Is it Time to Clean Out Your Chiron Closet?

I like to think of Chiron sometimes as a closet deep within us. We’ve all got a place into which we just throw all of our hurts. I don’t care how neat and tidy you are in your life, your Chiron closet can be messy—particularly when it comes to relationships! The more hurts you’ve piled up over the years, the fuller your closet will be.

The ironic part, however, is that we’ll never be able to move on to the new until we get rid of the old. Chiron is known to many of us as the “Wounded Healer” because he’s just that—a force that hurts as well as heals. He’s a cliché, but a powerful one who lives up to his nickname.

Most of us have a hard time cleaning out our closet because, let’s face it, it’s a big job. It really is so much easier to just throw more stuff in and forget about it. Ahh … but life is never that easy because, eventually we all have to deal. When your natal Chiron is activated, it’s a time when the maid sweeps in and says “That’s it … It’s time to clear this place out!” The process is never easy—even for the tidiest Virgo!

New Year: New Beginnings

I started to think about my Wounded Healer friend, particularly because of the New Year. Many of us have probably been thinking about New Year’s Resolutions, as this is one of the most popular time of year to “wipe the slate clean,” so to speak. It’s a time of new beginnings and optimism as we all look forward and set new goals. But in order to move ahead and make real strides, it’s important to look back for a bit and tidy up the clutter that’s been created over time.

What Is Chiron?

Chiron is actually not a planet but half asteroid and half comet. Yet his power over us can be powerfully felt. When we talk about Chiron in our own Astrology, the truth is that he’s connected to our deepest pain as well as crisis in our lives. He’s that closet where we stash our emotional pain and try to forget about it. We’ve all got a sore spot in some aspect of our lives. If you’re curious about where yours is, take a look at where Chiron lives in your chart.

Charting Chiron

Just as closets can easily be tucked away in our homes, the same can be said for where Chiron lives in your chart. When you find him, it can be a little startling at first.

Unfortunately, Chiron makes us learn lessons in a pretty traumatic way and most often he’s connected to crisis in our lives. So wherever he’s living, there’s likely a deep wound or hurt that surrounds that area of your life. If he’s living in any of the collective houses in your chart (the 7th through 12th are known as the collective houses and the ones that connect you to other people), then your wounds are likely in some way connected to your relationships with others.

For instance, if he’s in your 7th house of close and personal relationships, you will likely learn a lot about yourself through your connections with others on an intimate level. In the 8th, Chiron’s presence could make you have some sexual hang-ups, and you could end up learning about yourself through deep and intimate connections with others. If he lives in the 9th, you may have been rejected by others for something you believe in and eventually were able to rise above your rejection and implement a new way of thinking.

Gaining Insight Into Chiron Combinations

Regardless of the house he’s living in, you could also dive in and see all the combinations that Chiron makes in your chart and gain some key insights. For instance, maybe he’s in a struggle with your Sun, which might have manifested in some issues with men in your life. He could be caught up in an entanglement with your Moon, which could wreak some havoc on your emotions or be the source of some issues you’ve encountered with women.

You’ll likely ponder the reasons why he is where he is in your chart—doing this can be quite therapeutic in itself. For some of us it may make sense from the moment you find him; for others it could take a greater thought and require a deeper level of honesty with ourselves. It can be a startling revelation to see what his placement means in our lives. Once you find him and really begin to look at him, you will have the ability to start understanding his good side.

Chiron As Healer

Chiron is after all just as much a healer as he is wounded. For all the pain he’s caused you in your life, he’s also got the ability to heal—as well as the ability to help you help others with their pain. Looking at your Chiron—or that messy closet—straight in the face can be overwhelming at first, but once you dive in and start the cleaning process you might start to feel better.

I will tell you that even if you decide not to really look at him (and I know some of us would rather not) he will surface when he’s touched off in your chart by a transit. When one of the moving planets decides to touch off your Chiron, it will likely bring some emotional baggage to the surface. However it’s not until these things start to come out that you’ll be able to begin the healing process.

