Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Aries Compatibility

CapricornCapricorn Earth and Aries Fire make for a dynamic blend. These cardinal signs share a drive for power that can blow them apart or unite them in their quest for dominance. All they need to do is agree on who’s in charge.

Venus in Capricorn knows what she wants and how to get it. Driven and ambitious, she’s always in control. Ms. Capricorn wants a lover who will work with her to develop a lasting partnership—meandering dreamers need not apply. She has a reputation for being chilly, and it’s true that Capricorn boundaries inhibit Venus’s ability to reach out. But when Venus in Capricorn falls in love (after much cautious consideration) it’s for real. This lady means business.

AriesMars in Aries charges into each relationship with his heart on fire. Bold and impulsive, he has no patience for niceties. If he’s interested, he’ll show it immediately. Passion is a given with this lover because Mars is at full-strength in the sign that he rules. Compromise and patience are non-existent, and Mr. Aries can easily steamroll a weaker partner. He can also lose interest rather quickly; the thrill of the hunt is a major turn-on, and once the challenge is gone, he may be too. The upside is that Mars in Aries won’t waste his energy on lies or deception.

Sophisticated Venus in Capricorn will make Mars in Aries work for her attention. He’ll be up for the challenge if she doesn’t keep him at arm’s length for too long. If they get together, Mr. Aries’ enthusiasm can melt Ms. Capricorn’s reserve. And Capricorn will definitely keep Mars in Aries on his toes, because she is no pushover.

Problems will arise when they butt heads. Each will want the power in this relationship, and neither is good at compromise. Aries will chafe at Venus in Capricorn’s rules, and Capricorn will think Mars in Aries is childish and inconsiderate. But they will admire each other’s strength. If they can agree to cede partial control to each other, an unstoppable union can be created.

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  1. Well…things didn’t go anywhere as far as a relationship is concerned, but the statement about Mars Aries not wasting time on lies and deception is DEFINITELY true!

    This Mars is a keeper just for that fact alone. When you know someone is not afraid to tell the truth, it’s alot easier to trust them.

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