Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Libra Compatibility

CapricornCapricorn ambition united with Libra social grace makes for a savvy couple. Clashing energies will be a challenge, but each will appreciate the other’s skill in maneuvering through life. With compromise, they can build a dynamic relationship that never gets boring.

Venus in Capricorn is the lady with a plan. Focused and in control, she needs to be in the driver’s seat. Ms. Capricorn wants a partner with goals and ambitions of his own. Some might find her business-like approach to relationships off-putting, but she is the real deal when it comes to commitment. Venus in Capricorn is only interested in a lover with long-term potential.  Once she finds the right man, she’s a loyal and supportive partner.

LibraMars in Libra is the Romantic. Charming and sociable, he’s a master in the art of courtship. He loves the idea of being part of a couple and will enjoy the trappings of romance even more than his lover. Mr. Libra is not the most sensual lover, but he does put a lot of thought into pleasing his partner. Unfortunately, Mars in Libra also puts a lot of thought into what his other options might be. He is known for his wandering eye, even if he is perfectly happy in a relationship. Although he may never cheat, his partner will have to accept the fact that he’ll always flirt.

Venus in Capricorn will take charge of this relationship. She’ll make the decisions and give Mr. Libra direction. Mars in Libra will help Capricorn lighten up, kick back and enjoy the moment. She’ll be charmed (in spite of herself) as he buys her tasteful yet expensive gifts. Both will enjoy the aura of status that this partnership creates.

When the cracks start to appear, Venus in Capricorn will find that Libra’s charm runs shallow and wears thin. Mars in Libra will resent her cracking the whip and ordering him around. The key to making this relationship work will lie in Libra’s ability to compromise and Capricorn’s grounding in reality. If they can accommodate each other’s different approaches, this relationship will be a keeper.

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