It’s similar to how you would feel when you first opened that closet door. It can certainly be overwhelming looking at all the stuff that has piled up over the years. Gosh … where do I begin? However, it is possible to tidy it up, and what better time than the start of this New Year? Old shoes … or old boyfriends? It’s time to get rid of the old, make way for the new and move on! The best part is that you’ll likely attract some new more beneficial relationships in the process.

[Editor’s Note: You can look up the position of Chiron by your year and month of birth at Serennu.]

What do you see when you peek into your Chiron closet? Let us know in comments below.

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  1. Chiron is conjunct my Moon in Taurus in the 6th and I…I’ve always had what I’ve come to call a hole in my heart. It feels like no matter what I do, no matter how much I’m told or shown that others care about me, it’s always there in the background. Nothing seems to fill it or even register as going in as fill. I have had many traumas and they started early, but I have had that feeling going back to my earliest memories. Sometimes it like a gaping maw. And yes, there are mother issues as well, LOL.

    On the bright side, it makes me not want others to feel the way I do, so I do what I can to make those I care about know it (not always successful as I am uncomfortable with expressing my emotions). I wouldn’t wish this feeling on my worst enemy.

  2. @Crystal B.

    Great article for the new year! I have just been educating myself about Chiron, as well. Its tough to find articles on the web that go into more detail with Chiron aspects/transits. Could you recommend any websites or books?

    I have Chiron in Taurus in the 1st opposing a Scorpio Stellium in the 7th. I would say that is super significant! My interpretation was that by nurturing my own unique identity and self worth as a priority in my life would balance and enhance the proper give and take in my personal relationships.

  3. Hmmm…this is a VERY interesting article! I have Chiron in Aries in the 12th house. The information I’ve read speaks about suppressing feelings of irrelevance…which I’ve done in the past as expressed negatively with this aspect and positively expressed one leads a life of a truly Neptunian spiritual awareness and poetic existence. lol ha ha ha

    I chuckle, because this information goes hand in hand with the intuition and spiritual personal messages that keep coming my way which is that I’m not necessarily meant to “start anew” this year or seek for new meaning to my old existence as I am to continue in my faith, knowing that things are going to work out just fine. So this year for me is more of a continuance than starting new and fresh which is EXACTLY what I need. I started a new position LAST year and have gone through other newly developed experiences in 2011. However…I desperately DO need to clean out my actual clothes closet. Thanks for the reminder. lol

    That’s probably (in honesty)…one of the things that I need to make a priority so that I can continue with a clear head/runway. Also, it would be a perfect reminder to my beloved Aries in Chiron opposing the Venus in Cap in my 9th house of how much I currently have to be grateful for. Which cosmically is also the intuitive personal message of 2012 for me…gratefulness.

    Happy New Year!!

  4. Thanks for such great feedback! Chiron is one of those topics that can really stir things within and allow us to dive deep … but the process is not always that easy.

    Head in Hands – thanks for sharing your experience with Chiron and while it certainly sounds like you’ve experienced more than your fair share of his wounded side it also sounds like you may be coming into his healing side too which gives you the ability to help others. I truly admire your courage.

    NovLady – thanks for your great comments. It’s interesting how my Chiron thoughts came to me as we begin a new year – the timing did work out! I must admit that most of my experience with Chiron is through all of my chart work. He always crops up and because of that I’ve been examining him rather closely in people’s lives. So unfortunately I do not have a book rec for you. However what I can recommend is looking out how the moving transits play out in your life when that Chiron of yours is sparked. The things that come out may prove your theory of how he’s manifesting in your life … which to me sounds like a very plausible one!

  5. Thanks for your comments Ms.Teeq1974 and I’m glad I reminded you about tidying up your own closet in my Chiron thought process LOL 😉 LOVE your personal message for 2012!! Regardless of all of our situations – each of us has something to be grateful for and this is a great motto for the new year 😉

  6. Stir things is right!! I have Chiron in Taurus in my 10th house “a compulsive need to achieve or a rejection of any success or responsibility.” pretty much sums it up. I’m always giving away my secrets and then I do have a fear of rejection so I don’t always put my A-game on with clients. Ugh…… I do need to get control over it because I’d like to build a foundation for myself and whomever.

