoo’s nest”.

    For real.

  15. My sun is in Sag @ 29° and my ascendant is in Pi @ 2° (but will this transit affect me at all?) The only other planet that kinda quantifies is Saturn, which was in Virgo @ 0°27′ (I do have Mercury in Sag @ 29°30 & Venus in Sag @ 22°, so it doesn’t appear these planets will be severely affected by this transit).
    That all being said, will this transit serve to topple my boundaries & barrier even more so because it will effect my Saturn?

  16. @Fujicakes,
    Neptune will start to move back and forth over your Ascendent around April, 2012.
    You may notice an increase in charisma as your external image blurs and others are able to project things onto you. Also, you may start to question your current identity.

    Neptune won’t square your Sun/Mercury until 2025, your Venus until 2023. It won’t oppose your Saturn until 2024.
    So you’ll only feel the impact on your ascendent during the next few years.
    When it hits your Saturn it will have an impact on your boundaries. They will definitely become less defined but I wouldn’t go as far as saying they will be toppled. Look at what house your Saturn is in and what house Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) is in; these are the areas of your life where you will become less sure of yourself. You’ll question what you have or do.

  17. Thank you so much Nadia!
    Yikes, I’ve got Saturn in my 7th & Capricorn is mainly in the 11th house…as difficult as being in a relationship (and even friendships) is for me, I can’t imagine being more befuddled. I appreciate the insight on this. It’s very nice to know before hand when things are going to get a bit wacky so I can better understand why I feel the way I do, especially pertaining to partnerships as a whole.
    Thanks you again so much.

  18. Oh my word, i am going through my saturn return, saturn is also in my eighth house ( Can’t sustain a relationship to save my life.) just before that i had to deal with saturn in my partnership house and now this. When with it all end???? All the signs you mention are in my houses. I’m a pisces sun 8 degrees, sagittarius moon 5 degrees, i also have sag in my 6th house 13 degrees and i have gemini in my 12th house at 13 degrees; so i’m thinking i’m gonna be affected by this transit for sure. Can you tell me how, what wonderful surprises does neptune have up it’s sleeve for me? Thanks

  19. @Coleen
    You’ve mentioned 2 planets but I’m not sure what you are referring to when you say “sag in my 6th house 13 degrees”. If you are referring to house cusps it’s not the same as as Neptune’s transit hitting a planet. But you will feel Neptune’s general impact in the house that it enters.
    The kind of analysis you’re asking for here is too time consuming for this forum.

  20. Oops sorry I’m new and typing this on my phone and somehow it posted thru Facebook instead of here. Hopefully its showing up the same?

  21. To copy the info up here in the right place (sorry)…I have Sun in Pisces (1 degree) conjunct Venus in Pisces (8 degrees) in the 8th house and Neptune in Sag (0 degrees) in 5th house. Is this going to be good or bad?

  22. @Dana,
    “Good or bad” really depends on what has been happening in your life prior to this transit. As I mentioned in my article, transiting Neptune over planets in Pisces will magnify existing issues. So it all depends on how self-aware you are. The 8th House represents shared resources, intimacy and the subconscious so deep issues that you don’t have much control over could arise. On the plus side this will be the ideal transit for delving into those issues via psychology/self examination, etc.

  23. @Nadia Gilchrist, i wasn’t expecting a ten page analysis.You’ve given everybody else on here an overview of how you think neptune is going to affect them. For me it’s too time consuming for this forum, but whatever it’s really not that serious to me.

  24. @colliz6 I think the information you provided was difficult to understand, which is why Nadia responded the way she did. You provided signs and degree areas without specifying if they were house cusps or the positions of natal planets. Nadia is kind enough to offer some mini-analyses, but please note that she is a professional astrologer who is doing this is a courtesy. Please afford her the respect she deserves. If it’s “not that serious” to you, then there is no need to reply in the manner in which you did.

  25. @Jeffrey Kishner First off it’s not necessary for you to outline what she (Nadia Gilchrist) does. Her credentials are clearly listed at the bottom; and as far as courtesy is considered she certainly wasn’t being very courteous to me. I would assume that a “professional astrologer” would understand “sag in my 6th house 13 degrees” means the sign Sagittarius is located in the 6th house at 13 degrees.The statement is pretty self explanatory. But then again i’m not a professional astrologer so what do i know right??? My question wasn’t posed with any greater complexity or ambiguity than anyone elses, and i’ve read every last comment on here. I think it’s really strange that Ms Gilchrist formulated this “The kind of analysis you’re asking for here is too time consuming for this forum.” how could she have formed that conclusion if she’s not clear as to what i’m asking?? uhmm!!! anyway like i told her i’m telling you it’s not that serious. She has the right to show courtesy to whomever she chooses; others she can dismiss as being “too time consuming”. I’m over it that’s why i said it’s not that serious.

