Venus in Pisces, Mars in Pisces Compatibility

PiscesThis couple could create a dream come true or an impossible illusion. When Pisces and Pisces come together, the connection is profound. Boundaries are non-existent and intuition is at its peak. But the same aspects that make this relationship so magical also make it impractical. No boundaries and no direction mean these two may spend all their time wandering in a romantic fog, making them doubly vulnerable when reality sets in.

Venus in Pisces loves to dream and dreams of love. The original romantic, she is hooked on the fantasy of the ideal relationship. Endlessly giving and accepting, she is open to just about any kind of partner. No judgments here; Ms. Pisces will give anyone a shot, because she truly believes everyone deserves a chance. Plus she’s not always sure of what she wants. Gentle and intuitive, she’ll sit up all night listening to her partner’s sad stories (she has a knack for drawing out and healing her lover’s pain). Self-sacrifice is a danger, and she can end up giving everything in the name of love. However, at some point she’ll realize that this was yet another relationship that failed to meet her expectations. She won’t cut her lover off completely, though, because she can’t stand the idea of hurting anyone.

PiscesMars in Pisces chases the dream. Here is the lover with one eye fixed on the horizon. Mr. Pisces knows how to turn on the charm and spin a web of pure romance. He’s a giving but impractical partner who will need his lover to take the reins if the relationship is going to progress. He focuses on the emotions involved with sex, and encounters that are secret or forbidden have a special attraction. He can easily become addicted to someone even if he’s never met them. Allergic to criticism and confrontation, he’ll drift away from a relationship if he hasn’t learned to deal with the Piscean escapist urge.

When these two meet, it can feel like a union of soul mates. They may be convinced that no one else has ever understood them (until now) and this may be true.

Pisces is the sign most likely to be hooked into whatever lies beyond reality. This can mean some ecstatic moments where the relationship transports them to a whole new level. Unfortunately, this kind of ecstasy is fleeting and eventually the real world will intrude. Mr. and Ms. Pisces could become so addicted to the fantasy relationship that the mundane stuff ends up crushing them with disappointment.

Pisces is uniquely vulnerable to reality let-downs; the ordinary squabbles and irritations that most couples shrug off could seem overwhelming to this couple. They need to realize that the transcendent moments are precious, but their relationship is taking place in the real world. Things will go wrong, and that’s OK. Viewing it as a real relationship with the occasional gift of fantasy (rather than a fantasy relationship that must be protected from reality) will help them keep things in perspective.

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  1. Hello Nadia 😀

    I have a question I would appreciate an answer to… my of all the information about Pisces people seems to come across as rather pathetic… and really not very encouraging! lol
    I personally have Moon, Mercury, Venus Conjunct and Chiron for that matter in late degrees in Pisces (3rd house). Ok… I am dreamy, romantic, love everyone universally… artisy, can get confused in fog sometimes (lol) but I don’t drink or do drugs… and freak being a door mat for any one! Mind you I was a bit inclined to be when I was younger… but not now 😀 BUT my point is why do those with Pisces high lights seem to come across as wishy washy fruits cakes, pathetic lost souls or dreamers that are better off in space in astrology reports in general??? Surely light and strength is present in anything?

    Its just a question… but it is one I hope you can get back to me on… I really would like to understand this.

    Thank you very much for your articles, they are brilliant 😀

    Enjoy your day,

    Angela XOX

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