  7. I have Chiron in Aries and in the 3rd house…

    In school, the whole idea of punishing children for speaking… the infamous – no talking really pissed me off. I talked and did so quietly and was very angry at the rule from day one. I did not care about being punished. How dare they tell me I could not speak. Anyone who tries to silence me provokes my anger.

    The second is following directions. I did it my way and did care as much as I should have about the finer nuances of the directions. I couldn’t wait ’til I got to college and had more freedom of expression. Who says that word is profane? It’s all about usage. I had a very liberal home environment and school was a shock to my system.

    Then there was art. I would doodle and draw alot. I like to draw nude figures. I did not know anything was wrong with it until a teacher decided to terroize me when she saw one of my drawings.

    Needless to say all is well as I have a degree in communications and in studio art…and my first professional job was as a television news producer. So all grade school teachers can get the finger…They saw my name in the credits. Old stifling educational systems… institutions.

    I watched “Finding Forrester” for the first time last month (I have a rebelious attitude towards mainstream film, televison and have to wait and stumble across a popular movies years later) and related to the main character.

  8. Way to go Venus in Aquarius ….. A little redemption for your past pain is a great feeling.

    Don’t beat yourself up no-persperation …. You’re more than half way there in recognizing what it is that you have to do. You’ve opened the door so to speak.

    Great feedback …. Chiron is one of those topics that can really stir our thoughts about things. I’m enjoying reading everyone’s experiences as there are so many different ways that Chiron’s placement can manifest. Remember that just looking at him and his placement is beneficial – as it’s not always easy to do. .

  9. @Crystal B.

    I have Mars Trine Chiron. I have challenging aspects, as well. Do you interpret the aspects in the same way as the other planets? Or does a trine cause an easy flow of wounding? And, do more dynamic aspects strengthen the need to heal the wound while making it more painful?

  10. Hey Novlady! A trine – even with Chiron – is going to give you assistance or help. So with Mars you might gain some healing through a male. I’d also look at the house Mars lives in as well as the house he rules to gain more insight of how he will help you. You could also look at it in that maybe you will help someone with the healing side of your Chiron. Look at his placement and rulerships on that front as well. From a general standpoint I’m going to say that challenging aspects made to Chiron are going to indicate some pain that was endured … Likely stemming from early childhood (as that’s where so many of our issues really begin). Those challenges don’t necessarily make the healing more painful. It’s likely when a transiting planet comes in and touches off that complex that hurts can surface. On the same token, if a beneficial aspect is made to Your Chiron an opportunity can come in your healing process.

  11. @Crystal B.
    Thanks for those insights! My Mars is in the 5th house so its very intriguing that you say that help may come in the form of a male. I’ll be aware of this. Your general standpoint on viewing challenging aspects as pain that was already endured is helpful to explore. I will pay attention to Chiron transits in the future.

    Thanks again for the great article!

  12. Thanks NovLady! I’m glad you liked it and watching your natal Chiron get activated through the transits will be beneficial and allow you to learn more about him in your chart. Good luck!

  13. I have Chiron conjunct my moon in the 7th in Gemini

    it is also trine sun, square jupiter, and closely opposite uranus

    I haven’t had much in the way of relationships… I feel like I am much too sensitive for it sometimes

    I identify with little puppies who rush to the door, wagging their tails, excited to see you come home. I love people blindly and loyally. People hurt me and I still love them.

    My mother calls me desperate, but at the same time I am usually single and my relationships are not enduring.

    So, part of me thinks that as devoted and starry eyed as I am, there is a part of me that is unavailable.

    I am working on building something.

