Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Scorpio Compatibility

CapricornControl, security and committment are the themes when this intense couple joins forces. Capricorn’s authority and Scorpio’s power can create a union forged from steel as long as they don’t turn their awesome powers on each other.

Venus in Capricorn has everything under control. Her practical approach to romantic partnerships ensures that she ends up with a lover who benefits her in some way. Ms. Capricorn has social and financial ambitions, but these are not about boosting her ego; she just wants security. Venus in Capricorn will strive to gain control of her relationship, but don’t expect temper tantrums or heated arguments from this restrained lady. However, underneath her cool exterior is a traditionalist who will make a total committment to the right lover.

ScorpioMars in Scorpio‘s controlled facade masks a raw, potent passion. Only a brave few are able to handle this lover, so it’s fortunate that he’s so selective. Mr. Scorpio will focus all his powers of seduction to ensnare his chosen target. Sex is about pushing the boundaries, and he will stay with a partner who can match his intense, fearless pace. While deeply loyal and loving, he can be cruelly manipulative if he believes he’s been wronged. Committment and possession mean the same thing to Mars in Scorpio, so potential partners that need their freedom should look elsewhere.

When these two join forces, there’s no turning back. Their mutual need for commitment will lock them together almost immediately. Venus in Capricorn will be drawn to Scorpio’s dark sexuality. Her reserve will melt, but she’ll also respect his tremendous power. Mars in Scorpio will sense that Capricorn has the strength to be his partner and, if necessary, push back when his shadow side emerges. The only downside will be their mutual need for control; power struggles can destroy this relationship. However, with self-awareness and common goals, these two can create a powerful partnership that lasts a lifetime.

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