Venus in Virgo, Mars in Aquarius Compatibility

VirgoThe desire for order meets a lust for chaos with this couple. The attraction between Virgo and Aquarius may not be obvious, but they do share a surprising commonality.  Read on to see how they can make it work.

For Venus in Virgo, love is in the details. Nothing escapes her attention, especially the needs of her partner. She will tend to her relationship on a daily basis and leave nothing to chance. Her lover will never be taken for granted and could end up wondering how he ever functioned without her. The downside is that Virgo can be a micro-manager. She is an intellectual who needs to categorize everything. If this trait is taken too far, emotions are analyzed, bled dry and filed away.

Aquarius Mars in Aquarius needs to do his own thing. It’s not that he can’t commit, he just wants do it on his own terms. Initially he can be unnervingly focused on his lover, blasting away her expectations with passion and excitement. But he can switch from intensity to friendly detachment overnight if he feels trapped or bored. Although he can be unpredictable, a part of Aquarius always stands back and observes.

How will free-wheeling Mars in Aquarius ever tolerate Ms. Virgo’s scheduling fetish? Most of the time he won’t. And Venus in Virgo will be distressed by the pleasure Aquarius takes in disruption. But here’s a secret about Virgo: she’s a closet eccentric. Her love of routine can approach bizarrely ritualized proportions. Mars in Aquarius is instinctively drawn to anyone who’s a bit left of center, and he’ll find Virgo intriguing as he tries to figure out what makes her tick. Venus in Virgo will be disarmed by his friendly approach and captivated by his need to understand everything. Here is the couple that will literally talk for hours about anything, including their mutual attraction.

In some ways they make better friends than lovers as their detachment can keep things cool. But if other factors in their charts lead to a passionate connection, this pair will keep each other endlessly fascinated.

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  1. I have been better friends with Mars in Aquarius than as lovers. I’am Venus in Virgo and I have experienced Mars in Aquarius as not the best partner to commit with. In my case, I have found them not to hold up their end of the bargain so to speak. The friendship and occassional sex is nice, but no long term situations for me has come about.

    I’d like to request Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Cancer please. I’ll hold my breath when that one comes!

  2. @That Libra Dude
    Venus in Aquarius/Mars in Cancer will be coming up….

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