  14. Thanks for your comments Rainbow. Chiron in the 7th house is a tough placement for relationships – however he’s just as much healer as he is wounded. Watch what the transits do when they trigger your natal Chiron and this may help you with your healing and build that strong foundation. Good luck to you – my heart goes out to you and I don’t think your desperate …. tell Mom it’s Chiron’s fault and she may actually have a little to do with it as the Moon is representative of our mothers.

  15. Ok, all I know is that when I went to Serennu, and looked at my birth month and year, they gave me this lol:

    14 ta 6

    Excuse my ignorance from the Chiron aspect but what does this mean? Chiron in the 6th house in Taurus?

  16. Hey Pisces Queen! At a very basic level Chiron in the 6th could manifest as a wound or hurt you endured early in childhood or perhaps having to do with your health. I also find that people with Chiron in the 6th are very health conscious or very aware of their bodies and what goes into it… maybe even verge hypochiandriac at times 😉 There’s also ties to your environment such as working conditions as well as pets and people you hire for work. You’d also want to look at the combinations your Chiron makes to other planets. Being in Taurus perhaps you find comfort (as this sign likes comfort as well as can be a bit stubborn) in looking after your health in some way.

  17. @Crystal B:

    “At a very basic level Chiron in the 6th could manifest as a wound or hurt you endured early in childhood or perhaps having to do with your health”

    I dont know…the only wounds or hurts I recall during childhood is the death of my older sister when I was 10 and a very bad relationship that began when I was 15 years old…the wound or hurt with my health? would that be early in childhood also cause I dont recall having any?

  18. @piscesqueen it means Chiron at 14 degrees and 6 seconds in Taurus. This is just a lookup chart, it won’t tell you what house it’s in in your chart. You should probably go to for that.

  19. Piscesqueen I’m very sorry for the loss of your sister. That event would certainly qualify as being related to your Chiron in the 6th. Ten yrs old to me is early childhood. Chiron can be related to crisis and a death would be a crisis to me.

  20. @Jeff:

    Thank you. I will go to astro and try to figure what house it sits in

    @Crystal B:

    I always felt like I was “over” it but last week…for the first time in over 10 years, I visited her grave site by myself…I dont know what made me want to do it…after not doing it for over a decade, but I just felt the need to and I did…do you think that would have any affect on my interactions with the opposite sex in any way?

  21. Our past hurts can definitely have an impact on our relationships. Take a look at what connections Chiron makes in your natal chart …. Maybe he touches Mars or the Sun in some way this would connect males n some way. Keep an eye on how the transits stir that Chiron of yours. Jupiter just entered Taurus and will touch it in the coming months. That touch may manifest in the “maid” coming in to clean out your closet.

  22. @Pisces Queen
    I am sorry to hear about your sister.

    @Crystal B.
    Where can you go to see when Chiron is activated in your chart? Knowing that Chiron Pisces and my natal Chiron is in Taurus helps me to understand that would be a sextile aspect, but how do I know WHEN they form the actual aspect? As well as with the other planets?

  23. @Novlady
    You would need an ephemeris to find out the positions/degrees of all the planets (as well as Chiron) at any given point in time and then calculate whether or not they are making an aspect (trine, square, sextile, semisquare etc) to your Natal Chiron. It’s done the same way that you would look at your other transits. You can also look at the transiting Chiron (which is currently in Pisces and what you mentioned) and see how that affects your natal positionings – however that is going to operate differently than when your Natal Chiron is activated.

  24. I have Chiron in my second house & while I can see the pattern in my life of my lack of self-worth associated with money & finances (and my penchant to botch up fiscally), I know I should exhibit more self control with money (I’m born on the cusp of Sag/Cap…if I were born an hour later, I’d be defined as a Cap). Yet I am not quite sure how to “clean out my closet”.
    It’s hard for me to ascertain aspects with Chiron in my chart (my 1st, 3rd, 5th, 11th & 12th houses are empty) but it looks as if Chiron sextiles Jupiter….I’ll have to go to the boards & see if anyone can share their knowledge with me there.
    Thank you for bring up Chiron’s importance!