  26. @Jeffrey Kishner
    Thanks, Jeff. 🙂

  27. jastoomuch says:

    hey nadia.. new to the site 🙂 i’ve just just begun to take an interest in astrology. was wondering how this Pisces transit might affect mine and my s/o relationship ? I am Pisces moon @ 0 deg (5th house), he’s also Pisces moon @ 9 deg (6th house).. i’m not even really clear on how transits work in regard to house positions.. if you could plz share whatever you can

  28. jastoomuch says:

    **sorry i meant his pisces moon in 5th house not 6th

  29. @jastoomuch
    So you both have 5th House Pisces Moons. This house represents creativity, ego, fun, romance and children. Regarding the transit’s effect on house positions…the energy of that transit will hit you in the area of your life represented by that house.
    I would say the romantic, creative, emotional base to your relationship will be enhanced by this transit. If you’re trying to have children (or if you have children) this transit will affect them as well.
    There might also be a desire to escape the real world together but that’s not always a bad thing. 🙂

    This will be modified by natal aspects each of you have to your Moons. So if your Moon makes any aspects to the planets in your chart, this Neptune transit will make that same aspect. For example, if your Moon trines your Saturn, transiting Neptune will also trine your Saturn when it passes over your Moon. So you would factor in the influence of Neptune trine your Saturn. It’s the same idea if your Moon makes any aspects to your partners planets. Neptune contacting your Moon will hit his other planets through your Moon.
    Since your Moon is at 0 degrees, the impact the transit has on you will be a preview of how it will affect him.

  30. hi nadia ~ just reading through your neptune post now ~ very nice! i enjoyed your commentary :):):)~ …natally mars is in my 11th H @ 5 degrees pisces ~ neptune will be in conjunction for a few years it apears… ~ the only aspect it makes is opposing my moon @ 1 degree in virgo 5th H ~ does this mean i will have outgoing delusional behavoir in society that will be in direct conflict with my emotional boundaries? haha ~ thanks for any insight you have to offer ~ also the houses are intercepted,,,idk if you take that into consideration:) ~

  31. Am I falling for illusions when I see the benefits of neptune?
    With her asc 1° virgo and an empty 7th house this pisces man came arising on her dsc just along with neptune. At the same time both their sun/moon midpoint were conjoined in progression and exactly squared by a neptune transit. There are many more significant synastry contacts between them including saturn contacts. Must this be illusion just because of the neptune stuff ? What about the good sides?

  32. Neptune would be opposing my ascendant. It has been a very confusing situation. I have beendating a Gemini Sun, so this article, fits perfectly for us. The transit is not exactly yet but it is in orb. I have a Stellium in Virgo. Saturn, mercury, my asc, venus, mars, the nn… a lot! I’m going to take things one day at a time. Thank you for the info.

  33. Dear Nadia,

    Another great article and the examples right on the nails very informative….and what you commented on one of your post: “Good or bad” really depends on what has been happening in your life prior to this transit. ”

    I’d like to share my experience with Neptune as I am still studying it, I have Sun 20 deg Sco and Moon 28 Leo, and Venus 26 Sag, about 15 years ago I found myself departed from my marriage and became a single mother with lots of responsibilities alone!

    When Neptune was around 20 degree Auq square from T Neptune, I felt lost, found myself depressed, loss of ego, loss of boundaries, on trial meds with side effects, self-delusion in relationship (love)

    This continued to opposition to my Moon , crying for no reason to anything and everything in private and public, unhealthy relationship(love), saving others, forgiving the wrong deeds of others, dealing with raising my kids
    Around this time Tpluto conjucted my Venus ( rejected from love of my life ( self-delusion) again by Neptune

    The good News, around 2008 T Neptune sextile my Venus while T Pluto Conjunction my Venus and Trine my moon, I began to pour my heart to making arts, I started to read self-help and spiritual books, Poetry and taking the Astrology to the next level

    When finally Neptune was secured in Pisces about 4 degree away from the cusp I felt the ground I was walking on, it was like ” what just happened? ” and I was a new person, I learned the art of acceptance and let go of unhealthy attachment and unhealthy mind with a new set of value about self. Looking back, I can tell you, in my case I learn more by experiencing the hard transits then a soft one , having several trine and sextile in my natal chart, trying is always is in the back burner we need a jolt…so for someone like me hard aspects create wisdom. I hope lesson learned use in a positive way to grow.

    …….. when there is a darkness, we will appreciate the Sun!


  34. @Nadia, that was not nice, what you said to @Coleen. Maybe she was not very clear, but she did not deserve the “too time consuming” comment. @Jeffrey, if we were to be completely sincere, we would notice that people do what they do mostly to serve their purposes, and there is nothing wrong with that, but maybe we shouldn’t use so much “courtesy” clichés. I am sorry, because I like this place and I like reading Nadia’s articles, which are always helpful, but I prefer to be kicked out rather than ignore something that was really not good, especially when we think that Coleen was just getting out of Saturn transiting her seventh. Peace

  35. Luz Cowell says:

    I am Leo sun Virgo asc at 8 degrees, (cancer moon at 13) I have a stellium in Virgo… Saturn at 0, conj Mercury at 2… then my asc at 8, and further down at 23 with mars at 28 and the NN at 28 too. I will be facing an opposition to all of these guys. Anyways this year I remarried, he is Gemini/Cancer, and its been pretty bumpy, I am older now, wiser now and I am taking one day at a time. Do I think Neptune is the master of illusion, yes!. My now husband has Neptune in Sag so his natural 7th has Neptune… He is marring someone who is master of disguise or someone who needs nursing (someone sick?) I’m sure I am not a nun lol. The only thing that I feel confident about is that even though astrology can give help you decipher the energy that is available, we as rational human beings have free will. For example, Neptune transiting my 7th could mean that I will be in contact with the sick and in need of medical attention; I am a nursing student and I will be graduating in 2016! I plan to work either in hospice or state penitentiary (have Saturn in my 12th), dunno maybe for the government. I do have Pluto in my second, so forensics for the government would be interesting. I think I just read my comment up there!!! lol

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