Venus Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: No Half-Measures in Love

Venus conjunct Pluto in CapricornIf you’ve ever “loved” a relationship to death, you’ll understand the nature of Venus conjunct Pluto (in play from November 30 to December 2). Focused and committed, yes, but this transit also brings with it the danger of obsession, rigidity and over-striving.

Capricorn demands success, as the goal-oriented goat plugs away, climbing every mountain and confronting every challenge with determination and foresight. But love isn’t as systematic as a spreadsheet, and Capricorn can have a hard time understanding those (few) areas of life that it can’t control. Add in Pluto’s potential for ruthlessness and power plays, and you’ve got a recipe for a love meltdown on your hands.

Of course, you do have a choice in how all this plays out. Dedicate yourself to the upsides of Capricorn—commitment, accountability, dependability, long-term strategizing—and infuse your relationships with new strength and power. Pluto is the planet of transformation after all, so now is the time to change what isn’t working and implement some practical, down to earth, Capricornian systems that do work.

If you aren’t happy in regards to love and romance in your life, come up with a new plan. Though it may take patience and persistence, now is the time to take steps to make changes that can bring you to a better place.

Just remember that neither Pluto nor Capricorn make much allowance for excuses or half-measures. This is a do-or-die type of transit, so either make the leap or don’t, keeping in mind that if you do commit yourself, you’ll need to follow it through until the end, as there’s no turning back with these powerful planetary forces at play.

[chart date=”Dec 01 2011 8:50 AM EST” hl=”Venus,Pluto” name=”Venus conjunct Pluto” size=”550″]

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  1. Ok, this is bizarre. I met someone who’s venus conjucts my pluto on Dec. 2nd. lol That is hilarious. the crazy part is that he would NOT take “no” for an answer. SMH

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