Making Your Gemini Relationship Work

Making Your Gemini Relationship Work

If you’ve ever dated a Gemini, you’ve certainly been wined, dined and bedazzled. There’s something undeniably bewitching about this sign. But there’s something undeniably challenging as well…

The Gemini Personality

The Gemini man is a mover and a shaker, constantly flitting about. Gemini is a natural flirt: women are drawn to Gemini, admiring their great intelligence and savvy.  Gemini is a social butterfly who enjoys variety and seeks out new experiences. If you’re lucky enough to date a Gemini, your Gemini guy can make you feel as if you’ve been hand-selected to be the girl on his arm.

The Challenges of Dating a Gemini

But a distinct and subtle feeling will always prevail that this man is impossible to pin down. The truth of the matter is that Gemini would most likely arrive late to his own wedding. He’s too busy running errands, catching up with the neighbors, and soaking in the latest technology. Ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini is all things mercurial.

His Air element keeps him preoccupied with matters of the mind, contemplating everything from Nietzsche to sex. It is nearly impossible for Gemini to focus on one thing for a significant amount of time. One minute he’s alert and attentive, the next minute&#151he’s not. This doesn’t mean he’s unable to commit, but it will take a special someone with enough stamina to keep his undivided attention.

The Gemini Back Story

Gemini’s fluctuating energy can be attributed to the genesis story of Castor and Pollux, known collectively as Dioscuri in Greek mythology. Castor and Pollux embodied the Gemini twins. They were inseparable and always up to no good. Unfortunately, Pollux was immortal&#151Castor was not. Once Castor met his mortal death, it would be impossible for them to sustain their close connection.

Zeus’ solution was for both men to share each others’ fate: Half their time would be spent on Mount Olympus with the gods, the other half touring Hades’ Underworld. This helps to explain the dichotomy of Gemini’s ambivalent nature. It further explains why a Gemini man needs a Bonnie to his Clyde.

Building a Strong Relationship with Gemini

Despite his bachelor antics, Gemini truly does require his carbon copy. A female conversationalist, who is just as knowledgeable as he is, is a must&#151anything less wouldn’t suffice. This doesn’t mean you have to be an academic with a PhD from Harvard University, but beauty alone won’t cut it. A healthy debate is sexual foreplay for Geminis. Establish a mental connection with the intellectual stimulation that Gemini requires, and he will be sure to blow your mind in the sack.

How do you manage the challenges of being with a Gemini man? Let us know in comments below.

About Tracey L. Rogers

Tracey L. Rogers is forever a student of Astrology, with a wide range of interests that stem from Saturn the archetype to topics in Mundane Astrology. Blogging about the current cosmic climate is a passion for Tracey. You can follow her at Randomness of Rudy and schedule a personal consultation.


  1. Every Gemini I’ve been with has been disastrous. Gemini’s make enjoyable friends. They’re horrible in relationships.

  2. Angelica martinez says:

    omg this is so true about geminis im a virgo been with a gemini for a year and a half hes very bipolar

  3. toodles says:

    I’m falling (or have FALLEN, hard) for a Gemini. (Frankly, it’s hard to tell where things stand right now, except on my side-ha! 😉 I feel half very delightfully ELATED, and half DOOMED…. I’m sure this may correspond to the duality of the Gemini nature???…

    The problem is that I’m a Pisces with a Libra Moon… I understand that Libras have a great time with the Gemini as their most compatible sign. Yet, it’s always tricky with a Pisces component!… Does anyone have any bets on my chances?? 😛

    I also just learned that Kim Kardashian is a Libra with a Pisces Moon & Pisces Venus, among other things…Well, I ALWAYS felt like I deeply understood her and she totally reminded me of ME, in terms of her personality and social style. Go figure! Plus, she seems quite happy with that wacky Gemini, Kanye West! 😛 Go figure!…

    Being a true Pisces, I love, love, love…and hope I won’t get hurt-OUCH!! Thanks for any advice. 🙂

  4. toodles says:

    p.s. I have been involved with Geminis before…. We always like each other, tons of chemistry, and then either one or the other or us seems to go off the tracks… The Geminis will start seeing someone else to the point where it seems like cheating (to be fair, after I avoid a more serious relationship), but I have to admit I was crazy about them.

    I do think they are innately problematic, but alas, I find myself with the best one I’ve ever met!!!~~ 🙂 (?)

  5. I am with a TRUE Gemini. From an aquarius woman with little patience I will say that these are the trying times. I am never right. I am always dramatic and a crybaby. His words not mine. After a year of dating and months of an actual relationship we moved in together. Going on 7 months in our relationship and I find it easier to agree because if I don’t there are terrible consequences. No he will never hit me or mentally abuse me but his attention will fade. We’ve already dealt with cheating (not sex) and both trust issues. I’m not sure how much more I can take of his “Lone Wolf” mentality.

    But when he loves, he loves hard. Loves me unconditionally no matter how many times I really mess up.

    And that alone is what makes me stay.

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