Venus in Sagittarius, Mars in Capricorn Compatibility

SagittariusSagittarian expansiveness meets Capricornian restriction in this match. This is a challenging combination where the confrontation of boundaries will play a major role. The Sag-Cap couple will clash, but can go far together if they unite their different visions of the future.

Venus in Sagittarius has enough enthusiasm and inspiration for 10 people. Always moving forward, she needs a partner who isn’t afraid to explore with her. She brings sexy, irreverent humor to a relationship and does best with a lover who appreciates this. Despite her carefree attitude, Ms. Sag wants a meaningful relationship with someone who’s ready to share ideas and philosophies. However, Venus in Sagittarius will never be a traditional partner because conformity of any kind suffocates her.

CapricornMars in Capricorn has enough discipline and focus to command an army. This is a lover who needs to be in control. He’ll chart the course of his relationship based on tried-and-true techniques. Quality, stability and success are what drive him, and some may find him standoffish. But his feelings are real, even if he doesn’t gush poetry.  Mr. Capricorn takes love very seriously, and will only pursue someone with whom he sees potential for building a future.

Capricorn will provide the focus for Sagittarius’s restless energy. This can work as long as he doesn’t come down too hard in the role of disapproving father. Sagittarius can inject some excitement Capricorn’s rigid routine, as long as he lets her in. Problems will arise when Capricorn tries to restrict Sagittarius because she wants too much or acts too silly. Rather than attempting to please him, Venus in Sagittarius will leave.

Both of these signs want to move forward (albeit at very different paces) and together they can. Each has an eye on the future and definite ideas about how to get there. They just need to respect each other’s understanding of freedom and boundaries.

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