Venus in Cancer, Mars in Capricorn Compatibility

CancerOpposites attract, as these signs are drawn to each other by their complementary approaches to traditionalism. Venus in Cancer and Mars in Capricorn will instinctively try to build a home with each other. Sounds cozy, but domestic bliss is achievable only if they can deal with reliving their respective parents’ relationships.

Venus in Cancer is a powerful domestic goddess who expresses her love through nurturing. When she’s feeling secure, she’ll cook and care for her partner until he can’t live without her. She needs to be needed, and if her lover tries to pull away, she’ll flood him with smother-love or regress into a ball of helplessness. Nostalgic ties to the past will leak into her current relationship as this sentimental queen tends to her castle.

CapricornMars in Capricorn is the man who gets down to business. Family conditioning and rules are the framework that he operates on. Serious about sex, he won’t get physical with just anyone. However, once he decides who he wants, he is focused and committed. Stress can be paralyzing, because he does not shake off troubles as easily as some other signs. In general though, he is an earthy and powerful lover who will insist on calling the shots.

In many ways, these two are made for each other. Mars in Capricorn will provide Venus in Cancer with the stability she craves, and she will provide a safe space for him to unwind and be vulnerable. She may feel rejected when he obsesses about work, and he may find her emotions overwhelming, but they can always find the middle ground with their shared need for security.  Troubles arise when these two (consciously or not) start to emulate their parents. All couples do this, but with these signs it can become overwhelming. Dealing with emotional timebombs and healing (or severing) destructive family ties is crucial. Venus in Cancer and Mars in Capricorn can build a solid future together if they deal with the past.

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  1. How do you evaluate if the Mother was not in the home growin up.of the women’s chart, where the Mans chart the parents were always fighting.

  2. This is Me (venus cancer) and Husband has Mars Capricorn! ! We are Soo true to this Article Haha DEFINATELY about putting down ROOTS!

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