Love Horoscope for the Week of January 30

It’s a watershed week. Literally. Neptune moves into Pisces on Friday. This mighty planet of the waters dipped its trident into the Fishes’ realm last April for a preview. Now, however, Neptune makes itself right at home (for Pisces is Neptune’s realm) for thirteen years.

On a global level, water—its cleanliness and preservation—will become an issue of urgency. In your daily routine, emotions—and how you process and express them—will come into focus. There’s also massive creative and healing potential here, especially if your intuitive channel is open. If your channel’s a bit murky, Neptune’s prepared to give it a good cleansing.

Meanwhile, carry an umbrella. A durable one. You’ll need it. I say that even though there’s going to be heat this week. You can thank Venus and Mars. These cosmic lovers are staring at each other from across the sky. But they’ve got very different agendas. Venus could get lost in a dream—a beautiful projection of her man, Mars. But Mars isn’t interested in being placed on the love lady’s pedestal. He’s got practical considerations in mind—and he’s not too happy about it, either. If there’s something you can learn from the experience of being at odds with your mate, it’s to remember that your feelings for them say more about your feelings for yourself.

Baffling isn’t it, this business of being human? But you’re so much more than that, so let the Neptunian vibes inspire you to reach for your Superhero Self!

About Michelle Suzanne

Michelle Suzanne is a certified coach practitioner. She incorporates her gift for interpreting planetary messages to consult with clients, to teach, write, and to create and deliver workshops to individuals and groups. She brings twenty years of unique professional experience to people who need guidance to rise to their fullest potential. Everyone has a unique journey with a compelling story beneath it. Michelle's role is to help you re-discover yours, or to help you create a new one that resonates with who you are today.

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