  25. OK, I have figured out the following Chiron aspects in my natal chart:
    Chiron Trine Sun, Chiron Trine Mercury, Chiron Trine Saturn, Chiron Sextile Jupiter & Chiron Sesquiquadrate Neptune
    Based on what I’ve tried to read up on, it appears that quite a bit of healing will come from within myself, possibly by helping others deals with the issues I’ve dealt with in the past.
    Still not quite sure of the correlation between that & Chiron’s placement in my 2nd house at birth.

    Maybe there is money to be made being a therapist! Listening to others may not make me feel as bad/cope with my own insecurities & put a profit in my pocket? Ha ha 🙂

  26. @fujicakes
    Glad you liked the article! I believe just looking at Chiron’s placement in your chart is the start of “having the maid” come in. I’m not sure about you but I know from a personal standpoint looking at some of my insecurities or past pain isn’t that easy. So just reading what you wrote about your experience with Chiron in the 2nd signified to me that you were peeking into your closet. Using him to your advantage is when you can finally see his good side and perhaps your onto something with your own analysis! Also keep in mind that the 2nd house isn’t just about money but it’s what you VALUE in life as well as your personal possessions or things you possess.

  27. @Fujicakes
    I have Chiron in Taurus (which is related to the 2nd house). As Crystal B. says, that position deals with Values. I have learned for myself that values, validation, and indulging in sensual pleasures are very intimately related to my healing journey. Taurus, sign and house, deals with the material world with finances and more so, self worth. Money, like many exchanges, is an energy exchange. And, I have found that by becoming aware of how I manage my energy and intimate exchanges is aiding my well being.

    @Crystal B.
    Again, thanks for such an insightful article! If you know much about the other asteroids, please share!

  28. I have a moon in Taurus as well, so I always equate it with my inner domestic goddess/food snob/indulgent side…I guess the Taurus moon is making me overlook the fact that wealth/material bounty does not always equal money!
    Since Chiron tends to highlight past/childhood issues, maybe this is why my family values/hopes for a traditional family are so strong (yet the opposite of what I experienced as a child).
    Thank you again Crystal B. for posting this article. I look forward to exploring Chiron transit in my forecasts.
    And thank you NovLady for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

  29. Taurus in 11th house….

  30. I have Chiron in Gemini, and Gemini in the 7th house. So does that mean that Chiron is in the 7th or 3rd? Either way, BOTH of the issues associated with the houses hit me today. Traumatic personal relationships, especially with my mother. I’m a Sag with moon in Aquarius, go figure. And I just had a marathon meeting with my boss today about standing up for myself against foes with effective communication, i.e. speak softly but walk with a big stick. Aye! Timing, indeed.

  31. I tried to post it as FB user but I am not sure is visible here. My computer’s knda messy today. So I have logged in and I’ll repost as a sass user.
    Ok so here I go. I had never looked at chiron but I really need your help in knowing how I can use his healer side because the wounded one is dramatically clear now that I have looked at it. 🙁
    I have Chiron in Aries in the 8th house. So I guess sex is involved. Chiron is square to Mars (that falls in 11th house) and Mars is the ruler of my…8th house! :((
    I’d say: with Mars I will get hurt through a male. And in reality I always have been. Mars is also “violence” which was a constant in my childhood. My sister (11th house) was also very aggressive. I guess I seek healing in deep relationships/sex which is exactly where I get hurt? Will I ever be happy in a relationship that has also sex in it? So far has been either one, not both.
    So Cristal B. what I would like to know is: where can I get the healing part? And how can I help others?
    There’s one positive side: Chiron is sextile to the Sun (in Gemini) in the X house.
    Isn’t Sun male too? Or maybe the Sun is me and I can be the only one healing myself?

  32. @ Diana
    I know it can be a hard thing to find where your Chiron is living. The healing part is really up to you as we’re all on our own path and have our own free will. What I can tell you is that when your Natal Chiron (which is living in your 8th house) is activated through one of the transits (moving planets) the healing process begins. It’s a process which takes time and can be very emotional. Chiron holds our hurts deep down inside and eventually they have to be released somehow. The release can be your own doing or through an event that triggers the emotions to come out. It all depends. When they finally all come out a lift happens and you can then move on and help others with their pain. Everybody’s process is different and there is no “cook book recipe” in telling what you have to do. I believe that just looking at him (like you just did in reading this article and thinking about your own situation) is a good start to your own healing. I also believe we are all capable of healing and moving past our hurts so I would always tell a person that having a positive relationship is always possible!

  33. William Kraehe says:

    I have my Chiron in Cancer in the 1st house conjuncting my Sun/Jupiter, and opposing my Saturn … I’m not really sure how to interpret that, but it sounds stressful. I feel like I embody the wounded healer archetype sometimes.

  34. @Cristal B thanks a lot for your reply. My curiosity was more of an interpretation thing, not a solution (which I strongly believe can be effective only when we pursue it).
    Chiros sits in the 8th house so I guessed that it’s realted to deep contact with people (sex is just one form) and hence to trust issues. Which I deeply have. It’s actually one of my biggest wounds.
    I guess it was expecially with man because of the square with mars in 11th house.

    I am curious about the astrological meaning of a Chiron sextile with the Sun in house X as I have a hard time interpreting this aspect. So I wondered if you or anyone else could help with that 🙂

  35. @ Diana
    When you say house X are you referrring to your 10th house? In any event Chiron in a positive combo with your Sun could be healing through a man (the Sun can represent a male – even our father) or it could represent a healing through yourself which enables you to eventually help others. You can also look to see what house your Sun rules for more insight. So if your Sun is indeed placed in your 10th this could also denote some healing or help from your more prominent parent – which for most is their mother – however everyone is different. The 10th also has connections with your career and your place in the public eye – so Chiron could help you there as well. This is just a quick explination I’m throwing out. For more detail you’d have to encorporate all the elements of your chart.

  36. Chiron is in the 8th house in Taurus Cusp

    Mercury is in 5th house in Aquarius Cusp

    Sun Pisces
    Moon Leo
    ASC Libra

  37. Hey there guys, I have Chiron in the 12th house Biquintile my moon any suggestions as to what that may entail? I’ve found many aspects on Chiron but none with any Quintiles.
    Much appreciated

  38. I have Chiron in my Cancer sun/Virgo ascendant’s 7th house, in Pisces….any thoughts/perspectives on this?

  39. I have Chiron in my Cancer sun/Virgo ascendant’s 7th house, in Pisces….any thoughts/perspectives on this? virgo is through till I am 67 (now 48) ….and not married…

  40. seekerloverkeeper says:

    Oh, goodness gracious.

    Today’s eclipse in Gemini is in conjunction with my natal Chiron (7h, in opposition to my natal Saturn and square to natal Jupiter). But I note that the eclipse is CONJUNCT Jupiter.

    Does this mean that the aspect will be subject to progression? Unfortunately I don’t understand progression well enough to get if this will make things easier, or just be painful with no resolution – eep!

    I have been really happy and peaceful for the last season or so, and would love either a continuation of the status quo or a positive relationship for a change. But I’m not sure we get to choose, especially with an eclipse on the horizon…

  41. seekerloverkeeper says:

    Also interesting: presently I note that Chiron is in Pisces and Jupiter is in Gemini. When I was born, Chiron was in Gemini and Jupiter was in Pisces. All of which points to some sort of change in the relationship between those planets as it’s expressed in my life as an adult – here’s hoping!

  42. Hi, i just found this article. Can you recommend any books or resources to help in learning more about Chiron and his relationship with the other planets/ asteroids?

  43. I have chiron in taurus in the 9th, I guess it means issues with rejection. I was told by a couples therapist I have a huge rejection button and will leave thibgs if they don’t feel secure. Makes sense.

    Chrion in aries makes someone feel irrelevant? I know a guy who has his in the 11th house. I was always curious as to what that meant. I never met anyone in his life like family or friends.

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